Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 1: Enhancing the Game in Over 1,000 Incredible Ways

The Journey Continues: Uncovering the True Ending of Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an expansive game that captivates players with its lengthy and immersive storyline. Despite its popularity, only a mere 0.4% of players have achieved the prestigious “Hero of the Forgotten Realms” accolade, awarded for completing the game, as reported by Steam. With countless hours of gameplay and no end in sight, the adventure can take unexpected turns, leading to unique and personal experiences for each player. In this article, we delve into Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, exploring an alternate ending that unveils the game’s exceptional versatility.

Note: Be warned, this article contains significant spoilers for Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

A Premature Ending Unveiled

As the climax of Act 2 unfolded, I inadvertently stumbled upon a premature ending that my party members were not too thrilled about. The consequences of this unforeseen conclusion were undoubtedly detrimental to the Forgotten Realms. However, this unexpected twist allowed me to appreciate the individuality and depth of every player’s journey through Baldur’s Gate 3 even more.

The Whisper of the Weave

Any avid player of Baldur’s Gate 3 will be familiar with Gale, the charismatic wizard who can be encountered early on in Act 1. During the initial stages of the game, I had to appease Gale’s insatiable curse by continuously providing him with magical artifacts, albeit with diminishing positive effects. Eventually, the truth behind his curse unraveled: Gale had betrayed the God Mystra, resulting in a vengeful curse cast upon him. In Act 2, Gale’s former mentor, Elminster, appears and assigns him a new task from Mystra herself – the destruction of the “Heart of the Absolute” using the devastating Netherese Orb Blast, with the potential to annihilate everything in its wake.

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Temptation and Opportunity

Throughout Act 2, the option to use the destructive power of the Netherese Orb Blast tantalizingly presented itself in various menus. While attempting to deploy it prematurely typically resulted in a defeat message, an actual opportunity to utilize it and end the game emerged during Act 2’s climax. The majority of this section revolves around finding a way to defeat Ketheric Thorm, an antagonist in Baldur’s Gate 3 voiced by the talented J.K. Simmons. After confronting him atop Moonrise Towers with the assistance of Nightsong, whom I had previously liberated, Ketheric retreated to an enormous Illithid Colony beneath the Towers. Determined to confront him, my party descended into the depths and inadvertently discovered Ketheric alongside two other villains: Lord Enver Gortash and Orin the Red. Together, they activated the Elder Brain, revealed to be the very “Heart of the Absolute” that Gale was tasked to destroy. Gale sought my permission to sacrifice himself and obliterate everything. The first option was to deny his request, which seemed logical considering there was still a significant portion of the adventure left to explore. However, observing all the major threats gathered in one room and recognizing the game’s tremendous impact on my life, I chose to embrace the unknown. Resolutely, I uttered the words, “One last gust of Weave. One last gale to end them all.” In an explosive burst, Gale sacrificed himself, successfully eliminating Ketheric, Orin, Gortash, and the Elder Brain. This courageous act earned me the Hero of the Forgotten Realms achievement, an accomplishment that punctuated the conclusion of Baldur’s Gate 3. Although the post-explosion dialogue painted a grim future for the Forgotten Realms, it also hinted at the tadpoles, freed from the Absolute’s control, eventually transforming into a horde of illithids that would descend upon the Sword Coast, subjecting all who were not immune to their control.

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Imperfection Enhanced

Undoubtedly, this ending is not ideal for Baldur’s Gate 3; it is, in fact, a rather devastating outcome. Nevertheless, it exemplifies one of the game’s greatest strengths – the plethora of choices available to players. Baldur’s Gate 3 not only offers freedom in completing predefined objectives; it grants players the power to circumvent them entirely. Some of my most exhilarating moments in Baldur’s Gate 3 were finding clever ways to sidestep major boss battles and crucial plot points. For instance, rather than taking sides in the attack on the Druid and Refugee camp, I opted to destroy the bridge Minthara relied upon for escape in the Goblin camp. This allowed me to eliminate her without engaging in a conversation and subsequently dispatched Dror Ragzlin by shoving him off a ledge.

In conclusion, Baldur’s Gate 3’s Patch 1 brings with it over 1,000 improvements, enhancing the game in countless ways. Act 2 alone presents players with unexpected twists and a vast array of choices that shape their paths through the Forgotten Realms. With each decision, the adventure becomes more personal and engaging. Immerse yourself in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 and witness the power of choice every step of the way.

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