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A Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Families 3: Tips, Walkthrough, and Cheats

This article was last updated on January 1st, 2023

Are you new to the Virtual Families 3 Our Country Home game? Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with our comprehensive walkthrough guide, packed with tips, cheats, and strategies to help you make the most of your gaming experience.

Virtual Families 3: Introduction

In Virtual Families 3, you will start by creating a character of your choice and moving into a house that requires some serious improvements. Take control of your character by simply dragging and dropping them over objects or places. For example, if your character is hungry, drag them to the refrigerator for food.

Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide Tips Cheats

Remember to take good care of your characters by providing them with food, ensuring they take showers daily, and encouraging career activities for promotions. Additionally, don’t forget to attend to their needs whenever they get sick.

Basic Walkthrough Guide

  1. Create a character and improve the condition of your house.
  2. Take care of your characters by providing them with food, showers, and career activities.
  3. Keep your house clean by picking up garbage and fixing malfunctions.
  4. Stay informed about your character’s details, including their name, age, career, action, status, and bank balance.
  5. Characters age every few hours, so pay attention to their progress.
  6. Be prepared to encounter ghosts in your house. These spirits are the previous occupants and may appear from time to time.

Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide Tips Cheats

Vacationer Task Achievement

To achieve the Vacationer achievement in Virtual Families 3, you need to go on a family trip. Wait for the family trip event and, when it appears, drag your character from your home to the RV van in the driveway. This will initiate the family trip, where you can earn trip points by completing various activities.

How To Go On A Family Trip In Virtual Families 3

Virtual Families 3 Family Trip

To go on a family trip, wait for the RV van to appear on the gravel driveway. Drag your character from your home to the RV van, and you will have the option to embark on a family trip. Engage in various activities during the trip to earn trip points, which can be exchanged for valuable items.

Getting Married In Virtual Families 3

Right after creating your character, you can find a partner online and get married. Simply drag your character to the computer table for them to go online and search for a partner. Help them choose the perfect match, and once they are married, the celebration begins!

Having Kids In Virtual Families 3

Having kids in Virtual Families 3 is easy. Drag an adult character to an opposite-gender character, and if they both want to have children, they will try to conceive. Ensure you have a comfortable bed or couch in the bedroom before initiating this action.

Alternatively, you can adopt a baby if the characters do not wish to procreate. Access the store, go to upgrades, and choose adoption services. The number of kids you can have in the game is limited to approximately twelve.

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Guide To Careers In Virtual Families 3

Characters in Virtual Families 3 can work in the kitchen, office, or workshop. According to their chosen career, you can assign them to the respective station. Ensure you consistently send them to work in their career field, and monitor their career progress by tapping on their profile. Higher career levels result in higher pay.

Career Progression Of Characters

Monitor your character’s career progress by selecting them and tapping their icon in the profile menu. The progress is divided into levels, including beginner, novice, apprentice, licensed, practiced, accomplished, exceptional, and master. Higher levels lead to higher incomes.

Receiving Salary in Virtual Families 3

Your characters receive their salary every 24 hours, even if they do not work. However, to earn additional coins, encourage them to visit their work stations. Praise and reward them with fruit and candy to boost their income.

Increasing Character’s Income

To increase your character’s income, encourage them to work and praise them while doing so. Provide them with fruits and candies to motivate them. Additionally, focus on getting promotions for your characters by consistently sending them to work and monitoring their progress.

Handling Characters Who Do Not Work Much

If your characters refuse to work, it could be due to various reasons such as sickness, hunger, depression, or distractions. Address these issues by taking care of their needs and resolving any distractions. This will ensure they remain focused on their careers.

Promoting Characters

Promoting characters requires focused dedication to their careers. Encourage them to work, praise their efforts, and reward them with fruit and candy. Monitor their progress through their profiles and tap their icons to access upgrades.

Location of the Workshop in VF3

The workshop in Virtual Families 3 is not initially available. You can build a basic workroom by saving coins and purchasing it from the store. Access the store, choose home improvements/renovation, and select the appropriate workroom based on your budget.

Walkthrough to Fixing Things in Virtual Families 3

House malfunctions are common in Virtual Families 3. You can fix these issues using a toolbox and the help of your characters or by calling a professional. Here’s a guide to fixing common house malfunctions:

Fix Leak Sink

Obtain a household tool set from the furniture shop menu (accessories tab) and command an adult character to fix the leak by dragging them to the tool set.

Fix Clogged Shower and Toilet

Similar to fixing a leak, use a household tool set to solve these issues.

Fix Burst Pipe

Call a plumber by dragging an adult character to the phone and selecting the appropriate option.

