Best Builds for the Diablo 4 Rogue: Skills, Passives, and Gear

Rogues have always been an appealing class in RPGs like Diablo 4. These characters offer a wide range of tricks and options, making them versatile and deadly, regardless of the World Tier you’re on. With various choices like melee or ranged attacks, different trap types, and unique status effects, it can seem overwhelming to determine which skills and gear are worth investing in. Rather than endlessly tinkering with countless combinations, we’ve got you covered with two powerful Rogue builds that will make you a force to be reckoned with in Diablo 4.

Rogue Overview

Rogues are designed to be swift and lethal. They possess immense damage-per-second (DPS) potential to compensate for their reduced defense and HP. With access to bombs, traps, and other tricks, Rogues are one of the most active classes in Diablo 4. You’ll need to manage cooldowns and actively engage in fights, unlike tankier classes. Playing as a Rogue requires precision since many of their skills require targeted attacks. However, mastering the Rogue class can elevate you to become one of the most powerful members of your team.

Ranged Build

A rogue shooting a flurry of arrows.
Image credit: Activision Blizzard

Unless you’re confident in your ability to eliminate enemies before they can land significant blows, a ranged Rogue build is the safest option. However, don’t be discouraged, as Rogues can be even deadlier from a distance. Here’s a potent ranged build that allows you to obliterate enemies before they even have a chance to retaliate. Whether you prefer a bow or crossbow, this build will serve you well.

Must-Have Skills

  • Penetrating Shot: Your primary attack, Penetrating Shot, unleashes an arrow that pierces through multiple enemies. The damage per shot may be slightly reduced, but the potential for lucky hits is worth it. Enhance this skill with Enhanced Penetrating Shot to increase its damage percentage for each enemy it strikes.

  • Forceful Arrow: While not primarily used for DPS, Forceful Arrow offers utility. It deals a small percentage of your damage but provides two significant benefits. First, it knocks back enemies that get too close, creating distance between you and danger. Second, every third cast inflicts Vulnerable on the target for 2 seconds, making them susceptible to 20% more damage.

  • Caltrops: As the only trap-type skill in this build, Caltrops are essential. Deploy them at the start of encounters with mobs or when you feel overwhelmed. Caltrops not only deal decent damage, but they also slow down enemies, allowing you to create space for yourself.

  • Dark Shroud: No matter how agile and cautious you are, inevitably, something will catch up to you. Dark Shroud comes to the rescue by summoning up to five shadows that reduce incoming damage with each hit you take. Upgrade to Subverting Dark Shroud for bonus movement speed for each shadow in play.

  • Shadow Imbuement: Among all the imbuements available, Shadow Imbuement is the recommended choice. This skill imbues your next attack with Shadow damage, causing infected enemies to explode upon death and damage nearby foes. Considering the Rogue’s limited crowd control options, Shadow Imbuement provides essential utility against larger groups.

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Must-Have Passives

  • Sturdy: It may not sound glamorous, but reducing damage taken from close-range encounters is crucial for survival.

  • Agile: Each time you use a cooldown, your dodge chance increases for a few seconds. This unexpected dodge bonus can be a lifesaver in tight situations.

  • Adrenaline Rush: Keep your Energy up by simply staying in motion. Since you should be constantly moving as a Rogue, this passive ensures your skills are always ready when you need them.

Gear Suggestions

  • Weapon: Opt for either a bow or crossbow, with a slight preference for the bow due to its faster attack speed. Look for weapons that offer significant Core Skill and Vulnerable damage buffs.

  • Helmet: Cooldown reduction and Skill Rank bonuses are ideal for helmets.

  • Armor: Prioritize armor that enhances ranged damage and provides life increases.

  • Gloves: Seek gloves that offer faster attack speed and increased Critical Strike chances as a bonus.

  • Pants: Aim for pants that have Skill Ranks for Dark Shroud.

  • Boots: Focus on movement speed and dodge chance for boots.

Trap Build

A rogue slashing two skeletons.
Image credit: Activision Blizzard

While it may not be immediately apparent, Rogues can excel in crowd control with the right approach. This build combines dual-knives-style gameplay with an arsenal of traps, resulting in a complex yet satisfying and formidable build.

Must-Have Skills

  • Twisting Blades: Leveraging your knives, Twisting Blades strikes an enemy, leaving a blade impaled in them for a few seconds. While impaled, the enemy takes increased damage before the blade automatically returns to you, hitting enemies in its path. Upgrade to Advanced Twisting Blades to reduce all your Cooldowns slightly whenever an enemy is hit during the blade’s return journey.

  • Poison Trap: This build includes a potent Poison Trap. The primary purpose of this trap is not its initial damage, but rather the additional effects it inflicts. Poison is an obvious effect, but you can enhance it further with the Knockdown effect from Enhanced Poison Trap. Stack Subverting Poison Trap to increase the poison damage dealt to enemies caught in your trap.

  • Shadow Step: To maintain mobility and minimize danger, Shadow Step grants you unstoppable dash capabilities, allowing you to swiftly move across the screen and backstab target enemies.

  • Dash: Having two escape options when one is on cooldown may seem excessive, but you’ll be grateful for the backup plan. Dash not only propels you with lightning speed but also attacks enemies in your path.

  • Death Trap: As the ultimate ability, Death Trap lives up to its name. When deployed, it deals massive damage. However, it becomes even deadlier with the addition of Prime Death Trap, which pulls enemies toward it upon activation. Upgrade to Supreme Death Trap to reduce its cooldown for each enemy it eliminates.

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Must-Have Passives

  • Deadly Venom: This passive specifically buffs your poison damage and can be further improved with Debilitating Toxins, which makes poisoned enemies deal less damage.

Gear Suggestions

The gear for this build is simple and similar to the ranged build. However, prioritize poison damage buffs and melee damage in your gear selection.


With these two powerful builds at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate Diablo 4 as a Rogue. Whether you prefer a ranged approach or a trap-focused playstyle, these recommended skills, passives, and gear choices will enhance your effectiveness in the game. Embrace your agility and ingenuity, and become a formidable member of your team as a Rogue in Diablo 4.

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