All the Lightsaber Stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes place five years after its predecessor, with Cal Kestis showcasing his newfound Jedi skills. While there are some familiar features, there’s also a range of new mechanics, skills, and more to explore in this highly anticipated follow-up. One notable addition is the expanded set of lightsaber stances, allowing you to shape Cal’s fighting style. Whether you prefer swift strikes with lower defense, a more defensive approach, or a balanced approach, there are five stances to choose from that cater to your preferences.

Changing Stances

You can equip two stances simultaneously and switch between them seamlessly during combat. However, you can only change stances at a meditation point, so make sure to plan ahead before venturing into dangerous areas. To assist you in making the right choice, here are all the stances in Jedi Survivor and a breakdown of their mechanics.

Single Blade Stance

Jedi Cal Kestis
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This stance is available from the start of the game. Wielding a single lightsaber is a classic Jedi loadout, making the Single Blade stance the most straightforward option in Jedi Survivor. It strikes a balance between offense and defense, though not excelling greatly in either. It offers a well-rounded selection of skills, allowing for fast attacks and a clear combat flow. If you aim to be nimble while dealing solid damage, this is the stance for you.

Single Blade Skills:

  • Lunging Strike – A thrust attack with extended reach.
  • Improved Footwork – Enhances the reach of Lunging Strike.
  • Twofold Reflection – Deflect two blaster projectiles consecutively.
  • Cyclone Slash – An overhead swing with high damage.
  • Charged Throw – A charged lightsaber throw that deals more damage and passes through targets.
  • Dash Strike – An attack that dashes towards enemies beyond normal reach.
  • Aerial Dash Strike – Enables Dash Strike while airborne.
  • Aerial Assault – A downward attack from above the target.
  • Aerial Ace – Augments Aerial Assault with increased damage and the ability to stagger enemies.
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Double-Bladed Stance

Double-bladed lightsaber stance
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This stance is also available from the beginning of the game. If you’ve ever dreamt of being like Darth Maul, the Double-Bladed stance will capture your imagination. Designed for area of effect (AOE) attacks, it allows you to swiftly dispatch groups of smaller enemies. However, be cautious as the longer attack animations leave you vulnerable to counterattacks. This stance requires careful planning and isn’t as ideal for one-on-one encounters due to its slower speed.

Double-Bladed Skills:

  • Gathering Tempest – A rapid flurry of attacks.
  • Vortex Dive – A diving attack that spins the lightsaber.
  • Double Orbit – Another lightsaber throw that rotates around you.
  • Endless Hurricane – An additional attack in the combo chain.
  • Repulsing Burst – A slamming attack that deals AOE damage.
  • Rising Storm – An attack that pulls enemies in and propels you into the air.
  • Multifold Reflections – Reflects blaster shots back at nearby enemies.
  • Controlled Throw – A controllable lightsaber throw.

Dual Wield Stance

Dual-wield lightsaber stance
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You unlock the Dual Wield stance early in the game during the showdown with the Ninth Sister on Coruscant. Dual-wielding is undeniably cool, and the Dual Wield stance in Jedi Survivor turns you into a lightning-fast whirlwind. However, it comes at the expense of some defensive capabilities. Your agility enables you to dodge incoming attacks more easily than other stances, but being hit inflicts greater damage and can lead to a quicker demise. Mastering this stance may require some extra practice, but the rewards are well worth it.

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Dual Wield Skills:

  • Backstep Slash – An attack followed by a backward leap for disengaging.
  • Uncoiled Strikes – A multi-hit attack chain.
  • Split Reflection – Splits incoming blaster bolts, hitting an additional target.
  • Focused Parry – A spinning attack triggered when parrying.
  • Precision Release – An extra attack that staggers nearby enemies when timing Focused Parry correctly.
  • Serpent’s Bite – A powerful overhead attack.
  • Twin Vipers – An upgraded lightsaber throw that launches both blades.
  • Dancing Blades – Enables both lightsabers to bounce between multiple targets.

Blaster Stance

This stance becomes available after Bode equips you with a blaster on Jedha upon completing the objectives there. While it’s not typical for Jedi to use blasters, unconventional times call for unconventional measures. The Blaster Stance provides an expanded array of ranged options, while still allowing you to excel in close-quarters combat. Interestingly, hitting enemies with your lightsaber replenishes your blaster ammo during battle. Though not the most powerful stance, its speed and range compensate for the moderate damage output.

Blaster Stance Skills:

  • Flying Lunge – A dashing attack that closes distances.
  • Blaster Cooldown – Melee attacks provide additional ammo.
  • Improved Clip – Increases the maximum blaster ammo capacity.
  • Energizing Flurry – A rapid attack combo that refills ammo when hitting enemies.
  • Efficient Heat Transfer – Reduces the time needed to charge the blaster.
  • Point Blank – Blasts enemies away when timed with their attacks.
  • Quick Draw – Targets multiple enemies simultaneously with the blaster.

Crossguard Stance

Crossguard lightsaber stance
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You unlock this stance on the Shattered Moon after defeating the boss there. If you admire Kylo Ren’s crossguard hilt, the Crossguard Stance is for you. This defensive-oriented stance balances slower attack animations with increased damage output. However, it has the shortest reach compared to other stances, requiring you to engage in close combat. The high risk comes with the potential for significant damage. Mastering the timing will allow you to dish out immense damage while protecting yourself effectively.

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Crossguard Stance Skills:

  • Rending Strike – A slow but powerful lightsaber attack.
  • Impact – An airborne attack that creates a shockwave.
  • Greater Impact – Increases the range of Impact’s shockwave.
  • Greater Cleaving Swing – Speeds up the focus attack charge.
  • Reaching Cleave – Enhances Cleaving Swing’s range.
  • Sundering Swipe – A wide lightsaber attack.
  • Charged Reflection – Parries bolts and returns a more powerful projectile.
  • Rolling Thunder – A lightsaber throw that strikes multiple foes in a line.

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