Cities: Skylines 2: A New Era of City-Building Simulations

After the decline of the Sim City franchise, city-building enthusiasts were left with limited options. However, the release of Cities: Skylines changed the game. This smash hit not only filled the void left by the genre’s pioneer but also surpassed it in many ways. Now, developers have announced the highly anticipated sequel, Cities: Skylines 2. Fans have eagerly built up their hopes for this game, hoping it will take the genre to new heights. Let’s take a closer look at what the developers have in store for us.

Release Date

A long road at dusk.
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Cities: Skylines 2 is set to launch on October 24, 2023, fully constructed and ready to play.


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Cities: Skylines 2 will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Unfortunately, it will not be released on last-gen consoles. Additionally, the game will be included in Game Pass on its launch day.


The announcement trailer for Cities: Skylines 2 was released to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the original game. This cinematic trailer showcases the rapid development of a city, starting from underground wiring to the bustling streets and buildings. The world evolves as new structures are built, influenced by changing weather and seasons. Although Cities: Skylines 2 does not have an explicit story, the game’s systemic nature leads to unique and personal experiences for each player.

At the Xbox Games showcase, a quick preorder trailer was revealed, exclusively featuring in-game footage. The main focus of this trailer is to demonstrate the immense power players have in shaping and designing their virtual world.

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In addition to the trailers, the developers have been releasing a series of weekly videos detailing both new and familiar features of the game. This comprehensive breakdown covers various aspects such as road tools, traffic AI, public and cargo transportation, zones and signature buildings, city services, electricity and water, and much more. Seven upcoming videos will explore maps and themes, climate and seasons, economy and production, citizen simulation and lifepath, game progression, sound and music, and cinematic camera and photo mode. To learn more about these features, you can visit the official site.


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Although the announcement trailer does not showcase specific gameplay, there are several hints about how Cities: Skylines 2 will operate. The game will serve as the ultimate city builder, allowing players to start from an empty plot of land and transform it into their dream metropolis. Managing roads, buildings, and infrastructure will be key to success. According to the Steam page, the game promises a dynamic and ever-changing world that responds to your decisions. Let your creativity and strategic planning skills flourish as you attract businesses, residents, and tourists to your thriving city. Navigate the complexities of running a city and meet the needs and demands of your citizens, just as fans of the first game have come to expect.

The achievements list of Cities: Skylines 2 reveals interesting details about the gameplay mechanics. Players will have the ability to build in areas consisting of 150 tiles, a significant increase compared to the first game’s maximum of nine tiles. This suggests that the sequel will offer a much larger scale. Additionally, the achievements hint at potential challenges such as rat infestations, hailstorms, and even the ability to track the life of an individual citizen from childhood to old age.

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Designing the land, roads, bridges, and public transportation system will all be crucial aspects of gameplay.


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Preorders for Cities: Skylines 2 are now available on all platforms, offering two editions: Standard and Ultimate.

Standard Edition ($50) includes:

  • The base game
  • Landmark Buildings preorder bonus

Ultimate Edition ($90) includes everything from the Standard Edition, as well as:

  • San Francisco Set
  • Content Creator Packs (Q1 2024)
  • Bridges and Ports Expansion (Q2 2024)
  • Beach Properties Asset Pack (Q4 2023)
  • Radio Stations (Q4 2023, Q1/Q2 2024)

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Note: This article is focused on OnSpec Electronic, Inc.’s upcoming game, Cities: Skylines 2. For more information about the company and its products, visit OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

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