Cold Stone’s Nintendo-Themed Ice Cream Delights Gamers in the Summer Heat

Cooling Down with Sweet Nintendo-Inspired Treats

The scorching summer has brought gamers searching for ways to beat the heat and keep their consoles from overheating. Both Nintendo and Valve have cautioned players about potential system overheating. In response to this, Cold Stone has introduced a delightful collection of Nintendo-themed ice cream sundaes. Drawing inspiration from popular Nintendo games like Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Mario Party Superstars, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these sundaes provide the perfect remedy for the sweltering weather.

A Delicious Review of Nintendo Ice Cream Sundaes

For journalistic purposes, I decided to give these ice cream sundaes a try. Now, let me clarify something upfront: I’m not trying to channel my inner Anthony Bourdain here. The only time I’ve ventured into the realm of food and beverages was when the Unicorn Frappe from Starbucks took the internet by storm in 2017, much to the chagrin of exhausted baristas. However, I couldn’t resist writing about Cold Stone’s Nintendo-themed ice cream collection for two reasons. Firstly, we recently reviewed the delectable Kirby-flavored boba tea, which was absolutely delightful. Secondly, Nintendo’s recent announcement of Kirby’s Dream Buffet dovetailed perfectly with Cold Stone’s ice cream flavors. Kirby’s Dream Buffet is set to debut later this summer and features multicolored Kirbys racing against each other through four rounds of food-themed courses, mostly made up of desserts.

With the announcement of Kirby’s Dream Buffet coinciding with Cold Stone’s Nintendo-themed ice cream flavors, I purchased the ice cream cups on a Friday night, intending to enjoy them over the course of the weekend. As much as I adore ice cream, devouring three large cups in one night seemed a bit excessive. I must admit, though, that indulging in these treats did result in some late-night insomnia (but I’ll address that in a public service announcement later on). Nonetheless, the flavors of these ice creams perfectly capture the essence of the games they’re based on.

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Nintendo's three Cold Stone ice cream flavors.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Mighty Pink Puff: Kirby’s Iconic Flavor

Kirby takes center stage with his signature flavor, The Mighty Pink Puff. This delightful creation consists of classic strawberry ice cream topped with fresh strawberries, drizzles of caramel syrup, and mini marshmallows – all blended together to create a flavor that is as sweet and fluffy as Kirby himself. Every spoonful of The Mighty Pink Puff whisked my taste buds away on a Warp Star ride to a strawberry ice cream mountain. I envisioned myself sliding down its steep slopes on a marshmallow sled, scooping up the creamy, strawberry-studded ice cream. The smooth texture of the ice cream truly made it a heavenly treat, even though I don’t usually gravitate towards strawberry flavors. The strawberries in the sundae perfectly represent Kirby’s iconic cheek blushes and red shoes, while the caramel and marshmallows deliciously capture Kirby’s gooey and puffy appearance when he devours large items in Mouthful Mode. This ice cream also pays homage to one of Kirby’s favorite treats: the strawberry shortcake. Overall, The Mighty Pink Puff is a well-balanced delight that befits the lovable pink puffball himself.

Superstar Sprinkle Blast: A Fun and Festive Treat

Superstar Sprinkle Blast may not be as intricate and whimsical as Peach’s Birthday Cake map from Mario Party Superstars, but it certainly embodies the fun and carefree spirit of the game. This sundae features cake batter-flavored ice cream adorned with yellow vanilla cake crumbs and blue frosting, topped off with a dash of rainbow sprinkles. As you can see in the photo below, the blue frosting melting over everything is the result of transporting it home in the freezer overnight. However, this minor mishap did not detract from the sundae’s flavor. It still tasted like a typical Publix ice cream cake, albeit assembled in reverse.

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Cold Stone's Mario ice cream sits in a container.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Now, let me circle back to the earlier mentioned public service announcement. Even though I didn’t finish the entire Superstar Sprinkle Blast sundae, it was enough to keep me awake at four in the morning. The frosting has an incredibly high sugar content, which can wreak havoc on your sleep. Just like the Unicorn Frappe, which caused heartburn the morning after consuming it, this particular ice cream flavor triggered a bout of insomnia after a mere four hours of sleep. To spare yourself from sleeplessness, I highly recommend consuming this treat in a smaller cup during the daytime. However, if you absolutely must have it in the large cup adorned with the Mario Party Superstars banner, consider sharing it with others – even your Mario-loving kids (but be cautious of potential sugar rushes).

Island Getaway: A Tropical Treat

The final flavor in Cold Stone’s Nintendo ice cream lineup is Island Getaway, inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It encompasses everything you would desire in a tropical island dessert. The sundae features chocolate ice cream, dollops of whipped cream, slices of fresh strawberries, and banana slices. Due to the indulgence of The Mighty Pink Puff and Superstar Sprinkle Blast, I decided to save the Island Getaway for the following weekend. I kept it safely stored in the freezer until Monday night when I finally gave in to my cravings.

Just like the Mario-themed flavor, I opted to savor only half a cup of Island Getaway to gain a sense of its taste. Typically, when a dessert combines strawberry and banana, you expect a harmonious balance between the two flavors. Surprisingly, in the case of Island Getaway, the banana flavor overpowers the chocolate ice cream, leaving little room for the strawberry to shine. The intensity of the banana caught me off guard since I was anticipating an equal presence of all three components. However, I eventually realized that the banana slices likely served to make the chocolate ice cream a bit healthier (albeit marginally). Among the three sundaes, Island Getaway is the most suitable choice for health-conscious parents with kids.

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A Tasty Conclusion

As the wise Anthony Bourdain once said, “Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park.” I embarked on a journey through Super Nintendo World with all three of these sundaes. They offer a delightful combination of sugar, spice, and everything nice about the games that inspired them. While some gaming-themed food products focus on recognizable character shapes, such as Minecraft and Pokémon cereals, Cold Stone has successfully transformed the essence of these games into flavorful delights. Plus, once you’ve savored your sundae, you’ll be left with a few collectible (albeit sticky) cups featuring game cover art.

Despite the slight bout of insomnia I experienced, Cold Stone’s Nintendo ice cream flavors brought a smile to my face and helped me stay cool during the summer heatwave. I can only hope that Cold Stone considers giving Sonic the Hedgehog his own ice cream flavor in the future, especially with Sonic Frontiers on the horizon. After all, the speedy hedgehog deserves a taste of the ice cream world too.

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