Best Diablo 4 Necromancer Builds: Recommended Skills, Passives, and Gear

Are you tired of wasting all those corpses you create in Diablo 4? Well, fear not! The Necromancer class is here to turn those former foes into brand-new friends. Although Necromancers have been traditionally viewed as villains, you have the power to show the world that they can be heroes too. Mastering the art of the dead is no easy task, so we’ve compiled two of the most impressive Necromancer builds for you to try out.

Necromancer Overview

The Necromancer is an intriguing class in Diablo 4. Not only does it excel in dealing high single-target damage, but it also offers powerful area of effect options. However, what truly sets this class apart is its ability to summon minions to fight on your behalf, preventing you from being overwhelmed by enemies. The diversity lies in how and why you summon these minions. Let’s take a closer look at some build options.

Bone Spirit Build

A necromancer summoning a big demonic seal.
Image courtesy of OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

If you’re aiming to hit as hard as possible, the Bone Spirit build is perfect for you. By focusing on maximizing critical hit chances, you’ll be able to crush even the toughest enemies in just a few hits. It does require some mechanical skill, but once you have mastered it, you’ll become virtually unstoppable.

Must-Have Skills

  • Reap: Although basic, this skill provides you with a scythe swipe that serves as a fallback option. Mainly, you’ll use it to create corpses for other skills.
  • Bone Spirit: This skill serves as the foundation of your build. It consumes all your Essence to summon a spirit bone that homes in on enemies. Upon impact, it explodes, dealing a significant percentage of its damage to nearby enemies. The damage is further amplified for each point of Essence used, so unleashing it with a full bar results in the best outcome. Aim to acquire the Dreadful Bone Spirit, as it will jumpstart your Essence regeneration after impact.
  • Corpse Explosion: This skill allows you to turn any corpse into a powerful tool. When used, corpses in the area will erupt, causing area of effect damage. Upgrade it to the Blighted Corpse Explosion to inflict even more Shadow damage over time.
  • Blood Mist: Consider this skill as your get-out-of-jail-free card. Upon activation, you transform into a red mist, rendering yourself immune to damage. However, your movement speed will be reduced, and you’ll also deal a small amount of damage while regenerating health.
  • Bone Storm: As the ultimate skill, Bone Storm is a must-have, if only for the name. When activated, it creates a tornado of bones around you that deals high damage to enemies in close proximity over time. Enhance it with Supreme Bone Storm to increase your critical hit chance by an impressive 20%, making your next Bone Spirit strike truly devastating.
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Must-Have Passives

  • Serration: To align with the critical hit focus, this passive skill boosts your critical hit chance for each Essence point you spend on casting a skill.
  • Death’s Embrace: Enemies bold enough to approach you will not only suffer more damage but also deal less damage themselves, thanks to this passive skill.
  • Spiked Armor: This passive skill adds Thorns damage, providing a straightforward yet useful boost.

Gear Suggestions

For this build, equip a two-handed sword and prioritize increasing your critical strike damage with Bone skills and Intelligence stats.

  • Helm: Opt for elemental resistance and additional Intelligence.
  • Armor: Increase your minions’ maximum HP for the best overall buff.
  • Gloves: Take advantage of this slot to further enhance crit chance and damage.
  • Pants: Consider adding Blood Mist Skill Ranks and extra minion HP here.
  • Boots: Focus on movement speed in this slot.

Bone Spear Build

A necromancer and an army of the dead fighting on a beach.
Image courtesy of OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

The Bone Spear build is slightly more focused on single-target damage, with a few area of effect options. However, it places greater emphasis on inflicting Vulnerable instead of critical hits.

Must-Have Skills

  • Bone Splinters: This skill serves as an excellent base skill for quickly eliminating trash mobs and building up your Essence as needed. It fires three bones that, individually, may seem weak. However, hitting an enemy multiple times allows you to regain Essence. Upgrade it to Initiate’s Bone Splinters to give each shot a 20% chance of inflicting Vulnerable.
  • Bone Spear: Once again, the namesake skill takes center stage. At its core, it’s a simple attack that shoots a piercing bone spear. The first upgrade, Enhanced Bone Spear, causes it to break into three spears, increasing its damage. Supernatural Bone Spear ensures that the first enemy hit becomes Vulnerable.
  • Corpse Explosion: This skill is too good to be left out of any Necromancer build.
  • Blood Mist: As mentioned earlier, complete invincibility is a valuable asset.
  • Corpse Tendrils: To fulfill your area of effect needs, Corpse Tendrils steps in. This skill causes veins to burst from a corpse, pulling in enemies, stunning them, and inflicting damage. Upgrade it to Plagued Corpse Tendrils to add even more Vulnerable to the mix.
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Must-Have Passives

Unfortunately, there are no passives specifically tailored to enhancing Vulnerable damage. Therefore, the same passives as the Bone Spirit build remain the most effective choices.

Gear Suggestions

When it comes to gear, prioritize similar stats and buffs as with the Bone Spirit build. However, whenever possible, replace critical hit bonuses with those that amplify Vulnerable.

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