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A Comprehensive Guide to Family Island Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Family Island

Are you new to the exciting world of Family Island? Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other! In this comprehensive guide, we will share with you some valuable Family Island cheats, tips, and tricks to help you navigate the game effectively. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Family Island Cheats: Level Rewards

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new items and resources at each level. Here is a cheat list of the items that are unlocked at certain levels:

  • Level 1: Clover, Tuft of Grass, Stick, Roots, Stone, and Log.
  • Level 2: Fried Roots, Salt, String.
  • Level 3: Shell, Scraper.
  • Level 4: Goat Feed, Wattle, Hide.
  • Level 5: Stakes.
  • Level 6: Gold Pickaxe, Gold Key, Gold Shovel, Gold Saw.
  • Level 7: Corn, Feathers, Eggs, Bird Feed, Scrambled Eggs, Nearby Island.
  • Level 8: Fir Cones, Boards, Emerald, Stone I, Treasure Island.
  • Level 9: Amber, Clay, Claw.
  • Level 10: Clay Bowl, Candle.
  • Level 11: Broth, Tomato.
  • Level 12: Acid, AXE, Sun Island.
  • Level 13: Meat, Roasted Meat.
  • Level 14: Needle, Gold Ore, Lilac Island, Bouncy Island.
  • Level 15: Gloves, Rope.
  • Level 16: Pepper, Knife, Salad.
  • Level 17: Resin.
  • Level 18: Clay pot, Milk, Mashed Potatoes.
  • Level 19: Torch, Soap, Fortune Telling Ball, Brick.
  • Level 20: Finished Boards, Ladder, Skull, Red Island.
  • Level 21: Porridge, Wheat, Butter.
  • Level 22: Gold, Coal.
  • Level 23: Copper Ore, Ochre, Forest Island.
  • Level 24: Leather.
  • Level 25: Cheese, Creamy Cheese Soup.
  • Level 26: Cotton, Comb, Sack Cloth.
  • Level 27: Palm Log, Jug, Palm Leaves, Lost Island.
  • Level 28: Blue Ore, Blue Paint, Lapis Lazuli.
  • Level 29: Stool, Buttons.
  • Level 30: Stone Block.
  • Level 31: Chimney, Ash, Palette, Sponge, Island of Trees.
  • Level 32: Roof Tile.
  • Level 33: Limestock Block, Flour, Bread, Sandwich.
  • Level 34: Beam.
  • Level 35: Nails, Baked Brick, Meteor Key, Meteor Mould/Block/Ore/Egg (Mysterious Island).
  • Level 36: Parchment.
  • Level 37: Palm Beam.
  • Level 38: Cloth.
  • Level 39: Amphora, Ta-Bourine.
  • Level 40: Barrel.
  • Level 41: Sun Flower.
  • Level 42: Necklace.
  • Level 43: Millstone, Lever, Magical Stone, Cactus Juice, and Rusty Gear (Invention Island).
  • Level 44: Sunflower Oil, White Paint.
  • Level 45: Metal Ore, Metal Ingot, Iron Key, Blueprint Fragment, Pulling Rock (Iron Island).
  • Level 46: Wood Beam, Frost Island.
  • Level 47: Iron Pipe, Map Island.
  • Level 48: Roaring Island, Heather, Memory Disk, Syrup.
  • Level 49: Carrots, Cow.
  • Level 50: Cow Feed.
  • Level 51: Ball.
  • Level 52: Torch.
  • Level 53: Carrot Cupcake.
  • Level 54: Iron Plate.
  • Level 55: Lemon, Lemon Curd.
  • Level 56: Honey, Beeswax, Bee, Gold Net, Honey Pie.
  • Level 57: Wicker Basket, Picnic Basket.
  • Level 58: Lantern.
  • Level 59: Dream Catcher.
  • Level 60: Lemon Oil, Incense.
  • Level 61: Lemonade, Dyed Cloth.
  • Level 62: Rune.
  • Level 63: Crystal Lotus, Lotus Flower.
  • Level 64: Whipped Cream, Flower Wreath, Wedding Cake, Meadow Flowers.
  • Level 65: Chompy’s Hut.

Use The Storehouse To Know The Item Source

With so many items available in the game, it can be challenging to remember the source of each one. Thankfully, the storehouse is here to help! Located on the bottom-right side of the screen, the storehouse allows you to check all the unlocked items, including basic, food, and rare resources. Simply tap on an item to learn where it can be obtained from. For instance, if you tap on salt, the game will show you its various sources, such as starfish, stones, merchants, or gift packs. To go directly to the source, tap on the blue magnifying glass icon next to the item. This handy feature will ensure that you never run out of essential resources.

Get Free Energy In Family Island

Energy is a valuable resource in Family Island, and getting it for free can give you a significant advantage. One of the best ways to obtain free energy is by serving dinner to your family. To do this, first, cook a recipe at the campfire. Drag the desired recipe to the production slot, and once it’s cooked, claim it from the campfire. Next, head to the dining table and drag the dish to the serving slot. Finally, tap the plate/fork/spoon icon, and watch as your family gathers around the table to enjoy their meal. Serving dinner not only provides a heartwarming experience but also replenishes your energy reserves. So, whenever you find yourself running low on energy, don’t forget to serve up a delicious meal!

