All Chronolith Locations and Rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Every installment of the Final Fantasy series introduces unique changes to the battle system. Final Fantasy 16 distinguishes itself with its well-polished and refined real-time, action-focused combat. While the story remains integral, players now have the opportunity to express themselves through an array of combos and abilities. Square Enix recognizes this and provides special combat challenges known as Chronolith Trials. These trials bear resemblance to the special missions found in games like Devil May Cry 5, where players tackle unique challenges in exchange for valuable rewards. However, locating these trials can be quite a task. So, saddle up your Chocobo and follow our lead to discover all the Chronolith locations in Final Fantasy 16.

What are Chronolith Trials?

Clive about to enter a chronolith trial.
Image Courtesy: Square Enix

Chronolith Trials are distinctive combat arenas that thrust players into intense battles against waves of enemies. Each trial consists of three rooms, with three enemy waves in each room, culminating in a challenging boss encounter. Players are under a time constraint and can only utilize a designated Eikon with predetermined abilities. By expertly executing Battle Techniques, such as Precision Dodge and Ability Finishes, players can prolong their time in the trial. Successfully defeating all enemies within the time limit rewards players with a special accessory. In total, there are seven accessories to be earned, and acquiring all of them will unlock the final item needed to complete the Wall of Memory collection.

All Chronolith Trial Locations


In Greensheaves, located in Rosaria, players can fast travel to Martha’s Rest and exit to the north. Proceed east along the path, and just before the path leading to Rhiannon’s Ride, the trial awaits.

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Reward: The Favor of Fire — Enhances Flames of Rebirth damage by 8%.


Journey to Dhalmekia and make your way to the Krozjit Echoes Oblisk travel point. The trial can be found just east along the canyon wall.

Reward: The Will of Wind — Augments Aerial Blast damage by 12%.


Head over to Sanbreque and utilize the Caer Norvent River Gate fast travel point in the Norvent Valley. Travel north until reaching the T junction, then head east towards the dead end.

Reward: The Favor of Lightning — Strengthens Judgment Bolt damage by 6%.


Returning to Dhalmekia, this time make your way to the Velkroy Desert fast travel point and head north into the Northern Valkroy Desert. At the northernmost point, you’ll find the Chronolith Trial.

Reward: The Favor of Earth — Empowers Earthen Fury damage by 7%.


In Sanbreque, head to the Northreach area and venture north towards the Royal Meadows. Proceed all the way west to the edge of the cliff at the end of the map.

Reward: The Favor of Light — Boosts Gigaflare damage by 5%.


Time to explore Waloed. Travel to Eistla and retrace your steps through The Angry Gap. Stick to the southern part of the map, and you’ll encounter a narrow passage leading to the trial.

Reward: The Will of Ice — Amplifies Diamond Dust damage by 10%.


Concluding our journey in Waloed, begin in Vidargraes and travel south along the eastern side until reaching a field of flowers. Here lies the final trial.

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Reward: The Will of Darkness — Increases Dancing Steel damage by 20%.

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