Detroit: Become Human Endings Guide

Developer Quantic Dream specializes in interactive storytelling, and Detroit: Become Human is no exception. While the game involves tasks like investigating and cleaning, the majority of gameplay revolves around decision-making. These decisions have a ripple effect throughout the game, shaping the narrative and ultimately determining the various endings. In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the endings in Detroit: Become Human.

How Many Endings Are There?

Determining the exact number of endings in Detroit: Become Human is complicated. The in-game flowchart suggests that there are 85 endings, but many of them overlap. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the actual number of unique endings is closer to 40. This count does not include post-credit combinations or minor variations in endings. For instance, you may encounter the same ending with slightly different circumstances.

Given the multitude of endings and combinations, it is impossible to cover every single one in this guide. Thus, we recommend playing through the game at least once before using this guide. By doing so, you will have the best experience and be familiar with the events we discuss.

Spoiler Warning: As this is an endings guide, we advise against reading further until you have completed the game at least once to avoid spoiling major plot details.


detroit become human ending guide markus
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  • Markus’ Survival: As a main character, Markus faces several instances where he can be killed. These include sacrificing himself or attacking the police during the Freedom March chapter, failing too much while fighting soldiers or Connor in the Crossroads chapter, and failing too much during the Battle for Detroit chapter while fighting or if he loses a fight to Connor (or chooses to play as Connor) if Connor remains a machine.

  • What Jericho Thinks of Markus: Once you reach Jericho, you will be tasked with helping the leaders. Your standing with Jericho depends on your success in these missions. Gathering parts for the Jericho survivors, recruiting new members, turning away dangerous individuals, and choosing peaceful or violent methods will all impact Markus’ standing with Jericho and the available ending options.

  • Public Opinion: The public closely observes android behavior, and their opinion affects the government’s response and available options in the game. To raise public opinion, choose non-violent and non-destructive methods of protest and spare human lives. Conversely, violence and destruction lower public opinion.

  • North, Simon, and Josh: The three leaders of Jericho hold differing opinions on how androids should fight for freedom. Supporting each leader’s methods raises their opinion of Markus while decreasing the opinions of the others. Accomplishing Jericho’s goals and saving android lives also influence these opinions. If their opinions of Markus are high enough, you can unlock new story paths involving the three leaders.

  • Take North’s Dirty Bomb: Under specific circumstances, North will inform Markus about a dirty bomb in Detroit during the Crossroads chapter. Acquiring the switch allows you to force the authorities to spare the androids during the protest in the Battle for Detroit.


detroit become human ending guide connor
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  • Connor’s Survival: As a Cyberlife android, Connor can die multiple times throughout the story, only to be replaced by another version with the original’s memories downloaded. However, if you choose for Connor to become a deviant during the Crossroads chapter, subsequent deaths will be permanent, resulting in a machine version of Connor who opposes Markus. Deviant Connor can die while helping Markus and North escape in Crossroads, arming the bomb in Crossroads, or during the Battle for Detroit in the Cyberlife Tower if you fail QTEs, lose the fight to New Connor, or fail to convince Hank not to shoot you.

  • Completing Investigations: Much of Connor’s story revolves around investigating deviants. How Connor interacts with the deviants he interrogates, the evidence he uncovers, and his ability to solve cases impact his story and reactions to events. Displaying empathy toward androids leads down one path, while acting more like a machine leads down another.

  • Interactions with Hank and Amanda: Connor’s relationship with Hank, his partner on the deviant android case, significantly influences his story. Developing a friendship with Hank or keeping him at a distance opens up different story branches at various points. Similarly, interactions with Amanda, Connor’s boss at Cyberlife, also play a role. Fully investigating Hank’s desk in the “Waiting for Hank” chapter and his house in the “Russian Roulette” chapter unlocks additional branches.

  • Going Deviant or Staying Machine: In the Crossroads chapter, Connor will eventually confront Markus as part of his investigation. How Connor handles this encounter and whether he joins the androids or continues to fight them determines different paths and endings.

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detroit become human ending guide kara
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  • Kara’s Survival: Kara is frequently in danger throughout the game. Failure to stop Todd in the “Stormy Night” chapter, failing to cross the highway in the “On the Run” chapter, getting caught by Zlatko and failing QTEs in the “Zlatko” chapter, and making certain choices during the “Crossroads” chapter can result in Kara’s death. Choosing to give up after crossing the river in the “Battle for Detroit” chapter also leads to her demise.

  • What Alice Thinks of Kara: Alice’s relationship with Kara influences the unfolding of their story. Alice favors Kara doing the right thing, but this can affect their safety along the way.

  • Conflict: Kara will encounter conflicts with other characters throughout her journey. Choosing to fight or flee, as well as displaying trust or hostility towards other characters, impacts the ending you will receive.

  • Luther: In the “Zlatko” chapter, the android Luther offers to join Kara and Alice. Trusting him affects the story’s progression and eventual ending. Luther accompanies you if you accept his offer, and he may sacrifice himself to protect Alice at various points. Kara can choose to leave him behind during the “Crossroads” chapter, and he can also be asked to sacrifice himself during the “Battle for Detroit” chapter.

  • Protecting Alice and Staying Alive: Kara’s conflicts revolve around keeping herself and Alice safe. Making choices to protect Alice and ensure Kara’s survival are crucial to unlocking different endings.

Revolution Endings

detroit become human ending guide markus revolution
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  • Markus: Choosing a violent revolution with Markus opens up several possible endings. The specific endings depend on which characters are alive and Markus’ relationships with them.

  • The outcomes are determined by your ability to lead the androids in the battle. Your expertise in commanding troops and success in quick-time events will determine if Markus and the androids defeat the soldiers, take down the camp, and who dies along the way. However, it seems that Simon and Josh are killed regardless of the choices, and only North can be saved.