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Fix Dryer and Oven Fire

Purchase an extinguisher from the store (furniture – accessories) and use it by dragging an adult character to the extinguisher.

Fix Internet

Call the internet repair service center by dragging an adult character to the phone.

Fix Cable TV

Call the cable TV repair service by dragging an adult character to the phone.

Fix Computer

Contact the computer repair service by dragging an adult character to the phone.

Fix Appliance

Call the appliance repair service by dragging an adult character to the phone.

Get Rid of Bugs

Call an exterminator by dragging an adult character to the phone.

Fix Flowers and Lawn

For a well-maintained garden, ensure you water the plants regularly. Drag a character to the spigot to turn on the sprinklers.

Upgrading Characters in VF3

Upgrading characters in Virtual Families 3 serves several purposes:

  • Career promotions
  • Providing interests and likes for characters
  • Changing careers or choosing new ones

To upgrade a character, tap on their profile and select “upgrade me” in the top-left corner. Choose from the available options, such as high learning classes, advanced career training, or career change.

Getting Coins in VF3

There are several ways to earn coins in Virtual Families 3:

  1. Your characters earn coins through work. Check the daily income in the bank option.
  2. Watch video ads when the “free coins” offer appears in the top-right corner.
  3. Complete goals and objectives.
  4. Sell collectibles.
  5. Utilize the tips provided above to enhance your character’s income.

Digging Items from the Lawn

Regularly check the flea market for certificates that grant access to special functions within the game. For instance, a rockhound certificate allows you to dig and collect special items from the ground. Without this certificate, you won’t be able to uncover these treasures.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Items

To sell or get rid of unwanted items, tap on the inventory option at the top of the screen. Select the item you wish to remove and drag it to the garbage bins at the entrance of the game. By selling unwanted items, you can earn free coins.

Walkthrough to Cure Sickness

In Virtual Families 3, characters can experience various ailments. To ensure your family members remain happy and healthy, follow these walkthroughs to treat specific illnesses:

My Character is Tired

Allow tired characters to rest by dragging them to a couch or bed, giving them time to sleep for at least 6-8 hours. You can close the game during this period.

My Character is Depressed

To combat depression, consider the following steps:

  • Provide professional counseling by using the Psychotherapy upgrade available in the character’s profile.
  • Praise your characters regularly.
  • Offer fruits and candies as rewards.
  • Improve your home and have children to boost morale.
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My Character has a Cough

Purchase Antitussive Syrup from the store to treat characters suffering from a cough.

My Character has a Headache

Use Analgesic, available in the store, to alleviate headaches.

My Character has Hiccups

Drag and drop the character over the sink repeatedly until they drink water and relieve their hiccups.

My Character is Itchy

Apply Cortisone Cream, which can be bought from the store, to characters experiencing itchiness.

My Character has a Sore Throat

Use Throat Lozenges, available in the store, to soothe a sore throat.

My Character is Sneezing

Combat sneezing by administering Antihistamine, which can be purchased from the store.

My Character has an Upset Stomach

Provide Peptic Syrup, available in the store, to characters with an upset stomach.

Garden Beds and Lawns

To enhance your outdoor space, purchase lawn and garden beds from the store. Remember to water them frequently to maintain healthy grass and flowers. An automatic sprinkler can be bought to simplify this task. Hiring a gardener can also help with weeding, and a riding lawnmower is available for mowing the lawn.

Enjoying the Nighttime in VF3

If you prefer playing Virtual Families 3 at night, use the reverse day/night function. Access the menu, go to settings, and toggle the “reverse day/night” option. This will allow you to enjoy playing the game during nighttime.

Ghost Girl in Virtual Families 3

In Virtual Families 3, a little ghost girl may appear inside or outside your house. You can make her disappear by finding a doll toy. The doll toy is randomly discovered by an adult character, and you cannot manually find it yourself. Once the doll is found, place it on the toy shelf, and the ghost girl will no longer bother you.

Photo Pieces in Virtual Families 3

Keep an eye out for photo pieces scattered around your yard in the game. These pieces can be found and collected.

Same-Sex Marriage and Having Kids

For same-sex or gay marriages, adoption is an option. Access the store, choose upgrades, and select adoption services.

Virtual Families 3 Cheats

As of now, there are no known cheats or cheat codes available for Virtual Families 3. Be cautious of modded versions found online, as they may not function as the original game. Focus on in-game strategies such as promoting characters, completing goals, and watching video ads to earn free coins.

That concludes our comprehensive guide to Virtual Families 3. We hope these tips, cheats, and strategies will help you master the game and create a thriving family. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for more exciting mobile game content. For updates, news, and guides on various games, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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