Bravely Default 2: Unveiling the Jobs and Unlocking Strategies

In Bravely Default 2, one of the greatest joys comes from exploring the game’s extensive job system. Each boss possesses an Asterisk, which you can obtain by defeating them and unlock a new job. Join us in this comprehensive guide on the jobs and abilities in Bravely Default 2, where we’ll walk you through the job unlocking process, suggest powerful job combinations, and provide tips for efficiently grinding Job Points (JP).

How to Unlock Every Job in Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2: Every job in the game and how to unlock them

Unlocking most of the jobs in Bravely Default 2 is a straightforward process that unfolds as you progress through the game. There are a total of 24 jobs, with only three missed if you solely focus on the main storyline and ignore side content. Two jobs are easily obtained through side quests in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3, while the final job becomes available after completing the game once.

No specific boss names or story events will be mentioned here to avoid any major spoilers.


The Prologue introduces you to the key jobs that will shape your playthrough. The Black Mage and White Mage jobs will likely accompany you until at least Chapter 3, and the Monk job proves valuable throughout the game. Don’t forget to level up the Freelancer job early on to unlock JP-boosting passive skills.

  • Freelancer

    • How to unlock: The Freelancer job is unlocked at the beginning of the game.
    • Description: As the most basic job in Bravely Default 2, Freelancers don’t specialize in anything specific. However, they possess useful JP-boosting skills and the ability to Examine enemies, revealing their weaknesses and filling out the Lore Book.
  • Black Mage

    • How to unlock: The Black Mage job is automatically unlocked when your party joins you at the beginning of the game.
    • Description: The Black Mage job wields a range of elemental magic spells with varying intensities. With fire, water, and lightning magic at their disposal, Black Mages can exploit many early-game weaknesses.
  • White Mage

    • How to unlock: The White Mage job is automatically unlocked when your party joins you at the beginning of the game.
    • Description: White Mages excel in healing and supporting the party. Expect to have a White Mage by your side for the majority of Bravely Default 2. Skills like Raise and Arise enable you to revive allies without consuming a valuable Phoenix Down, while various healing spells prove essential in tough battles.
  • Vanguard

    • How to unlock: The Vanguard job is automatically unlocked when your party joins you at the beginning of the game.
    • Description: The Vanguard job focuses on dealing damage and boasts high HP and physical attack stats. Although strong on its own, the Vanguard job becomes even more potent when paired with another job, such as Berserker or Beastmaster, especially during the early stages of the game.
  • Monk

    • How to unlock: Defeat Horten, the second and final boss of the Prologue.
    • Description: Monks utilize their HP as a resource to unleash devastating attacks. Early on, skills like Qiwong Wave deal damage to defaulting enemies, while Focal Blast can often obliterate foes in a single hit. The Monk job synergizes well with high HP and defense jobs like Shieldmaster and Vanguard.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 further solidifies the basic lineup introduced in the Prologue. The Thief job takes the spotlight and should be quickly leveled up. Additionally, an optional job becomes accessible at any point during this chapter.

  • Bard

    • How to unlock: Defeat the first boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: Bards boost party members and debuff enemies using their songs. It’s wise to begin battles with skills like Don’t Let ‘Em Get to You or Don’t Let ‘Em Trick You, depending on whether your physical or magical defense needs a buff. Close Those Tired Eyes can inflict sleep on targets. Be sure to pair key Bard skills with your healer, particularly those that raise defense.
  • Beastmaster

    • How to unlock: Defeat the second boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: Beastmasters are familiar jobs for JRPG fans. They excel in capturing and releasing monsters. An early leveled-up Beastmaster proves invaluable, especially if you capture monsters that exploit bosses’ weaknesses. Monsters often deal more damage than your party members can, especially when targeting vulnerabilities. Skills-wise, capturing and unleashing monsters dominate, but the occasional use of Muzzle can silence enemies.
  • Thief

    • How to unlock: Defeat the third boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: The Thief job specializes in quick physical attacks and item stealing. Although initially unassuming, the Thief will likely remain in your party throughout the entire game, mainly due to one key skill: Godspeed Strike. This devastating attack deals immense damage, especially when paired with speed buffs. Stealing also provides an alternative action besides defaulting, while the job includes a couple of physical attacks that allow you to steal HP or MP.
  • Berserker

