All the Charms in Dave the Diver: Enhancing Your Diving Experience

Upgrading your gear is crucial for advancing through the depths of the Blue Hole in Dave the Diver. Your suit, weapons, and storage determine how far you can explore. However, besides these essential items, there are other ways to enhance your diving prowess.

In Dave the Diver, you can acquire unique items called Charms that grant you special buffs. These Charms can be earned as rewards or through completion of missions. You have the freedom to switch between them as you wish, but remember that you can only equip two at a time. With a total of 10 Charms to obtain, you have plenty of options to customize your diving experience to match your current goals and playstyle. Let’s take a closer look at all the Charms in Dave the Diver, how to obtain them, and their effects.

All Dave the Diver Charms

A description of the octopus bracelet in Dave the Diver.

Most of the 10 Charms can be acquired by completing missions, while a few are unlocked upon reaching specific levels at Bluehole Research & Protection. To equip the Charms, access the yellow box on your boat before diving into the water. Since you can’t swap them out once you’ve jumped into the Blue Hole, it’s important to choose the right Charms for each dive.

Dolphin Necklace

  • Increases dash speed by 30%

Your dash is a vital movement ability, and a 30% speed boost can make a significant difference when trying to outpace dangerous predators. The Dolphin Necklace is a reward for completing the “Defeat Pirates” mission.

Octopus Bracelet

  • Use Left Ctrl to dash a short distance without consuming oxygen. However, the ability will need to recharge before it can be used again.
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Managing your oxygen is crucial in Dave the Diver. Any movement option that doesn’t deplete your limited air supply is worth considering. The Octopus Bracelet is a reward for overcoming the “Strange Coral” mission.

Sea People Bracelet

  • Allows you to survive for a certain period after running out of oxygen.

When your tanks hit empty, you would normally be out of luck. However, with this bracelet, you gain a few extra precious moments to find air or make it back to your pod safely. Obtain this Charm by completing the “Beyond the Rock Pile” mission.

Sea People Necklace

  • Enables you to travel through tubeworm tunnels.

Normally, traversing dangerous tubeworm tunnels requires the use of a UV light or an attack. However, with the Sea People Necklace, you can swim through these tunnels without any harm. It is a reward for conquering the “Deliver Key to Tenzhin” mission.

Octopus Charm

  • Adds an extra 15% of base damage to your gun.

Despite its cute appearance, the Octopus Charm is a devastating addition to your arsenal. Guns are already powerful weapons in Dave the Diver, and this Charm provides an additional 15% boost to their base damage. Obtain it by completing the “Octopus Returns” mission.

Shark Teeth Necklace

  • Increases the base damage of the Harpoon Gun by 15%.

While guns are generally effective, the Harpoon Gun is your most reliable weapon in many situations. Enhance its power with the Shark Teeth Necklace, obtained by completing the “Revenge Time” mission.

Eco Poison Resist Bracelet

  • Boosts poison resistance.

Dealing with status effects is never enjoyable, regardless of the game. By reaching level two at Bluehole Research & Protection, you can better avoid being poisoned during your dives.

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Eco Health Bracelet

  • Reduces damage taken by 10%.

Even the most skilled diver is bound to take a hit now and then. A 10% reduction in damage can make a significant difference, especially in the treacherous depths. Reach level three at Bluehole Research & Protection to acquire this valuable Charm.

Eco Gemstone Bracelet

  • Increases the amount of minerals acquired through mining.

Aside from catching fish, collecting resources plays a crucial role in Dave the Diver, particularly for upgrades. If you need to gather minerals efficiently, equip this Charm, which becomes available after reaching level four at Bluehole Research & Protection.

Eco Waterproof Bag

  • Raises the weight limit by 30 kg.

Managing your weight is a constant challenge during every dive. The more weight you can carry, the more fish and materials you can gather in a single dive. This Charm is considered one of the best in the game. However, you must reach level five at Bluehole Research & Protection to obtain it.

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Enjoy your diving adventure in Dave the Diver!

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