All the Bugs You’ll Encounter in Grounded and How to Defeat Them

Beating up insects is a crucial part of the Grounded adventure. Though many of these critters may seem harmless, the materials they drop can be used to create useful gear and equipment. As a tiny hero in a world of giants, you’ll quickly learn that the larger the bug, the harder it is to defeat. Here is a comprehensive list of all the insects you’ll encounter in Grounded, where to find them, and the best strategies for taking them down.

Small Bugs

Lawn Mite

Grounded lawn mite location
Where to Find: By logs or in tall grass
Recommended Equipment: Basic armor if facing many

Lawn Mites are pesky little creatures, akin to the headcrabs in Grounded. Although small, they are extremely aggressive, and where there’s one, there are usually more. They move swiftly, often catching you off guard. Without any armor, they can deal significant damage. However, taking down a Lawn Mite is as simple as giving it a swing or two with a basic weapon. You can follow up with a hammer for an easy stun, or use a fast weapon like a spear to quickly dispatch them before they have a chance to confuse you.


Where to Find: They find you.
Recommended Equipment: Anything

These small, fuzzy fliers occasionally swoop in for a quick bite, causing you to swat at them just like you would in real life. Gnats typically come in pairs, moving up and down in a rhythmic pattern. Hitting them while they’re in the air requires precision, so keep jumping and swinging with whatever tool you have. It takes only two punches to bring down a gnat, but due to their constant movement, it’s best to aim for a single, sharp strike.


Where to Find: Anywhere, but mostly in tall grass
Recommended Equipment: Anything

Aphids are small, green critters that tend to scurry away as you approach. They are not interested in fighting and can be defeated with a single strike. Aphids often climb up plant stems or hang upside down, so make sure to catch up with them and deliver a decisive blow before they retreat out of your reach. Aside from being a good source of meat for barbecues, they don’t serve much purpose.


Grounded weevil location
Where to Find: Anywhere
Recommended Equipment: Anything

Weevils are primarily a source of sustenance, ensuring that your hunger meter stays full. Their long nose is essential for crafting the Gas Mask. Weevils make distinct sounds, resembling grumpy old men shuffling down the street. So, if you haven’t seen any other bugs chasing a weevil for a while, listen out for its unique sound.


Spiderling location in Grounded
Where to Find: Around spider nests, like the ones near the marshland northwest of the Mysterious Machine
Recommended Equipment: Anything

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Spiderlings are a great source of spider silk, provided you can reach them without attracting the attention of their broodmother. These spiderlings can be found on web-decorated mounds or deep in tunnels. It’s preferable to farm them outside, as encountering a full-grown spider in a tunnel is a death sentence. Although the scream of a spiderling can be unsettling, a few unarmed punches are enough to take them down, unless their parents join the fight.

Medium Bugs


Grub location in Grounded
Where to Find: Any semi-open area with plenty of unobstructed dirt
Recommended Equipment: Anything (Acorn Shovel needed to initiate)

Although Grubs may be hesitant to call them medium bugs, they are larger than the critters mentioned earlier. These juicy insects can be found burrowing under the soil, just below your feet. To unearth them, follow the dirt trail they leave behind and stab the soil with an Acorn Shovel. Once they pop out, a couple more hits with any weapon will finish them off.

Worker Ant

Grounded worker ant location
Where to Find: Anthills (northwest of the Mysterious Machine) or chasing smaller bugs
Recommended Equipment: Minimal armor + hammer and another weapon

Despite their size, Worker Ants are formidable opponents, especially without any armor. The secret to beating them lies in using a good blunt weapon, such as the Pebble Hammer, which can knock them into a daze. While they’re stunned, quickly switch to a stronger weapon like the Axe or Spear to finish them off. If you manage to group several ants together, you can take them all down at once. However, be cautious not to get surrounded, as your chances of survival diminish.

Soldier Ant

Grounded soldier ant
Where to Find: Anthills (northwest of the Mysterious Machine) or occasionally wandering around
Recommended Equipment: Grub Armor or better/equivalent + Ant Club

Soldier Ants are easily distinguished by their large, sharp pincers, which differ from the shorter, rounder nibblers of Worker Ants. These ants are more aggressive and can be provoked into combat. Unlike the Workers, who only retaliate if attacked, Soldiers have significantly more health points and are tougher to defeat. Early on, it’s best to learn the Perfect Block technique to defend against their attacks. Keep your block up until you learn the precise timing of their strikes.