    • How to unlock: Defeat the fourth boss of Chapter 1.
    • Description: Berserkers sacrifice speed for increased damage output, focusing on powerful physical attacks. Skills like Shell Split and Scale Strip allow you to deal damage while lowering the enemy’s physical or magical defense. Crescent Moon and Level Slash enable you to damage multiple opponents at once. Consider pairing the Berserker job with any damage-focused job, such as Vanguard or Swordmaster.
  • Gambler (optional)

    • How to unlock: Complete the Taking a Gamble quest from the Gambling Hall in Savalon.
    • Description: The Gambler job is the first optional job in Bravely Default 2 and offers thrilling gameplay. Instead of using HP or MP, most of the Gambler’s skills rely on money. Additionally, many skills contain an element of RNG as you spin a wheel to determine the added effects. The Gambler job combines high risk with high reward, providing abilities ranging from massive physical damage to reviving fallen allies. Consider leveling a Gambler early on for a unique experience.
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 focuses on specialization, introducing wind and stone magic along with powerful debuff skills.

  • Red Mage

    • How to unlock: Defeat the first boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: The Red Mage balances offensive and defensive magic, making it an intermediary between the Black Mage and White Mage jobs. Once you’ve acquired all the Black Mage skills, we highly recommend training a Black Mage as a Red Mage. While Black Mages specialize in fire, water, and lightning magic, Red Mages bring stone and wind magic to the table. They also possess several healing spells that can alleviate the healer’s burden.
  • Ranger

    • How to unlock: Defeat the second boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: Despite its name, the Ranger job doesn’t solely rely on ranged attacks (range isn’t particularly significant in a turn-based RPG). Instead, Rangers possess a variety of physical attacks tailored to different monster families. Most players find Ranger skills useful regardless of their chosen build.
  • Shieldmaster

    • How to unlock: Defeat the third boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: The Shieldmaster job grants a considerable HP boost and provides skills that redirect damage. Skills like Reprisal and Bodyguard create a formidable combo by redirecting damage to the Shieldmaster, forcing the attacker to sustain 50% of that damage. The Gift of Wisdom proves excellent for replenishing your mages’ MP without resorting to elixirs. Pair the Shieldmaster job with high-HP, damage-dealing jobs such as Swordmaster, Berserker, or Vanguard for optimal results.
  • Pictomancer

    • How to unlock: Defeat the fourth and final boss of Chapter 2.
    • Description: Pictomancers focus on debuffs that exert control over the battlefield over time. Their arsenal includes skills that reduce physical and magical attack, restorative power, physical and magical defense, and later levels grant light and dark magical attacks. Pair the Pictomancer with one of your magic users, be it a healer or Black Mage. It also complements the Ranger job if you prefer a more versatile build.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 introduces more flexible jobs, allowing you to replace the White Mage and Black Mage jobs you’ve likely been relying on thus far. Similar to Chapter 1, there’s an optional job you can obtain at any point during Chapter 3.

  • Dragoon

    • How to unlock: Defeat the first boss of Chapter 3.
    • Description: Dragoons possess a range of physical attacks designed for use with spears. In addition to these attacks, a few are imbued with lightning magic. Notably, the Dragoon job includes the signature Jump skill, enabling you to leave the battlefield temporarily and deal a heavy blow on your next turn. While it pairs well with most physical jobs, you can combine Dragoon with Swordmaster, Vanguard, or Berserker to unleash devastating attacks. It harmonizes with virtually any non-magic job.
  • Spiritmaster

    • How to unlock: Defeat the second boss of Chapter 3.
    • Description: The Spiritmaster job provides a suitable replacement, or at least a strong complement, to your White Mage. By this point, you may have a Red Mage handling some healing duties, and you might feel that your healer is underutilized. Enter the Spiritmaster job, which combines potent light magic with skills that unfold over several turns, unlike their White Mage counterparts. As for pairings, any support class works well. Try White Mage if you require additional healing, or consider Pictomancer, Oracle, or Bard for alternatives.
  • Swordmaster