  • Connor: The revolution’s outcome hinges on whether Connor decides to become a deviant. If he does, Markus can choose to let Connor join the Jericho cause or kill him. If Connor joins Jericho, he goes to Cyberlife to recruit more androids. Succeeding at Cyberlife results in Connor rejoining Markus, but Cyberlife tries to hack him and force him to kill Markus. Escaping the Zen Garden program has no consequences, but failing to do so causes Connor to assassinate Markus on stage.

  • If Connor remains a machine, he can attempt to take down Markus. The outcome of this confrontation determines either a human victory or an android victory. You also have the chance to control either Connor or Markus in the final battle, and the winner depends on your performance.

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Protest Endings

detroit become human ending guide protest
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  • Markus: Opting for a peaceful protest rather than a violent revolution leads to distinct endings, although some are similar to the revolution endings. The main difference is that more characters can survive the final confrontation.

  • Before the police raid, you can choose to accept or reject a deal with the FBI, which affects the ending. Accepting the deal results in certain characters dying.

  • If Public Opinion of the androids is high and you successfully survive the police raid, you can convince the police to stand down. If your relationship with North is at the Lover level, you can kiss her in front of the police, causing them to lower their weapons.

  • You can also threaten to trigger the dirty bomb during the final standoff if you acquired the detonator from North.

  • Connor: The options for Connor in the protest endings largely depend on his choice to become a deviant or remain a machine, as well as his relationship with Hank (if Hank is still alive).

  • If Connor joins Markus, he will go to Cyberlife to recruit more androids during the Battle for Detroit. At the Cyberlife facility, he will encounter a copy of himself holding Hank hostage. You can choose to save Hank or sacrifice him, and the outcome varies accordingly. If you escape the program successfully, nothing happens; if you fail, Connor shoots Markus in the back.

  • If Connor remains a machine, Hank confronts him while he attempts to assassinate Markus. Subsequently, you can play as either character in the fight, which determines the ending.

Kara’s Endings

detroit become human ending guide kara crosses river
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  • Kara Dies: To reach an ending with Kara, you must ensure her survival during the “Crossroads” chapter. At the end of this chapter, Kara runs from soldiers with Alice. The best way to survive this moment is to choose “Play Dead” and remain motionless until the soldiers leave. Attempting to run will result in Kara and Alice’s deaths, ending their story.

  • Kara Makes it to the Border: If Kara survives the “Crossroads” chapter and saves Luther in that same chapter, you will find him in the “Battle for Detroit” chapter. You can encounter him on the street while evading soldiers or after escaping the android camp. If you find him on the street, you can choose to rescue him or leave him behind. Proceed to the checkpoint and calmly go through to reach the bus station. Once there, find the family’s ticket and use it to board the bus. At the border station, select the option to make no sacrifices to save all characters’ lives.

  • Kara Makes it to the River: At the bus station, return the ticket to the family and find Adam, whom you previously met on the farm. He and his mother, Rose, will take you to the river by boat. While on the boat at the border, your choices will determine the outcome. Accelerating under fire results in Luther’s death and Alice’s injury. Dumping all cargo and having Kara push the boat across the river leads to Alice’s death. Afterward, you can choose for Kara to continue living or give up.

  • Kara in the Android Camp: If you surrender during the “Crossroads” chapter, Kara, Alice, and Luther (if he is alive) end up in Camp No. 5. Escaping the camp presents various options based on the characters Kara has befriended. By choosing one of these options, Kara can escape with Alice and, if alive, Luther. Successful escape leads to their reunion in a landfill outside Detroit.

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Getting the Happiest Ending: Everyone Lives

detroit become human ending guide connor and hank are friends
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Here are the major decision points and factors that contribute to the happiest ending:


  • Helping Out Jericho: To ensure a happy ending, gain the trust of Jericho’s leaders. Success in the “Spare Parts” chapter, empathetic choices, and thoroughness in gathering parts are crucial. Opt for non-violent protest methods whenever possible.

  • Public Opinion: Raise public opinion to a “supportive” level by choosing non-violent protest methods throughout the game.

  • Raise North’s Relationship Level: Establish a positive relationship with North by succeeding in saving lives and demonstrating non-violence, even if it contradicts her advice.

  • Take the Dirty Bomb Switch: Acquire the detonator from North but refrain from using it.

  • Save Lives: Minimize bloodshed, save Jericho members, and display empathy whenever possible.


detroit become human ending guide befriend hank
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  • Befriend Hank: Develop a friendship with Hank by treating him empathetically, saving him when in danger, and understanding his background.

  • Pick Empathy: Choose empathetic options and save both human and android lives.

  • Save Hank: Ensure Hank’s survival during the Battle for Detroit by winning QTEs and making choices that align with your friendship.

  • Break the Programming: Escape the program at the frozen garden, saving Markus from Cyberlife’s control.


detroit become human ending guide kara alice family
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  • Stay Right with Alice: Make choices that prioritize Alice’s well-being, avoid stealing, and side with her during conflicts.

  • Go with Luther: Trust Luther’s offer to join Kara and Alice.

  • Avoid Conflict: Choose peaceful resolutions and empathetic dialogue options when encountering conflict.

  • Choose to Stay with Alice: In the “Crossroads” chapter, choose to hug Alice when Luther informs you about her.

  • Save Luther: When Luther is injured during the “Crossroads” chapter, go back for him.

By successfully following these decision points, you can achieve a happy ending where all significant characters survive.

I hope this guide helps you navigate the various endings in Detroit: Become Human. Remember to immerse yourself in the game, make decisions that align with your desired outcome, and enjoy the journey!

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