Dave the Diver: Unveiling Hidden Treasures and Maximizing Profits

Who doesn’t fantasize about discovering long-lost riches in the depths of the ocean? Dave, the protagonist of Dave the Diver, shares the same dream. On top of procuring delectable fish for his restaurant, he also scours the Blue Hole for valuable trinkets and materials. Initially, snatching anything shiny may seem enticing. However, when faced with inventory issues and the dilemma of what to do with these loot pieces, you might dismiss them as a waste of time.

But wait! There is a way to sell items in Dave the Diver, even though the game itself doesn’t make it explicitly clear. Knowing what to sell and, more importantly, how to sell will fill your pockets with gold, enabling you to upgrade your gear and weapons. This article will guide you on how to make the most profit from selling your items in Dave the Diver.

How to Sell Items

Selling soy sauce in Dave the Diver.

In Dave the Diver, two methods allow you to sell items. The first option is available from the start, but it isn’t the most lucrative way to make money. Inside your restaurant, go to the Ingredients tab on the menu, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of seafood, plants, seasonings, and recipes. You can select any of these ingredients to sell them for a small amount of gold. However, it’s better to utilize these ingredients in dishes rather than selling them as scraps. If you’ve accumulated low-rank ingredients that you have surpassed, then unloading them might be a viable option.

To maximize your profits, you need to venture to Cobra’s Premium Shop. Accessing the shop requires completing the “Where the Current Flows” quest. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can speak to Cobra on your boat before a dive, either in the morning or afternoon. This grants you access to his shop, where you can buy and sell valuable items. The shop’s inventory changes daily, offering items such as oxygen capsules and temporary speed boosts.

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Best Items to Sell

Selling items at Cobra's premium shop on a boat.

When it comes to selling ingredients, the best items to sell may vary over time, but generally, they are the ones you no longer use or sell in dishes. Although selling ingredients isn’t the most profitable way to make money, it remains an option.

At Cobra’s Premium Shop, you have more flexibility in choosing what to sell. If you, like me, worry about inadvertently selling a crucial or ultra-rare item that you might need later, fear not. Each item that is safe to sell will explicitly mention its value or whether it is meant for crafting weapons. Do not sell items that can be used for crafting! Here are some of the more valuable treasures you can sell:

  • Large Gold Bar: 500 gold
  • Gold Fish Statue: 300 gold
  • Pearl: 100 gold
  • Silver Bowl: 50 gold
  • Starry Puffer Poison Sack: 50 gold
  • Red Lionfish Thorn: 20 gold

Additionally, there are several other common items worth just a few gold coins that you can sell in larger quantities. Don’t feel limited to obtaining only high-value items; gathering and selling common items like glass in bulk can also provide you with easy cash.

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