All painting puzzle solutions and rewards in Elden Ring

Exploring in Elden Ring is an exciting adventure filled with unexpected discoveries. From hidden dungeons to challenging boss fights, there’s always something new to stumble upon. One particularly intriguing discovery you might come across are the mysterious paintings scattered throughout the Lands Between. These paintings depict unique landscapes and offer valuable rewards if you can solve their accompanying puzzles. However, figuring out the exact locations can be quite challenging in the vast and expansive world of Elden Ring. If you’re feeling perplexed by these painting puzzles, fear not! We’ve got you covered with the solutions for all seven paintings in Elden Ring.

Homing Instinct painting location and solution

A map of Limgrave
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The first painting, Homing Instinct, can be found in Limgrave, not too far off the main path, inside the first Artist’s Shack. To locate it, head along the eastern side of the canyon north of Agheel Lake. Leave the road and venture a bit to find the isolated shack with the painting inside. Interact with it to start the puzzle.

The location indicated by Homing Instinct is in the southwest. Travel to the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace and head slightly north towards the Cave of Knowledge. Along the way, you’ll come across a graveyard where you need to stop. Look for the large arch depicted in the painting and you’ll find a ghostly artist standing beside the graves. Interact with them to receive the Incantation Scarab Headpiece.

Prophecy painting location and solution

A ghost sitting on a cliff
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The next painting, Prophecy, is located inside Stormveil Castle, but you can only reach it after defeating the boss Margit, the Fell Omen. Before reaching Godrick the Grafted, you’ll come across the Lifteside Chamber Site of Grace. Go south into the large open courtyard filled with enemies. On the right side, you’ll find a doorway leading to a chapel or library area, where the painting stands out among the other furnishings. Collect it to begin the Prophecy puzzle.

The location you’re searching for is far south in the Weeping Peninsula. Fast travel to the Church of Pilgrimage and head straight north to the cliffside. Near the edge, you’ll spot the ghostly figure sitting in a chair, overlooking the view. Interact with them to claim your reward, the Warhawk Ashes.

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Resurrection painting location and solution

A map of a castle
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Once you’ve made your way through Stormveil Castle and into Liurnia of the Lakes, your next destination is the next Artist’s Shack. This shack can be found along the eastern landmass, which you can reach via the Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace. Ride along and go slightly past the Carian Study Hall to find the shack near a Leyndell Knight. Enter the shack to obtain the Resurrection painting.

The location you need to track down is also in Liurnia, specifically in Caria Manor. It’s situated on the northeast side of the zone in the Three Sisters area. The closest Site of Grace is the Behind Caria Manor location, but accessing it requires you to have gone through the manor and defeated the boss, Royal Knight Loretta. After the battle, head east through a path that leads to a graveyard. Look for the ghost facing the direction of the Academy or Raya Lucaria. This encounter will reward you with the Juvenile Scholar Attire and a Larval Tear.

Redmane painting location and solution

A map of Caelid
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The Redmane painting is one of the most challenging to find and solve. It’s located in Caelid, at the Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Head to the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace, go up the stairs, turn right, and examine the rubble on the left or east side. You’ll discover the painting tucked beneath a still-standing stone archway. Approach it carefully to begin the Redmane puzzle.

To reach the ghostly painter in this location, you’ll need to demonstrate your platforming skills. Start at the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace, but be cautious of the dragons lurking nearby. Head east to the Minor Erdree, located north of Fort Faroth. Along the cliff near a tree, you’ll find a series of giant broken pots. Follow the cliff until you spot a root protruding from its edge. Make your way down this series of roots carefully, ensuring precise footwork. Once you reach solid ground, you’ll encounter a formidable foe. Either defeat it cautiously or sneak past it to find the ghost of the painter on the cliff’s edge, gazing towards Redmane Castle in the distance. As a reward, you’ll obtain the Rain of Arrows Ash of War.

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Flightless Bird painting location and solution

A map pointing to the windmill village
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The Flightless Bird painting is a relatively easier puzzle. It can be found inside Leyndell, Royal Capital. Teleport to the Fortified Manor First Floor Site of Grace, where you’ll discover the painting in the same room. This Site of Grace might be easy to overlook, so if you missed it initially, start at the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace and head north through the alley. Proceed through the doorway on your left and descend. Follow the path until you reach the Site of Grace and the painting simultaneously.

This painting will lead you out of the capital and towards the Windmill Heights Site of Grace, located at the northern end of Windmill Village, north of Leyndell, Royal Capital. If it’s your first time visiting this somewhat secluded area, a Godskin Apostle will spawn near the Site of Grace, adding an extra challenge. Defeat it, then walk through the oddly peaceful yet unsettling town towards the south cliffside behind the houses. You’ll find the ghostly painter sitting on a chair, admiring the chilly view of the winter wonderland. Interact with them to obtain the Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation.

Champion’s Song painting location and solution

A map of the royal capital of Elden Ring
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After ascending to the Altus Plateau, you’ll encounter the challenging optional mini-dungeon called The Shaded Castle. To reach this area, take the longer route through the valley and under the bridge, as the higher routes won’t lead you down. Once you reach The Shaded Castle, make your way to the southeast side and find the Shaded Castle Ramparts Site of Grace. From there, head northeast. You’ll come across a collapsing wall and a path leading downward along a fallen pillar to a poisoned courtyard. However, instead of going down, look to the east for a wooden walkway leading to a set of stairs. Ascend the stairs to discover the magnificent Champion’s Song painting.

The ghostly painter associated with this painting can be found in the Altus Plateau. Travel to the Rampartside Path Site of Grace and proceed east until you encounter a lightning storm striking the ground. Climb the cliff from this point until you reach the location where you’ll encounter or have already fought the Ancient Dragon Lansseax, near the Sainted Hero’s Grave. On the northwest edge of the cliff, you’ll find the ghost of the painter, who will reward you with the Harp Bow.

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Sorcerer painting location and solution

A map of the Mountaintop of the giants
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The final painting puzzle in Elden Ring is locked away until you can access the Mountaintops of the Giants. Once you’ve entered this snowy zone, progress forward until you reach the Castle Sol Main Gate Site of Grace. From there, enter the castle and take the first left between the defenses. You’ll encounter two giant lion enemies that you can either fight or swiftly evade. Take the following right and ascend the stairs. Look for a room on the left, filled with slug-like enemies. Climb the ladder inside the room to reach the roof. Follow the path, avoiding teleporting enemies and explosive bolts from a ballista. Eventually, you’ll reach another ladder that leads down to a safe room containing the Sorcerer painting.

The spectral painter associated with this painting can be found on a bridge south of Castle Sol. Travel to the Freezing Lake Site of Grace and head north, climbing the cliff to the upper level. Ride west until you reach a massive stone bridge crossing the gorge over the frozen river near the Shack of the Lofty location. Instead of crossing the first bridge you encounter, take the second bridge near the cliff’s edge. Ride halfway across the bridge, where you’ll find the ghostly painter enjoying the chilly view of the winter wonderland. Interact with them to acquire the Greathood helmet.

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