All Flarlic Locations in Pikmin 4

The Pikmin series has always been about controlling vast numbers of tiny creatures simultaneously. With the power of the Switch, Pikmin 4 introduces even more Pikmin on the screen. However, don’t expect to amass a massive army right away. The game restricts the total number of Pikmin you can control, forcing you to manage different types strategically. Fortunately, you can increase your limit by ten by collecting special plants called Flarlic. There are a total of twelve Flarlics to collect, with one on the surface and one in a cave in each stage. To reach the maximum Pikmin limit, you only need to find eight of them. Here’s where you can find all the Flarlic in Pikmin 4 to build a formidable army.

Sun-Speckled Terrace

To find the Flarlic on the surface, head north beyond the electric fence. Yellow Pikmin are necessary to pass the fence. Use at least five Yellow Pikmin to throw onto the potted plant next to the fence. This will allow you to reach the Flarlic on the elevated mound.

In the Last-Frost Cavern, go to the top-left corner of the large northwest room. You’ll discover a sunken plant pot hidden behind some pots that need smashing. Retrieve the Flarlic from there.

Blossoming Arcadia

The surface Flarlic in Blossoming Arcadia is located north, on the south side of the water. You will need either Blue Pikmin to bring it back or Ice Pikmin to freeze the water below. The Flarlic is tucked inside a wooden structure that requires Pikmin tossing to collect.

Inside the Secluded Courtyard cave, head to the third level down and move to the western area. Toss five Pikmin onto the broken pot where the Flarlic is growing.

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Serene Shores

In the southwest waters, search for the clam in the back corner. Clear out the enemies around it and crack it open to collect the Flarlic.

In the Seafloor Resort, while on the first level, move to the northeast corner. Break the Hydro Jelly to access the Flarlic on top.

Hero’s Hideaway

On the kitchen island, go to the north end of the surface and pluck the Flarlic off the plate.

Enter the Plunder Palace and head to the east side of the tabletop. You’ll find the next piece of Flarlic on the pink plate.

Giant’s Hearth

Near the middle of the map, go up on the hearth along the bridge. The Flarlic is out in the open and easily accessible.

In the Dream Home, progress until you reach two moving fan platforms on the eastern side. Ride one of the platforms close enough to the other to toss your Pikmin at the Flarlic resting on it.

Primordial Thicket

The final surface level Flarlic is just before the northernmost part of the map, across the bridge. Head to the eastern corner of this area to collect it.

Lastly, in the Mud Pit, you’ll find the Flarlic at the top of the map, across the water. Clear out any enemies and claim your prize.

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