All Landing Platform Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

No open-world game would be complete without an abundance of collectibles. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are various types of collectibles to discover, and among them, the Landing Platforms prove to be the most challenging to locate. Unlike other objectives, places, or items that are conveniently marked on your map, Landing Platforms require you to rely solely on your observational skills. However, finding these platforms is worth the effort as they unlock several rewards and are necessary to achieve the coveted Collector’s Edition trophy or achievement.

To save you from aimlessly flying around, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the Landing Platform locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

How do Landing Platforms work?

Landing Platforms are recognizable by their special and ornate appearance, characterized by four unlit braziers. To access them, you must first unlock your broom. Once you are able to fly, you can land on these platforms and ignite the fires, symbolizing your successful “collection” of the Landing Platform. Take note to remain on the platform long enough for it to rotate and the fires to be fully alight, as it may not count otherwise. There are a total of 20 Landing Platforms scattered throughout the game, and as you locate and activate them, you will receive four rewards in your Challenge menu.

While the Landing Platforms don’t appear on your map, you can determine the number remaining in a particular area by zooming out on your map and checking the totals for each region.

All Landing Platform Locations

A magical landing platform.

We will provide a detailed list of the Landing Platforms from north to south on the map, along with directions based on the closest Floo Flame, allowing you to fast travel. If you find yourself in the correct area but can’t spot the platform, you can cast Revelio to highlight them through objects.

  1. North Ford Bog: Head directly south from the Pitt-Upon-Ford Floo Flame, and you will find the Landing Platform atop a wooden scaffolding.
  2. East North Ford Bog: Depart from the East North Ford Bog flame and head east, slightly north. The platform awaits you on another scaffold.
  3. Forbidden Forest (bottom): Proceed to the very bottom of the Forbidden Forest and travel straight west from the East North Hogwarts Region flame. Look for the platform situated on top of a small rocky outcropping.
  4. Forbidden Forest (cliff wall): Continue west along the river from the previous platform, and you will discover the next Landing Platform along the cliff wall, north of the river.
  5. East Hogsmeade Valley: Depart from the East Hogsmeade Valley flame and embark on a long ride south. Once you reach the ridge, the platform will become visible on a plateau.
  6. South Hogwarts Region: Make your way south from the Aranshire flame in the South Hogwarts Region. This hidden platform rests on a plateau near the road.
  7. Hogwarts Valley: Slightly north of the West Hogwarts Valley flame, you will find this platform perched on the large, flat top of a ridge.
  8. North Feldcroft: Head due northeast of North Feldcroft. Here, the platform awaits on a grassy cliff beside the road.
  9. Keenbridge (castle ruins): Follow the river northwest of Keenbridge until you stumble upon some castle ruins. The platform can be found on top of one of the ruined buildings.
  10. Feldcroft (ruined tower): Travel straight east from Feldcroft, and you will spot this platform atop a ruined tower by the coast.
  11. South Feldcroft: Almost directly above the South Feldcroft flame, the platform is situated on a tiny hill by the water.
  12. Mine’s Eye: Start from the Mine’s Eye flame and head southwest. You’ll discover the platform slightly hidden by trees on the mountain.
  13. Irondale (ruins of a castle): Proceed to the Irondale flame and then travel southwest along the river to a small island. There, you will find the platform beside the ruins of a castle.
  14. Marunweem Bridge (top of the keep): On the Marunweem Bridge, make your way to the southeast side and ascend to the top of the keep.
  15. Coastal Mine (near series of banners): Follow the mountains east from the Coastal Mine flame until you notice the platform adjacent to a series of banners.
  16. Marunweem Ruins (water spire): Starting at the Marunweem Ruins, head west to the peninsula. This platform stands alone on its own spire in the water.
  17. West Manor Cape (off the coast): Travel directly north from the West Manor Cape flame, and you’ll find this platform perched on its own spit of land along the coast.
  18. West Manor Cape (sticking out from the mainland): Depart from the same West Manor Cape flame, this time following the coast south and over the ocean. You’ll spot this platform protruding from the mainland.
  19. Cragcroft (overlooking water and ruins): Journey to the south peninsula from the Cragcroft flame. This platform is situated on a cliff, offering a picturesque view of the water and nearby ruins.
  20. Clagmar Castle (cliff face): Ride east and slightly south from Clagmar Castle, making your way to the cliff’s ocean side. Here, tucked along the cliff face, you will find the final Landing Platform.
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All Landing Platform Rewards

A wizard in full Quidditch gear.

For every set number of Landing Platforms you unlock, you will earn different pieces of gear, eventually completing the full Quidditch Captain set. Although you can’t play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, you can at least indulge your imagination with this set. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards and when you can obtain them:

  • Two platforms: Quidditch Captain’s Uniform
  • Six platforms: Quidditch Captain’s Helmet
  • Twelve platforms: Quidditch Captain’s Gloves
  • Twenty platforms: Quidditch Captain’s Cape

To claim these rewards, you must manually select them in your Collections menu as you progress. Alternatively, you can wait until you have obtained all the necessary platforms and claim them all at once.

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