7 Essential Elden Ring Tips for a Smooth Start

Elden Ring, an immersive open-world game, offers a unique gameplay experience that requires a different mindset compared to other games in the genre. Unlike leading you by the hand with a laundry list of objectives, Elden Ring drops you into The Lands Between without markers or quest logs. It’s an exploration-based adventure that rewards curiosity and doesn’t let you get “lost” in its world. To help you navigate this daunting journey, here are some fundamental tips that will make your life easier when starting Elden Ring.

Mark Your Cleared Areas

As you venture through the vast expanse of Elden Ring, you’ll encounter numerous caves and castles housing formidable bosses. These challenging encounters can sometimes overpower you, and it’s wise to return when you are better prepared. Unfortunately, the game lacks a system that tracks cleared areas, making it easy to forget the locations you’ve visited. To avoid confusion, keep a pen and paper handy to jot down areas you intend to revisit. While it may feel old-fashioned, this method will come in handy as you progress through FromSoftware’s intricate world.

A giant battle in Elden Ring

Embrace Weapon Diversity

When you start Elden Ring, you’ll be equipped with a specific weapon loadout. It’s tempting to grow attached to your starting weapons and upgrade them relentlessly. However, Elden Ring offers a vast array of gear, including swords, whips, and even shields resembling monstrous faces. While initial weapons may appear weaker than your upgraded starting set, experimenting with different weapons is key. Focus on finding the weapons that suit your playstyle, rather than purely chasing raw damage. With careful upgrades, every weapon becomes viable in its own right.

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Explore Caves from the Get-Go

Scattered across the map are numerous caves bustling with dedicated miners. These hidden gems are ideal for acquiring Smithing Stones, a valuable resource that enhances your weapons. If you find the game’s opening segments particularly challenging, prioritize exploring caves and amassing as many stones as possible. To locate caves, simply open your map and keep an eye out for small black holes on cliff sides. Once inside, search the walls for glowing resources, usually found near working miners. Dispatch these unfortunate laborers and claim their hard-earned rewards.

Adaptability Is Key

If you find yourself agonizing over the distribution of your level-up points, fret not. In due course, you will gain the ability to reallocate your stats. After a pivotal boss fight, a unique item will grant you the power to wipe your stats clean and redistribute them as you see fit. While it’s wise to make thoughtful choices early on, remember that you won’t be permanently locked into your decisions. Similarly, you’ll also have the opportunity to modify your appearance, allowing you to change your character’s face or even gender. So don’t stress too much over customization choices.

An enemy performs a magic spell in Elden Ring

Take a Breather When Needed

One of the beauties of Elden Ring is its non-linear nature. You’re never forced to follow a predetermined path or defeat a boss before accessing fast travel options. When you encounter a boss that seems insurmountable, there’s no shame in taking a step back and returning later. I’ve personally spent hours struggling against a seemingly unbeatable foe, only to leave and return to find the fight suddenly manageable. Use these moments to focus on character development, leveling up, and acquiring better weapons. A single level-up may not yield noticeable changes, so aim for multiple upgrades before engaging in another intense battle.

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Unveil Stat Mysteries

As you navigate the stat menu, you’ll likely encounter unfamiliar terms and concepts. Questions like “What does the Arcane stat control?” or “What distinguishes Dexterity from Strength?” may leave you scratching your head. Fortunately, Elden Ring provides you with a convenient solution. Simply pause the game while viewing your stats menu, and select the “View Explanation” option. This feature offers detailed explanations for each stat, allowing you to make informed decisions when allocating your points. Take advantage of this invaluable resource to better understand the various intricacies of the game.

A character fights a dragon in Elden Ring

Experience Without Combat

Similar to previous titles in the Souls series, Elden Ring employs experience points, known as Runes, to facilitate character level-ups. When you perish, your held Runes will be left at your death location, and if you fail to retrieve them, they’ll be lost forever. However, contrary to popular belief, combat isn’t the only way to amass experience in Elden Ring. During your exploration, you will discover consumable items that grant significant amounts of Runes. These sought-after items are cleverly hidden throughout the world, with graveyards being particularly fruitful. Keep an eye out for rows of graves on the map—they often contain multiple Runes, as well as a few adversaries. Discovering and collecting these items will allow you to level up without engaging in combat, providing a stress-free alternative.

These essential tips will help you embark on your Elden Ring journey with confidence and clarity. As you grow accustomed to the game’s enigmatic nature, you’ll find your rhythm and conquer challenges with ease. Remember, patience and perseverance are vital as you traverse this intricate world. Happy hunting, Tarnished.

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