All Poffin Recipes and Effects in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

As remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remain incredibly faithful to the beloved fourth generation of Pokémon in the enchanting Sinnoh region. Not only have all the Pokémon from this generation made a comeback, looking better than ever on the powerful Switch, but there are also additional Pokémon to discover after completing the main game. One often overlooked feature that was present in the original version is the Poffins.

Poffins were exclusively found in the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and haven’t been seen since. However, they make a return in these remakes. Poffins were delightful treats that could be made and fed to your Pokémon, boosting specific attributes depending on the type of Poffin. In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Poffins play an even more vital role with the inclusion of Super Contest Shows. To assist you in creating the perfect treats for your beloved pocket monsters, here are all the Poffin recipes and their effects.

What are Poffins used for?

Poffins are delectable food items that enhance the attributes of your Pokémon. Each Poffin can boost one of their attributes, which include Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, or Toughness. Additionally, similar to people, Pokémon have flavor preferences for Poffins. Knowing a Pokémon’s nature can help you determine which kind of Poffin they will enjoy more, resulting in a greater stat boost. Conversely, there are flavors they don’t like as much, leading to a smaller stat boost. Here’s a breakdown of each Nature Pokémon’s flavor preferences:

  • Adamant: Likes spicy and dislikes dry.
  • Bashful: Has no preferences.
  • Bold: Likes sour and dislikes spicy.
  • Brave: Likes spicy and dislikes sweet.
  • Calm: Likes bitter and dislikes spicy.
  • Careful: Likes bitter and dislikes dry.
  • Docile: Has no preferences.
  • Gentle: Likes bitter and dislikes sour.
  • Hardy: Has no preferences.
  • Hasty: Likes sweet and dislikes sour.
  • Impish: Likes sour and dislikes dry.
  • Jolly: Likes sweet and dislikes dry.
  • Lax: Likes sour and dislikes bitter.
  • Lonely: Likes spicy and dislikes sour.
  • Mild: Likes dry and dislikes sour.
  • Modest: Likes dry and dislikes spicy.
  • Naive: Likes sweet and dislikes bitter.
  • Naughty: Likes spicy and dislikes bitter.
  • Quiet: Likes dry and dislikes sweet.
  • Quirky: Has no preferences.
  • Rash: Likes dry and dislikes bitter.
  • Relaxed: Likes sour and dislikes sweet.
  • Sassy: Likes bitter and dislikes sweet.
  • Serious: Has no preferences.
  • Timid: Likes sweet and dislikes spicy.
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Remember, you can only feed a Pokémon a limited number of Poffins. Once their Sheen reaches its limit, they won’t eat any more, and there’s no way to reduce their Sheen.

How to make Poffins

To start cooking up Poffins, you’ll first need a Poffin Case. You can obtain one from the head of the Pokémon Fan Club in Hearthome City. Once you have the case, the next step is to collect berries throughout the Sinnoh region. You’ll require at least one berry to begin cooking, but it’s recommended to gather plenty of these ingredients during your adventure.

With the Poffin Case and berries in hand, you can make Poffins at either the Poffin House in Hearthome City or the Poffin Maker in Amity Square. Here, you can select the number of berries you want to use, with a maximum of four. The number of Poffins you receive depends on the number of berries you include. One berry results in one Poffin, providing you with four in total. However, including multiple berries of the same type is not recommended as it often leads to a Foul Poffin.

Alternatively, certain berries or combinations can yield Poffins with multiple flavors, which increase multiple attributes.

Next, it’s time for the actual cooking, or at least stirring the pot. Achieving the right balance of speed while spinning the stick is crucial. Spinning too fast will cause the pot to overflow, while going too slow may result in burned ingredients.

All Poffin recipes

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl feature a wide variety of berries. Listing all the combinations would be an overwhelming task and not particularly helpful. Instead, we’ll provide a list of how to obtain one Poffin of each type using a single berry. For more complex recipes, you can refer to the helpful Poffin Calculator created by the Psychic Pokémon Connection.

  • Spicy Poffin: Cheri Berry
  • Dry Poffin: Chesto Berry
  • Sweet Poffin: Pecha Berry
  • Sour Poffin: Aspear Berry
  • Bitter Poffin: Rawst Berry
  • Spicy-Bitter Poffin: Pomeg Berry
  • Spicy-Sweet Poffin: Qualot Berry
  • Spicy-Dry Poffin: Tomato Berry
  • Spicy-Sour Poffin: Nomel Berry
  • Dry-Sour Poffin: Kelpsy Berry
  • Dry-Sweet Poffin: Cornn Berry
  • Dry-Bitter Poffin: Hondew Berry
  • Sweet-Sour Poffin: Grepa Berry
  • Sweet-Bitter Poffin: Magost Berry
  • Sweet-Spicy Poffin: Shuca Berry
  • Sweet-Bitter Poffin: Custap Berry
  • Sour-Spicy Poffin: Belue Berry
  • Sour-Dry Poffin: Yache Berry
  • Sour-Sweet Poffin: Payapa Berry
  • Bitter-Sour Poffin: Rabuta Berry
  • Bitter-Spicy Poffin: Rindo Berry
  • Bitter-Dry Poffin: Coba Berry
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All Poffin effects

With these recipes and the convenient calculator, the final piece of the puzzle is understanding which attributes each flavor of Poffin enhances. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Spicy Poffin: Increases Coolness attribute.
  • Dry Poffin: Increases Beauty attribute.
  • Sweet Poffin: Increases Cuteness attribute.
  • Sour Poffin: Increases Toughness attribute.
  • Bitter Poffin: Increases Cleverness attribute.
  • Foul Poffin: Results from a recipe with too many errors and does nothing.

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