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Tips & Guide To Level Up Fast In Family Island

To level up quickly, you need stars, which can be obtained by clearing objects such as bushes, grass, trees, and stones, or by completing quests. We recommend focusing on quests as they provide a substantial amount of stars and experience points that will propel your progress. Quests also serve as a great way to learn the intricacies of the game. Moreover, leveling up unlocks new islands, expanding the scope of your adventure. So, make completing quests a top priority and watch as your level soars!

Trade With Merchant For Key, Free Energy

Once you reach level 7, the Merchant function will become available to you. Tap on the merchant’s ship at the dock to check the orders. By completing these orders, you can earn special rewards, including animal feed, free energy, keys, and various items. Keep an eye out for gold keys, as they are valuable resources that can unlock chests filled with rare goodies. Trading with the merchant is an excellent way to acquire essential items and power-ups, so don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity!

Family Island

Expand The Territory And Progress In Family Island

As you venture through Family Island, it is crucial to clear the fog that obscures your path. By clearing obstacles such as trees, bushes, rocks, and other objects, you will gradually reveal new areas to explore. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your territory and gain access to unique resources and surprises. Levelling up is also key to unlocking new islands. To travel to these islands, accumulate travel points by completing tasks and enjoy the rewards that await you. So, keep exploring, expanding, and progressing to make the most of your Family Island journey!

Claim Free Energy From The Totem

During the tutorial, you will construct a totem on your island. This magnificent structure grants you free energy after every few hours. Make sure to regularly claim the free energy from the totem to ensure your energy reserves remain well-stocked. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste, as every little bit of energy counts on your thrilling Family Island adventure!

How To Move Buildings or Facilities In Family Island Game?

Need to rearrange your buildings or facilities? No problem! Here’s how you can do it in the Family Island game:

  • Simply press and hold your finger on the desired building or facility for a few seconds.
  • Watch as a green arrow appears above the building.
  • Once the arrow appears, you can freely drag and place the building wherever you like.
  • Release your finger to secure the building in its new position.

With this simple trick, you can effortlessly redesign your island to your heart’s content. Let your creativity run wild as you bring your dream island to life!

How To Remove Fog or What To Do If It Says Can’t Reach Resource Or Out Of Reach?

Exploring beyond the restricted area in Family Island is not possible until you clear the surrounding objects such as trees, bushes, rocks, and more. As you remove these obstacles, you will notice the fog dissipating, revealing new areas to explore. If the game states that a resource is “unavailable” or “out of reach,” it may mean that you are at a low level. In such cases, focus on levelling up and expanding your territory to gain access to all the hidden treasures that await you!

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How To Get Rubies In Family Island Game?

Rubies are the precious and premium in-game currency in Family Island. You can use rubies to recover energy or purchase various facilities from the market. While rubies can be acquired through in-app purchases, there are multiple ways to obtain them for free. One method is by opening gift packs scattered across the islands as you clear the fog and discover new locations. Additionally, participating in special events often rewards you with rubies. Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities to snag some free rubies and enhance your gaming experience!

How To Get Key To Open The Chests?

Chests are valuable treasure troves that provide you with resources and in-game currency. To open a chest, you will need a key. Keys can be obtained by completing orders for the merchant. Each time you fulfill a certain number of orders, you will be rewarded with a key. Once you have a key in your possession, seize the opportunity to unlock the chests and unveil the hidden riches they contain!

Family Island

Family Island – Farm Game Adventure List Of Basic Items

As you progress through Family Island, you will encounter various basic items that play a crucial role in your journey. Here is a list of some essential basic items:

  • Tuft of Grass
  • Log
  • Stick
  • Stone
  • Clover
  • Seashell
  • Hide
  • Feather
  • Clay
  • Claw
  • Acid
  • Gold Ore
  • Fir Cones
  • Copper Ore
  • Cotton
  • Blue Ore
  • Palm Ore
  • Palm Leaves

These items will serve as the foundation for your island’s development, so make sure to gather them diligently!

List of Storehouse Items That You May Need For Building Upgrades

To upgrade your buildings and facilities, you will require specific items that can be stored in your storehouse. Here is a list of items that you may need for building upgrades:

  • String
  • Scraper
  • Stakes
  • Wattle
  • Boards
  • Clay Bowl
  • Ax
  • Needle
  • Rope
  • Knife
  • Resin
  • Clay Pot
  • Soap
  • Brick
  • Finished Boards
  • Ladder
  • Coal
  • Ocher
  • Leather
  • Comb
  • Sackcloth
  • Jug
  • Blue Paint
  • Stool
  • Stone Block
  • Palette
  • Roof Tile
  • Beam
  • Pipe
  • Baked Brick
  • Nails
  • Parchment
  • Palm Beam
  • Cloth
  • Tambourine
  • Amphora
  • Barrel

Keep these items in stock to ensure smooth and efficient upgrades of your structures!