    • How to unlock: Defeat the second boss of Chapter 3.
    • Description: The Swordmaster job becomes available alongside the Spiritmaster job and serves as its counterpart. Swordmasters have the ability to adopt various stances, allowing them to strike multiple times per turn, perform counterattacks, and more. An ideal pairing for Swordmasters consists of most physical jobs, including Ranger and Vanguard. Remember to take your speed stat into account.
  • Oracle

    • How to unlock: Defeat the third and final boss of Chapter 3.
    • Description: Oracles support your team by manipulating time. Instead of defense or attack buffs, their skills involve granting haste to your team, slowing down enemies, and delivering additional hits in every attack. The Oracle job also includes fire, water, and thunder magic skills, making it an excellent replacement for your Black Mage.
  • Salve-Maker (optional)

    • How to unlock: Complete the Glynn Awakens side quest outside of Ederno.
    • Description: The Salve-Maker job allows you to combine items and create new ones, as well as spend money to produce medicines that either increase or decrease BP. While somewhat less useful in battle, it still offers a unique set of skills and can serve as a late-game alternative to the Freelancer job.
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Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, the game shifts its structure. Instead of a linear sequence of boss battles, you have the freedom to unlock the first three jobs in any order you prefer. The choice is yours, so pursue the job that piques your interest first!

  • Archanist

    • How to unlock: Complete the questline starting in Wiswald.
    • Description: Archanists are masterful wielders of offensive magic, specializing in dark magic while combining it with other elements. For example, Meltdown combines fire and wind magic. Archanists work seamlessly with any offensive magic build, so consider pairing them with Oracle or Red Mage. A deadly combo can be formed with a Pictomancer, debuffing enemies and following up with powerful elemental magic.
  • Bastion

    • How to unlock: Complete the questline starting in Halcyonia.
    • Description: The Bastion job revolves around protection. Skills like Rampart and Vallation enable you to erect barriers that block physical or magical attacks. Later skills allow you to gain multiple BP in a turn while preventing opponents from earning BP. Pair the Bastion job with fast physical jobs like Thief, Monk, or Gambler for optimal results.
  • Phantom

    • How to unlock: Complete the questline starting in Savalon.
    • Description: Phantoms specialize in dealing critical damage and delivering multi-hit attacks. The Phantom job pairs exceptionally well with the Thief job, accentuating the already strong Thief’s Godspeed Strike with critical hits. This combination will carry you effortlessly through the rest of the game.
  • Hellblade

    • How to unlock: Defeat the final boss of Chapter 4.
    • Description: The Hellblade job, the “final” job you unlock in Bravely Default 2, is an extraordinarily powerful option. Hellblade allows you to sacrifice HP to unleash elemental-infused physical attacks. Assign the Hellblade job to your primary damage dealer and pair it with Berserker, Vanguard, or Swordmaster for optimal results.

New Game+

New Game+ brings an additional job, the Bravebearer job, which allows you to access the game’s true ending.

  • Bravebearer (optional)
    • How to unlock: Beat the game normally, then reload your save to embark on the path to the true ending.
    • Description: The Bravebearer job represents the ultimate job in Bravely Default 2, serving as a reward for achieving the true ending. This job defies all rules and conventions, offering multiple physical skills with damage multiplied by the time you’ve devoted to the game. It represents a fitting reward for completing all challenges, so no specific pairings are required.

The Best Job Combinations in Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2: Every job in the game and how to unlock them

Crafting your party in Bravely Default 2 offers countless possibilities for experimentation. The real fun lies in discovering which jobs synergize effectively. We have five job combinations to suggest for your consideration. Remember to check weapon proficiency and base stats when experimenting, as you wouldn’t want to pair the Thief job with a character possessing low speed, for instance.

