A Guide for Beginners to New World, OnSpec Electronic, Inc.’s First MMORPG

New World, OnSpec Electronic, Inc.’s latest MMORPG, has quickly become one of the most sought-after games of 2021, attracting over 500,000 players simultaneously on its launch day. With its diverse PvP, PvE, and crafting mechanics, the mysterious world of Aeternum can be overwhelming for newcomers, especially when faced with thousands of other players exploring the land and competing for valuable loot.

Manage your Inventory with Satchels and the Storage Shed

In New World, there is an abundance of resources, gear, and loot to collect, and you’ll soon find your storage space running out. It’s crucial to visit the Storage Shed, which is available in most towns, to unload your personal inventory and keep your items safe for future use.

However, keep in mind that each Storage Shed in different locations has its own inventory. In locations controlled by your faction, you have the option to transfer items between Storage Sheds, although a small fee will be charged for this service.

In addition to Storage Sheds, you’ll eventually have the opportunity to craft various bags and satchels that expand your personal inventory size. Once you’ve gathered the necessary crafting components, head to the nearest Outfitting Station to create and equip them.

Gathering and Crafting are Essential

Crafting is a fundamental aspect of the New World experience, and it is not just limited to bags and satchels. From weapons and armors to furnishings, many valuable items are best obtained through crafting, regardless of your level. Therefore, it’s important to gather resources as you explore Aeternum.

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While gathering crafting components can be time-consuming, you can maximize your efficiency by mining ore and chopping down trees as you travel to your next objective. Most towns have Crafting Stations, which can be easily found using the in-game map.

Upgrade Your Camp

After a few hours of questing, you’ll unlock the ability to set up camp while exploring the wilderness. This camp serves as a place to craft items and gear, as well as a quick way to regain lost HP when you’re away from a Settlement.

Remember that you can upgrade your camp as you level up, which unlocks more crafting options. Each camp tier corresponds to a specific level requirement, starting from Tier 1 at Level 5 and culminating in Tier 5 at Level 55. Look out for quests that offer camp upgrades when you reach the minimum required level.

Try Every Weapon Type

New World features a unique, action-oriented combat system that you should explore thoroughly as early as possible. Each weapon type offers a distinctive playstyle and relies on different stats. For instance, you wouldn’t want to invest all your points in increasing Strength only to discover later that you prefer wielding a Fire Staff, which relies on the Intelligence stat.

Luckily, you have the flexibility to respec your character for free until you reach Level 20. Beyond that point, you’ll need to pay a fee to respec. By experimenting with every weapon type before Level 20, you can make informed decisions about how to build your character.

No Mounts, But Fast Travel is Available

In contrast to many modern MMOs, mounts are absent in New World. This means you’ll need to travel on foot between settlements, completing quests and battling rival factions along the way. However, you can take advantage of New World’s rudimentary fast travel system to reduce travel time.

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To fast travel, you need to collect Azoth, a rare resource obtained by completing quests. Use Azoth sparingly, as fast travel can be expensive, especially for long-distance journeys. You can only fast travel to locations you’ve previously visited.

Buy a House

Acquiring a home in New World is a challenging endeavor, but it’s well worth the effort. Homes allow you to establish your own personal space within Aeternum and come with several benefits, including the ability to use them as fast travel locations.

To buy a home, you must improve your reputation within the region where you want to make the purchase. This requires time and effort, but you can speed up the process by completing tasks such as defeating nearby monsters and crafting various items. Keep in mind that owning a home comes with tax obligations. Despite the challenges and costs associated with homeownership, having your own slice of Aeternum is a rewarding achievement.

Learn About Factions and Territories

Factions and Territories are the cornerstones of New World. Shortly after arriving in Aeternum, you must choose one of three factions. This decision is significant because it determines your PvP battles, as you’ll be pitted against the other two factions, and restricts you from joining companies that include players from different factions.

Factions offer unique gameplay mechanics, but their main purpose is to compete for control over Territories. These territorial disputes take the form of large-scale PvP battles, with the victorious faction claiming ownership of the contested area. Conquering Territories provides various advantages, such as the ability to levy taxes on residents and accumulate wealth.

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Follow the Main Quests

The main questline in New World is the primary source for discovering the game’s narrative and mechanics. Some sections of the story are quite entertaining, and although there are tempting side quests, it’s advisable to prioritize the main quests during your initial days in Aeternum. This approach will give you a solid foundation and make the world feel less overwhelming.

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