Cult of the Lamb Fishing Guide: Unlocking Fishing, List of Fish, and More

Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike game that incorporates life-simulation elements. And what’s a life-sim without a bit of fishing? Although the fishing mini-game is simple and easy to grasp, it is not immediately available from the start of your adventure. To unlock fishing, you’ll need to invest some time. Here’s everything you need to know about fishing in Cult of the Lamb, including how to unlock it and a few tips to enhance your catch.

How to Unlock Fishing in Cult of the Lamb

The Fisherman at Pilgrim's Pass in Cult of the Lamb.
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To begin fishing, you’ll need to locate a specific NPC called the Fisherman. While progressing through Darkwood, you’ll naturally encounter the Fisherman. So, keep following the main quest, and you’ll eventually come across them.

After meeting the Fisherman, a new location, Pilgrim’s Passage, will become accessible on the World Map. Utilize the teleporter at your base to travel to this new spot and have another conversation with the Fisherman. This interaction allows you to start fishing.

Once fishing is unlocked, approach the small fishing sign located to the left of the Fisherman. This is your designated fishing spot. Interact with it, and the fishing mini-game will commence.

How to Fish in Cult of the Lamb

A player fishing in Cult of the Lamb.
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If you’re familiar with Stardew Valley’s fishing mechanics, you’ll feel right at home with Cult of the Lamb. When you interact with the fishing spot, a power gauge will appear on the screen, indicating your casting distance. Filling up the gauge will cast your line farther.

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Once a fish bites, it will automatically get hooked. From there, the objective is simple: keep your hook within the green bar that appears on the side of the screen. The bar moves randomly, and you can adjust your hook’s position by pressing the designated fishing button (A on Xbox). Maintain the hook within the target zone for a sufficient duration, and you will successfully reel in your catch.

Ways to Improve Your Fishing

One fantastic method to enhance your fishing luck is often overlooked. The Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty allows you to catch twice the usual number of fish and increases the likelihood of encountering special fish. These effects persist for two days after performing the ritual. To unlock this ability, you need to introduce enough Doctrines to your cult, reaching the third tier of the Sustenance category.

Every Fish in Cult of the Lamb

Different shadows in the water while fishing in Cult of the Lamb.
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There are three types of fish shadows you’ll encounter in the water: Small, Medium, and Large. Each shadow corresponds to a distinct group of potential catches. Small shadows typically yield Minnows, while Medium shadows can reward you with Salmon or Blowfish. Large Shadows offer the most exciting prospects, as they often contain Tuna, Octopus, Lobster, Squid, Crab, and Swordfish.

Other Activities at Pilgrim’s Passage

Player conversing with an NPC at Pilgrim's Pass.
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While fishing is the primary attraction at Pilgrim’s Passage, there are a couple of other activities worth exploring. Here’s a quick list:

  • Fix the Lighthouse: Gather 15 pieces of wood to reignite the flames at the Lighthouse. Doing so will earn you the worship and Devotion of the people inside.
  • Check out Vendors: After fixing the Lighthouse, two new vendors will appear at Pilgrim’s Passage. They offer a variety of decorations for your cult, so bring some coins and see what they have in stock.
  • Head to the Dock: Another benefit of restoring the Lighthouse is that the previously inaccessible dock in the middle of the map becomes usable. Visit the dock for a peculiar interaction with a mischievous NPC.
  • Collect Resources: Berries, trees, and stone outcroppings can be found at Pilgrim’s Passage. If you require additional resources for your construction projects, don’t forget to explore and gather what’s available.
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