7 Essential Crafts for Mastering Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the possibilities are endless. Link’s Fuse ability allows players to combine weapons and shields with various items, creating new objects with unique abilities. The game offers countless combinations, as almost any resource can be grafted onto a wide range of tools. The potential feels infinite.

With so many options, you may experience decision paralysis. While creativity is always rewarded, it’s important to know which combos are actually useful. To help you navigate the vast world of Hyrule, here’s a handy cheat sheet of seven essential crafts that will provide you with fundamental tools throughout your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom. These crafts will help you solve basic problems, such as mining for materials, exploring dark caves, and more. Once you master these crafts, your imagination will take flight.

Craft 1: Weapon + Rock = Hammer

Link fights a Construct with a fused weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Image Credit: Nintendo

This simple yet crucial recipe allows you to transform any weapon into a hammer by fusing it with a rock. It’s tempting to use the hammer as a weapon against enemies, but its primary purpose is to break boulders in Hyrule. With a hammer in your inventory, you can easily find materials, mine for Zonite, and access hidden cave entrances. For a more durable and powerful tool, attach a metal spike ball to a weapon, creating a formidable morning star.

Craft 2: Arrow + Keese Eye = Homing Arrow

Among the most useful tools in Tears of the Kingdom, homing arrows are a game-changer. By attaching a Keese Eye to an arrow, you can blindly shoot and have it track enemies, making it particularly effective against flying foes. Experiment with Electric or Fire Keese Eyes for additional elemental effects. For increased range, try combining a Keese Wing with an arrow.

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Craft 3: Arrow + Bomb = Bomb Arrow

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Replicate Link’s classic arrow types by using clever item combinations in Tears of the Kingdom. The most significant recipe to remember is the one for bomb arrows. Bombs are valuable resources found underground and in caves. When fused with an arrow, they become devastating projectiles, capable of inflicting massive damage on enemies. Additionally, bomb arrows are more efficient than hammers for blowing up rocks. Use them judiciously, as they can be scarce.

Craft 4: Shield + Rocket = Jetpack

Link flies into the air with a rocket in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
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This craft is a game-changer. Attach a Zonai rocket to Link’s shield, hold it out, and watch him soar into the sky like a jetpack. As one of the most powerful combinations, the jetpack allows you to bypass puzzles, traverse between sky islands, infiltrate enemy camps with stealth, and much more. Imagine encountering rain that impedes climbing—no problem! The jetpack offers a creative solution to overcome obstacles and expand your exploration possibilities. Familiarize yourself with its mechanics and reach.

Craft 5: Arrow + Brightbloom Seed = Illumination

When you first venture into the dark depths of Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find yourself surrounded by pitch-black environments. While lightroots can illuminate your path, they aren’t always readily available. However, there’s a handy tip: attach a brightbloom seed to the tip of an arrow. This combination allows you to light up distant areas, eliminating the need to throw lightroots frequently. Before embarking on your underground exploration, shoot a few brightbloom seed arrows in various directions to gain a better understanding of the terrain.

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Craft 6: Shield + Flame Emitter = Flamethrower

Link fires a flame from his shield in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
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This craft is pure fun. Combine a Zonai flame emitter with a shield, raise it toward enemies, and unleash a flamethrower that sets your foes ablaze. Experiment with other Zonai devices attached to shields, such as fans that blow enemies away. Tears of the Kingdom offers a variety of Zonai tools that allow you to unleash your creativity and attack while defending. Give them a try and be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Craft 7: Weapon + Stones = Elemental Weapon

While many weapon combinations result in stronger but comically exaggerated versions of your existing tool, there’s one fusion that’s worth noting. Stones like rubies and topaz can bestow elemental powers upon any weapon. For example, attaching a ruby to a sword will cause it to launch fireballs with each swing. Although this combination works with any weapon, it’s especially effective when combining stones with magic scepters, recreating the rods from Link’s previous adventures. Experiment with different stones whenever you acquire a new one to discover their effects on weapons.

Remember, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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