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5 Clever Ways to Reuse Old Bricks in Your Yard

If you have a surplus of unused bricks from a previous project, you may be wondering how to repurpose them effectively. Rather than throwing them away or donating them, there are numerous ways you can creatively reuse old bricks in your yard.

Bricks are incredibly sturdy and durable materials, provided they are not deteriorating. They are weatherproof and can withstand the test of time. In a similar vein to repurposing wooden pallets in your yard, using reclaimed materials has become a popular choice for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the home.

Bricks, in particular, are highly versatile and can serve various purposes in your yard. With a few tools, some time, and a touch of creativity, you can find numerous clever applications for your leftover bricks. Moreover, high-quality bricks tend to be more expensive than wood, meaning that repurposing them can save you money in the long run.

If you’re eager to make the most out of your surplus bricks, here are five ingenious ways to reuse them in your yard.

1. Construct a Garden Path

Garden path in yard

One brilliant way to repurpose old bricks is by constructing a charming garden path or creating edging for a walkway. This not only provides a flat and stable surface to walk on but also protects your lawn.

To begin, measure the desired dimensions of your path and determine the number of bricks needed. Use chalk to mark the path’s edges, then dig a trench approximately 4 to 5 inches deep. Fill the trench with gravel as a base and utilize a tamper to compact the surface.

Next, spread a layer of sand, about 1 inch thick, along the entire path. Lay down your bricks in a herringbone pattern, tapping them into the sand evenly. Fill the gaps between the bricks with sand as well. Make sure the bricks are firmly set and stable before walking on the path. This not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a visually striking feature to your yard.

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2. Create Edging Borders

Brick borders around plants in yard

Whether you have a passion for gardening or prefer a well-manicured front yard, repurposing bricks as edging borders can be a fantastic solution. Brick edging is a quick and tidy way to divide your yard or highlight specific areas for your plants.

Start by mixing sand, cement, and water until you achieve a thick, cake-like consistency. Apply a layer of cement along the edge of a small section of your lawn, and place the bricks on top of the mortar. Ensure the ends of the bricks meet and firmly press them into the mixture, using protective gardening gloves for added comfort.

As you proceed, gently tap the bricks into place with a rubber mallet. Pay attention to their evenness and alignment with the lawn’s contour. Finally, level the border soil with the bricks and allow several days for the bricks to set firmly. This border not only enhances the presentation of your yard but also creates a clear distinction between the grass and other areas.

3. Build Raised Flower Beds

Brick flowerbeds with tomato plants

Another fantastic use for old bricks is creating raised flower beds. Whether you desire a beautiful display of perennial plants, a thriving tomato garden, or an aromatic herb haven, elevated flower beds offer an excellent way to showcase them.

You can opt to either build a brick raised garden bed with or without mortar. For residential use, sand-based mortar generally suffices. However, if you need a taller raised bed, mortar can be applied to secure the bricks.

Before laying the bricks, stake out your desired garden bed area using a line level and stakes. For shorter beds, stack the bricks three to four rows high, adjusting the soil underneath each brick to ensure its levelness.

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Once you have constructed the raised beds, place a layer of hardware fabric at the bottom and fill them with raised bed soil or native topsoil. This will provide a fertile environment for your favorite plants to flourish.

4. Erect a Mini Brick Wall

Mini brick wall

Whether you need to reinforce existing fences or desire a decorative feature, repurposing bricks to build miniature walls is an excellent choice.

One approach is to dig a trench matching the intended length and width of your brick wall. Fill the trench with concrete and allow it to completely set, typically within three days. After the concrete has dried, you can start laying the initial rows of bricks that will form the foundation of your wall.

If you are uncertain about the process, it may be wise to enlist the help of a professional bricklayer.

5. Establish a Weed Barrier

Brick weed barrier

Repurposing old bricks as a weed barrier is an innovative solution to prevent unsightly plants from invading your yard. By placing a brick or two over areas prone to weed growth, you can hinder their access to essential nutrients, such as air and water.

Bear in mind that certain types of weeds may still sprout through the cracks between the bricks. However, this method proves far more effective than allowing an abundance of weeds to take over your yard.

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