Can You Connect the Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV?

The Nintendo Switch Lite, a sleek and portable version of the original console, is a popular choice for gamers. However, many people wonder if it can be connected to a TV for a bigger screen experience. Let’s dive into this question and find out if the Nintendo Switch Lite is TV-compatible.

The Limitations of the Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite’s design differs from the original model in several ways. One major difference is that it is not wide enough to fit into the traditional dock for TV connection. This means that if you want to play games on a TV with the Switch Lite, you will need to purchase a third-party dock. But before making any decisions, let’s explore further whether the Switch Lite can actually be played on a TV.

Understanding the USB-C Port

When you first examine the Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ll notice that it features a USB-C port, similar to the traditional Nintendo Switch. However, it’s important to understand that USB-C is not a guarantee for video output. While it supports USB 3.2 and power delivery, the ability to output video depends on the device manufacturer.

The Simple Answer: No Video Output

In the case of the Nintendo Switch Lite, it is not capable of outputting video to an external device. The USB-C port only supports USB 3.2 and power delivery. So, if you’re hoping to connect your Switch Lite to a TV for a larger display, unfortunately, it’s not possible.

The Hardware Difference

To dive a bit deeper into the technical aspect, the Nintendo Switch Lite lacks the necessary hardware for video output. The original Nintendo Switch utilizes Nvidia’s custom Tegra chip, which combines CPU and GPU cores and uses the DisplayPort protocol to deliver video to the integrated display. However, the Lite version does not have a bi-directional matrix switch, which is responsible for routing USB 3.2, DisplayPort, and audio output through the USB-C port. This missing component means that video output is not supported on the Switch Lite.

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Can the Switch Lite be Docked?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch Lite can be docked, but not with the dock supplied with the traditional Nintendo Switch. You will need to purchase third-party solutions specifically designed for the Switch Lite’s smaller frame. These docks will allow you to enjoy the many Nintendo Switch games that are more enjoyable when played on a larger screen.

Playing Games Across Switch Models

While you cannot play the Nintendo Switch Lite on a TV, you can still play your games on the Lite version and continue where you left off on the docked model. All you need is an internet connection and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This service allows you to freely switch between any model registered to your Nintendo Account.

To ensure a smooth transition between consoles, make sure you have automatic backups enabled on your primary console. This will sync your saved game data to the cloud. Some games may not be compatible with cloud saves, so it’s important to check Nintendo’s support page for the complete list of incompatible titles.


In summary, the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be connected directly to a TV for video output. It lacks the necessary hardware and relies on its handheld capabilities. However, with the right third-party docks and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can enjoy playing games on the Lite version and seamlessly switch to the larger docked model.

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