Madden 23 Face of the Franchise: Tips, tricks, and best positions

If you’re tired of pay-to-win game modes like Ultimate Team and prefer a more single-player experience, Madden 23’s Face of the Franchise might be just what you’re looking for.

In recent years, single-player gameplay took a back seat to MUT, but Face of the Franchise offers a more personal and less stressful NFL experience, even with its occasional issues and glitches. So, what are the best positions to play in Madden 23 Face of the Franchise? How can you upgrade your player effectively? And do the decisions you make really impact the overall experience? Let’s dive headfirst into the Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 23 to find out.

How does Face of the Franchise work?

Madden 23 has finally done away with the college prospect storyline and lets you jump straight into being a five-year veteran looking for a breakout season. You can choose any team in the league and play as one of five positions: QB, WR, RB, LB, or CB. The best part is that you can have separate save files for each position, allowing you to level up multiple characters independently.

Another cool feature is the ability to change your player’s build between agile, balanced, and bruiser at any time. Each build comes with its own set of base stats and playstyle, making for a more customizable experience.

To level up your player, you’ll earn upgrade points by playing games and completing weekly activities. The key to leveling up fast is earning Rep, which stands for experience points. The more Rep you earn, the faster you’ll level up. Your goal is to reach level 30, which puts you in the prestigious 99 Club.

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How to upgrade your player

Earning upgrade points in Madden 23 is all about accumulating Cred (blue) and Rep (red). Cred allows you to purchase items in the Yard, while Rep is the most crucial currency in Face of the Franchise. To earn Rep, you need to play games and complete weekly activities.

While aiming for level 30 and the 99 Club may seem enticing, it’s essential to manage your expectations. It takes time to reach that level, so don’t expect it to happen in a single season. Pace yourself and enjoy the journey as you gradually improve your player’s overall rating.

During gameplay, you’ll only control your player’s specific actions. As an RB, for instance, you’ll focus on running routes and taking handoffs. You won’t have control over defensive plays or the ability to throw the ball. However, you can choose the plays you want to run, giving you some agency in shaping the game.

Before each game

Before every game, you’ll have a few tasks to tackle. Talking to your agent, Sosa, and your offensive/defensive coordinator are among the important things you’ll need to do. However, the most crucial tasks involve setting your weekly goals and side activities.

When setting your goals, it’s essential to be realistic. Some goals are out of your control, especially on defense, while others may seem far-fetched. You’ll always have three options: easy, medium, and hard. Each goal earns you more Rep based on its difficulty. Choose goals that are within your control and reasonably attainable to maximize your Rep gains.

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Similarly, when selecting your weekly activities, prioritize those that can boost your player’s stats for the next game. Avoid activities that primarily earn Cred unless they contribute to building your Brand Awareness. Stamina is not a significant concern, so make the most of your schedule by filling it up with stat-boosting activities.

Best Face of the Franchise positions in Madden 23

When it comes to choosing a position in Face of the Franchise, running back (RB) stands out as our favorite option. Playing as an RB provides a fun and immersive experience, especially when paired with a team that has a solid quarterback. You’ll have the opportunity to run routes in the passing game and make an impact in the running game.

Quarterback (QB) is another popular choice, despite the challenges that come with it. Getting used to the camera angles can be tricky, but playing as a QB gives you the most control over the game. Choose a team with a playbook you enjoy, as you won’t be able to change it later on.

Wide receiver (WR) is also a viable option. While it may initially seem less appealing, you’ll quickly realize that your play art doesn’t significantly affect your gameplay. You have the freedom to run routes as you see fit and call for the ball when you’re open. Just ensure you have a good QB and enjoy the benefits of a successful WR career.

Playing defense is an option, but it may not be as enjoyable as offense. If you do choose to play on the defensive side, linebacker (LB) offers a more involved experience compared to cornerback (CB). As an LB, you’ll play the run and cover intermediate routes, while CB may leave you feeling slightly disconnected from the action.

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Quick Tips for Success

  • Be cautious of committing illegal block in the back penalties when running in the open field.
  • Choose your favorite team or a team with a playbook you enjoy. Salary, scheme fit, and monetary rewards have minimal impact on your experience.
  • Experiment with different camera angles to find the one that suits your gameplay style.
  • Keep in mind that there are no significant consequences for your play or decision-making in Face of the Franchise mode.

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