Food Items List

Food is an essential aspect of Family Island, and you will need various ingredients to prepare delicious meals. Here is a list of some important food items:

  • Roots
  • Salt
  • Goat Feed
  • Corn
  • Bird Feed
  • Eggs
  • Tomato
  • Meat
  • Pepper
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Cheese Flour

These ingredients will help you satisfy the hunger of your family and keep their energy levels high!

Family Island Cheats: Island Cheat List

Throughout your Family Island journey, you will encounter several unique islands with their own sets of tasks and challenges. Here is a cheat list of the islands and the last tasks you need to complete on each:

  • Nearby Island: unlocks at level 8. Last task: restore the second hut and build a fire.
  • Serendipity Island: unlocks at level 10. Last task: build the bridge to the left part of the island.
  • Sun Island: unlocks at level 12. Last task: take the statue to the home island and place it.
  • Lilac Island: unlocks at level 14. Last task: cut down all flowering trees and place a magnolia from decorations on the home island.
  • Bouncy Island: unlocks at level 17. Last task: take the statue and place it on the homeland.
  • Red Island: unlocks at level 20.
  • Forest Island: unlocks at level 23.
  • Lost Island: unlocks at level 23. Last task: take the pyramid home.
  • Island of Trees: unlocks at level 31. Last task: take the fountain and place it on the home island.
  • Storm Island: unlocks at level 33. Last task: take the totem and place it on the home island.
  • Mysterious Island: unlocks at level 35. Last task: build the pyramid on the home island.
  • Invention Island: unlocks at level 43. Last task: tear down the old hut and take the lever.
  • Iron Island: unlocks at level 45. Last task: gather iron ore and return to the home island.
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Explore these islands and complete their unique quests to uncover hidden secrets and reap the rewards!

Family Island Cheats: Premium Resource Cheat List

Certain rare resources in Family Island require special conditions or trade-offs to obtain. Here is a cheat list of premium resources and how to acquire them:

  • Ash: Obtain from the Shaman through trade.
  • Button: Trade with the Shaman.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Trade with the merchant, cut down bluestone rocks, or blue ore rocks.
  • Candle: Trade with the Shaman, find in chests, huts, or fire pits.
  • Torch: Trade with the Shaman, find in foundations, chests, huts, or 3-saw trees.
  • Feathers: Obtain from hens, roosters, or the chicken statue.
  • Amber and Emerald: Cut down rocks (stone, clay), trade with the merchant.
  • Skull: Find in foundations, chests, fire pits, or trade with the Shaman.
  • iStone: Find in foundations, chests, fire pits, or trade with the Shaman.

These special resources will unlock new possibilities and boost your progress. Make sure to utilize them wisely!

Family Island Cheats: Rare Resource Cheat List

To obtain rare resources in Family Island, you will need to fulfill specific requirements or engage in specific actions. Here is a cheat list of rare resources and how to acquire them:

  1. Claws: Gifts from the Shaman after completing a chain of orders or from thorns on islands.
  2. Gold Keys: Complete merchant orders.
  3. Candles: Complete orders for the Shaman, find in chests, huts, or fire pits.
  4. Grass: Replenish on islands by planting roots or corn.
  5. Seashells: Obtain from gift packs by completing orders for the merchant, chests, starfish, or sandbox.
  6. Salt: Complete orders for the Shaman, find in chests or starfish (low chances), or obtain from gift packs.
  7. Fir Cones: Grow on fir trees.
  8. Clay: Replenish on the home island regularly.
  9. Acid: Obtain from poisonous plants on Sun Island.
  10. Magic 8 Ball: Complete orders for the Shaman, or find in abandoned huts.
  11. Resin: Produce in the foundry.
  12. Feathers: Obtain from chickens, or from the chicken statue.
  13. Troches: Rare. Complete a chain of orders for the Shaman, or find in discarded fire pits on some islands.
  14. Acid: Obtain from poisonous plants and thorns on some islands.
  15. Buttons: Complete orders for the Shaman.

These rare resources will add depth to your gameplay experience and enable you to tackle new challenges.

Family Island Cheats or Hacks For Android & iOS

We understand that the allure of cheats and hacks can be tempting, but it’s important to note that there are no legitimate cheat codes or hacks available for Family Island on Android & iOS. Attempting to hack the game or using cheat codes can result in account suspension or other penalties. Stay away from websites claiming to provide cheats or hacks for Family Island, as they are likely scams.

Instead, focus on the tips and tricks provided in this guide to make the most out of your Family Island adventure. By following these strategies and utilizing your skills, you will find success and enjoyment in the game. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Remember, the beauty of Family Island lies in the joy of discovery, resourcefulness, and the sense of accomplishment. Embrace the challenges, build your dream island, and create memorable moments with your virtual family!

For more updates, game news, guides, and new game releases, be sure to visit the official website of OnSpec Electronic, Inc..

Happy gaming!

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