Beginner’s Guide to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Before embarking on your epic journey through the galaxy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, there are certain things you should know. This game takes inspiration from other successful titles, blending their best concepts with the beloved Star Wars universe. To help you navigate this immersive experience, we’ve compiled a list of essential tips and tricks to maximize your gameplay and ensure your success in rebuilding the Jedi Order.

Make the Most of Meditation Areas

In Fallen Order, meditation points serve as checkpoints, much like bonfires in Dark Souls. Taking a moment to rest and meditate at these areas will not only save your progress but also provide an opportunity to spend skill points in the skill tree and replenish your health and equipment. However, be cautious when choosing to rest, as it will revive all defeated enemies in the vicinity. Consider whether it’s worth it based on your current needs and the challenges that lie ahead.

Similar to the Souls games, you can meditate to replenish your healing items and then strategically dodge past enemies to quickly reach your destination. But we recommend mastering combat and unlocking all desired skills before attempting this approach. Defeating enemies grants valuable experience points (XP) that can be used to unlock more skills. In some instances, intentionally resetting enemies multiple times can be beneficial for grinding XP. Adapt your strategy to manipulate enemy spawns to your advantage.

Master the Art of Blocking and Parrying

As much as we all love wielding a lightsaber and going on the offensive, effectively blocking and parrying attacks is crucial for survival, especially against higher-level adversaries. While an aggressive approach may work against low-level opponents, learning to parry and block at the right moments is essential when facing formidable melee enemies like Sith. Deflecting long-range shots with your lightsaber can save your life, dealing significant damage to your assailants.

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To parry successfully, wait for the enemy to strike and press the block button at the peak of their attack. Timing varies for each enemy, so practice and experimentation are key. Properly executed parries will lower your opponent’s guard, leaving them vulnerable to counterattacks. Keep an eye on your block meter, located above your health, as continuous blocking depletes it. However, parrying does not drain your block meter, providing an additional incentive to master this technique.

It’s important to note that certain attacks cannot be blocked. When an enemy turns red, be prepared for an unblockable attack, which requires swift dodging to evade. After executing an unblockable move, enemies are momentarily vulnerable, presenting an opportunity for a counterattack.

Utilize Your Holomap

Your trusty companion, BD-1 Droid, is more than just an adorable sidekick. With the ability to project a holographic map, he becomes a valuable tool during your journey. The holomap records your travels, marking passageways and shortcuts as you explore the world of Fallen Order. Be sure to consult it frequently, as newly acquired powers may unlock previously inaccessible areas. Exploring these hidden paths often yields cosmetic items such as player skins, BD skins, and lightsaber parts.

Although the map might initially seem daunting, you’ll become more familiar with it over time. Watch out for unexplored areas and carefully examine available passages. The map’s legend provides information about each marker. Remember, some locations can only be reached after obtaining specific abilities.

Harness the Power of Your Skills

Leveling up in Fallen Order unlocks a wide range of essential skills. To be successful in combat, it’s crucial to utilize all your available abilities. Adapt your approach by combining Force powers and physical moves, creating a formidable arsenal of attacks. For instance, restraining an enemy with the Force while launching devastating strikes at another can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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Certain alien enemies rely on fast charges to deal damage. Instead of merely dodging away, use the Force to slow them down, granting you an opportunity to mount a swift counteroffensive. It’s worth reading through the skill descriptions to prioritize unlocking abilities that complement your preferred playstyle. We recommend investing in health and Force meter upgrades early on.

Scan Everything for Knowledge and Experience

During your exploration of ancient Jedi temples and alien landscapes, keep an eye out for prompts to scan various items. By scanning anomalies such as fauna and rock formations, you will acquire valuable data. This information can aid in defeating new enemies and uncovering hidden memories that awaken dormant powers within Cal. Scanning also rewards you with experience points (XP), oftentimes more than defeating enemies. Accumulating XP is crucial for unlocking later skills, some of which require multiple points. Take the time to interact with objects and scan your surroundings to avoid backtracking later. You can revisit the collected information in the codex, which contains intriguing lore about the game world.

Strategic Enemy Engagement: Isolate and Conquer

While low-level enemies may not pose a significant threat individually, getting swarmed by multiple adversaries can quickly lead to defeat. Rushing into combat without sufficient planning can be fatal. Take a moment to assess the area and identify priority targets that need to be eliminated first.

We recommend targeting troopers armed with blasters or rocket launchers before dealing with baton-wielding troopers. Deflecting blaster shots is an effective way to take them down. Additionally, using your Force powers to slow down ranged troopers while closing the distance can give you the upper hand. It’s crucial to remember that blocking a rocket with your lightsaber, as you would with blaster bolts, is not advisable!

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Customize Your Lightsaber

One of the most exciting features in Jedi: Fallen Order is the ability to customize your lightsaber. Visit the workbench at the back of your ship to personalize the appearance of your weapon. Adjust the finish, replace certain parts for upgrades, and even change the color of your lightsaber or apply unique crystals. These seemingly minor adjustments to your character’s appearance have a lasting impact on Cal’s progress throughout the game. Embrace the intriguing and strategic nature of these customization options.

Look for Red Objects During Climbing Sequences

Influenced by games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted, Fallen Order features immersive platforming segments where your surroundings change and collapse before your eyes. Red surfaces play a crucial role in these sequences. They indicate safe and stable areas that provide secure footing as you climb or jump. Unlike the Tomb Raider series, which uses the color yellow for this purpose, Fallen Order employs red surfaces to guide you through these treacherous environments. Keep your wits about you, as the maglev train won’t wait for you to catch up. Time is of the essence, and your survival depends on swift and decisive action.

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Remember these tips and tricks as you embark on your adventure in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. May the Force be with you!

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