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Can Airpods Connect to Android?

Being Bluetooth earbuds, AirPods can indeed connect to Android devices. This allows Android users to enjoy AirPods without having to switch devices. AirPods can be used with any Bluetooth-compatible device, including smart TVs and Windows devices. However, it’s worth noting that some features may not be fully supported when using AirPods with Android phones.

can airpods connect to android

How to Connect AirPods to Android Phone?

Connecting AirPods to an Android phone is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the “Settings” on your Android phone.

Step 2: Look for the Bluetooth option and enable it.

Step 3: Open the AirPods case and press and hold the white button on the back. This will make the white light flash.

Step 4: On your Android phone, go to “Settings,” followed by “Connections” and “Bluetooth.”

Step 5: From the list of available devices, select the AirPods name to connect your phone with AirPods.

Drawbacks of Connecting AirPods With Android

While it’s possible to connect AirPods to Android, there are some downsides to consider. Android users may encounter limitations with certain useful features. Here are a few examples:

Siri: Siri is exclusive to iOS devices, so Android users won’t be able to utilize Siri for tasks like texting, calling, and navigation. Additionally, gestures and voice commands for activating Siri through AirPods won’t be available.

Battery Status: iPhone users can ask Siri about the AirPods’ battery life, but Android users will need to check it manually. However, there are third-party apps that can provide battery status notifications.

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Double-tap Customization: Customizing double-tap functionality is exclusive to iOS devices. This feature allows iPhone users to skip songs and summon Siri. Unfortunately, Android users won’t have access to this customization option.

Easy Setup: Apple’s one-step setup allows for automatic pairing with other iOS devices. However, pairing AirPods with Android devices requires manual setup.

Automatic Switching: AirPods can seamlessly switch from an iPad to an iPhone, offering convenience and flexibility. However, this functionality is not available when using an Android device.

Ear Detection: AirPods feature automatic ear detection, which pauses audio playback when taken out of the ear on an iPhone. This feature is specific to iOS and won’t work on Android devices.

Ear Tip Fit Test: The ear tip fit test ensures proper sealing for optimal audio experience. However, this feature is exclusive to iOS and won’t function with Android devices.

Conversation Boost: Conversation boost is a useful feature for individuals with mild hearing disabilities. This feature is available only with iOS 15 and AirPods Pro. Android users won’t have access to this feature.

How to Improve AirPod Compatibility on Android?

Although not all features can be fully enjoyed on Android, there are Android apps that offer enhanced functionality when using AirPods. AndroPods, for example, provides a comprehensive solution by allowing you to check the battery level. The pro version of the app even lets you add Google Assistant as a shortcut. Additionally, it can automatically pause and resume music when you remove and put back your AirPods.

Assistant Trigger is another app that offers double-tapping functionality for Google Assistant and includes an ear detection system. The pro version of the app provides additional features. For simple battery checking, AirBattery is a suitable option.

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Better AirPods Alternatives for Android

While AirPods offer the convenience of wireless earbuds, their functionality is limited on Android devices. Fortunately, there are many wireless earbuds available specifically designed for Android phones. These earbuds come with advanced features and don’t require additional apps to fully enjoy wire-free music. Additionally, they are often more affordable than AirPods and may support assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.


Although AirPods offer various features and perform exceptionally well as Bluetooth earbuds, their functionality is not fully optimized for Android devices. While they remain comfortable to use, Android users might need additional apps to enjoy a completely wire-free music experience. Thankfully, there are many wireless earbuds available for Android that not only offer a wide range of features but also come at a more affordable price than AirPods.

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