Bombardier Beetle

Grounded bombardier beetle location
Where to Find: Near the big rake
Recommended Equipment: Grub Armor or equivalent, Spear for spinning

Bombardier Beetles are relatively rare, yet they can be as challenging as the fearsome Orb Weaver spiders. Fortunately, similar strategies can be used to defeat both of them. To take down a Bombardier Beetle, get close and circle around it while attacking with a spear. Maintain sufficient stamina so that you can sprint away when it readies its attack. Unlike the Orb Weaver, which sprays acid that lingers on the ground, these beetles emit a cloud of poison gas. Therefore, you must step back slightly to avoid the gas while continuing to circle and attack. Killing a Bombardier Beetle is essential for crafting the Tier 2 Insect Axe, which you’ll need to harvest Berry Leather for further upgrades.

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Grounded larva location
Where to Find: In a burrow to the east of the Mysterious Machine
Recommended Equipment: Basic armor, Ant Club

Larva attack quickly, moving from side to side. However, once you understand their squishiness, defeating them becomes manageable. They have fewer hit points than Soldier Ants, but facing a group of them can quickly overwhelm you. The best approach is to camp near a frequent spawn point and take them down one by one as they emerge. A couple of swings with an Ant Club should stun them, enabling you to finish them off.

Large Bugs


Grounded ladybug how to beat
Where to Find: Anywhere, sometimes munching on grass or smaller critters
Recommended Equipment: Grub Armor with Ant Club (Gas Mask helps)

Ladybugs are either loved or despised by players. These docile creatures won’t harm you unless you attack them. However, striking them without proper equipment will result in a swift and punishing counterattack. Defeating a ladybug usually involves perfectly blocking its attacks to avoid stun effects. However, there’s an alternative method that can be considered a bit of a shortcut—mounting the ladybug. By climbing onto its back, you can pummel it without fear of retaliation as long as you maintain your balance. This method saves you from the need to gear up before engaging in combat and provides an opportunity to obtain valuable equipment.


Stinkbug strategy in Grounded
Where to Find: Open areas to the far west of the Mysterious Machine
Recommended Equipment: Grub Armor with Ant Club (Gas Mask helps)

Stinkbugs, resembling large, flattened insects, are often found engaged in ferocious battles with ladybugs. Similar to their adversaries, they are formidable opponents and should not be underestimated. Stinkbugs possess considerable strength and can poison you with a cloud of toxic gas after a prolonged charge-up time. Steer clear of this poisonous cloud or lure the stinkbug away from it. You can then stun it with consecutive strikes from an Ant Club. These creatures require quite a beating, so remember to block counter-attacks and manage your stamina between flurries of strikes. With Grub Armor and a few restoratives, you should be well-equipped to face stinkbugs. Killing one is necessary to craft the Gas Mask, allowing you to more easily defeat additional stinkbugs by attacking them as they release their poisonous cloud.

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How to Defeat Spiders in Grounded

Orb Weaver

Grounded orb weaver
Where to Find: Roaming through the grass or near wooden stakes to the north
Recommended Equipment: Ladybug or equivalent, Ant Club

The Orb Weaver, although intimidating in appearance, is one of the easier spiders to defeat in Grounded. Its bite may appear fast, but its slow attack wind-up allows you to easily dodge its strikes. No blocking is necessary. To defeat an Orb Weaver, lure it into an open area, get close, and circle around it while delivering attacks. By staying near the spider, you will consistently end up on its flank when it attempts to bite. Mastering this method enables you to vanquish an Orb Weaver without the need for any armor. Simply equip a fast weapon, like a spear, and with a bit of practice, victory will be within your grasp.

Wolf Spider

Grounded wolf spider
Where to Find: Undergrowth, such as under the oak tree, by the lab, or the berry shrub
Recommended Equipment: Ladybug or equivalent, Mint Mallet

Defeating the formidable Wolf Spider requires proper equipment. Unlike the Orb Weaver, you’ll need to sustain a few hits during the battle. Perfect Block technique is the key to success. Learn the spider’s attack animations and time your blocks perfectly to avoid taking damage. While holding the block will deplete your health and armor quickly, perfecting your blocks will enable you to endure the fight with only a few band-aids on hand. A higher-tier weapon like the Mint Mallet is recommended for taking on Wolf Spiders efficiently. Anything less will prolong the battle, increasing the likelihood of missing blocks and meeting your demise.

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That concludes our guide to all the bugs you’ll encounter in Grounded and the best strategies for defeating them. Remember to gear up appropriately, perfect your blocking skills, and utilize the weaknesses of each insect to emerge victorious. Enjoy your adventures in the miniature world of Grounded!

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