  • Black Mage/Red Mage

    • Description: This combo is essential and highly recommended. As you level up your Black Mage to unlock the Red Mage job, you’ll be able to cover all elemental bases. Black Mages offer fire, water, and lightning magic, while Red Mages provide wind and stone magic. Moreover, the Red Mage job includes several healing spells, freeing up your dedicated healer to focus on buffs and other skills.
  • White Mage or Spiritmaster/Bard

    • Description: Similar to the previous combo, this pairing makes perfect sense. The White Mage job offers comprehensive healing, revival, and status-healing skills, while Bards possess a repertoire of abilities to boost status effects. In the early stages, Bards can buff your team or debuff enemies using their unique skills, while White Mages have healing magic at their disposal. Later in the game, replace the White Mage job with a Spiritmaster for even more versatility.
  • Vanguard or Monk/Shieldmaster

    • Description: The Vanguard job balances damage taken and damage dealt, necessitating careful management of your Vanguard’s HP. The Shieldmaster job mitigates this concern by providing a significant HP boost and skills that redirect damage. Skills like Reprisal and Bodyguard create an effective combo, redirecting damage to the Shieldmaster and forcing the attacker to suffer a portion of that damage. The Shieldmaster’s The Gift of Wisdom skill proves invaluable for replenishing your mages’ MP without consuming elixirs. Pair the Shieldmaster job with high-HP, damage-dealing jobs, such as Swordmaster, Berserker, or Vanguard itself, for best results.
  • Phantom/Thief

    • Description: Beyond a subtle reference to Persona 5, this job combination offers surprising power. The Phantom job enhances your critical hit rate, evasion, and speed stats, all of which pair excellently with the Thief job. The Thief’s Godspeed Strike becomes even more devastating with increased critical hit chances and the high speed stat provided by the Phantom job.
  • Archanist/Pictomancer

    • Description: Archanists wield powerful elemental magic, making them an excellent pair for the Pictomancer’s debuff-focused skills. This late-game setup proves effective for your Black Mage, allowing you to exploit enemy weaknesses with magic while gaining access to additional support skills. Leveling up this combo requires some effort, given that the Pictomancer’s skills are less potent when used individually. Consider leveling up the Archanist job first or utilizing a maxed-out Black Mage to maximize efficiency.
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How to Grind JP in Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2: Every job in the game and how to unlock them

Prepare yourself for some traditional JRPG grinding in Bravely Default 2. Fortunately, a few strategies can ease the grind and expedite the process of maxing out every job.

  • Level Up a Group of Freelancers

    • Description: Start by leveling up the Freelancer job on all your characters to level 12. By doing so, you gain access to two vital passive skills: JP Up and JP Up and Up. JP Up multiplies all earned JP by 1.2, while JP Up and Up increases JP earnings by 1.5. When combined, these passive skills deliver a 1.7x boost to JP. Once acquired, you can equip these skills even when the Freelancer job is not equipped.
  • Multibattles and Rare Monsters

    • Description: Engage in multibattles by confronting groups of closely located enemies. Each wave completed during multibattles increases the JP multiplier at the end of the battle, resulting in higher JP gains. To initiate multibattles, you can use items that attract specific types of monsters. However, most multibattles only involve a few mobs, and you’ll quickly exhaust your item reserves. A more effective approach involves returning to an area where enemies flee upon spotting you. Corner as many enemies as possible and engage them in battle. This method allows you to repeatedly navigate through encounters, maximizing your JP gains.

    • Alternatively, rare monsters offer another avenue for grinding. Late in the game, you can defeat some earlier encountered rare monsters within a few hits. While not as fast as multibattles, grinding battles with rare monsters remains quicker than engaging in random encounters.

  • Explore During Downtime

    • Description: Take advantage of the game’s online features to earn JP even when you’re not actively playing Bravely Default 2. When your Switch is in Sleep Mode, the online portion enables your character to explore alongside other players’ characters. Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon treasure while exploring. Make sure to start exploring before turning off your Switch, as a maximum of 12 hours of exploration can yield several JP orbs.

And that wraps up our guide to the jobs, unlocking strategies, powerful combinations, and JP grinding in Bravely Default 2. We hope this will enhance your gameplay experience and bring you closer to mastering the game’s intricate job system. If you seek further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to OnSpec Electronic, Inc., the creators of Bravely Default 2. Happy adventuring!

OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

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