Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Beginner’s Guide to Get Started

Fans of life-simulation games and the Magic Kingdom will find plenty to love about Disney Dreamlight Valley. This relaxing town-building experience offers a world of customization, quests, and familiar faces to meet. Whether you’re a genre veteran exploring this new offering or simply a Disney enthusiast curious about the fuss, we’ve got some tips to help you make the most of your time in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Buy the First Inventory Upgrade Early

Dreamlight Valley is filled with items for crafting, cooking, quests, and more. However, your inventory space is quite limited. You start with only 21 slots, which means you’ll often have to drop items to make room for new ones. To avoid this inconvenience, save up 5,000 star coins (the game’s currency) and purchase the first inventory upgrade as soon as possible. While an extra seven slots may not seem like a lot, it’s better than nothing. Just keep in mind that the next upgrade costs a hefty 20,000 coins, so it might take some time to afford it.

Collect Dreamlight Duties Rewards Immediately

As you complete various tasks in Dreamlight Valley, you’ll earn Dreamlight, which is used to clear thorns and unlock new biomes and characters. Pay attention to the Dreamlight Duties at the top of your Dreamlight tab. These are simple requests that can be completed quickly, providing a constant influx of Dreamlight. Make sure to accept the reward for completing one duty immediately to replace it with a new one. Don’t miss out on easy duties that can help you save up and unlock new areas.

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Start Growing Crops Right Away

Food is crucial in Dreamlight Valley. You need to consume it often to keep your energy levels up and complete quests for villagers. To ensure a steady supply of ingredients, start growing crops as soon as possible. You’ll receive plenty of seeds during the opening hours of the game. Find a spot in your town to plant them early on, so you won’t have to scramble for ingredients later.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Repair Goofy’s Stalls Any Time You See One

You’ll come across Goofy’s stalls in different biomes. Rebuilding them for 1,000 star coins allows you to sell unwanted items or buy ingredients and seeds. It’s wise to repair these stalls as soon as you can afford to do so. Having a nearby stall in each area you explore is much more convenient than having to fast-travel to a different location.

Clean Up Unwanted Clutter in Your Town

Did you know you can customize your town in Dreamlight Valley? Enter Town editing mode via the Furniture tab to reposition or remove rocks, bushes, furniture, paths, and even homes. Cleaning up clutter early on will make it easier to navigate your town and find points of interest. Don’t worry about removing items, as they’ll go into your collection and can be placed elsewhere later.

Make Gift-Giving and Daily Discussions a Habit

Building friendships with villagers is a main goal in Dreamlight Valley. By engaging in daily discussions and giving desired gifts, you can unlock quests, themed cosmetics, and more. Each day, have a chat with each character and give them gifts they’ll appreciate. Their favorite gifts change daily, so make an effort to be a great gift-giver to boost your friendship levels.

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Unlock Dream Castle Characters as Soon as Possible

In the northern part of the Plaza biome, you’ll find the Dream Castle. Use your Dreamlight to clear thorns and gain access to new locations with beloved Disney characters. Completing quests for these characters will reward you with valuable boons and unlock useful features. Be sure to invite characters like Remy, WALL-E, Moana, and Maui to your island early on for their unique abilities and advantages.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Hang Out with the Appropriate Character While Doing Tasks

Dreamlight Valley allows you to hang out with a villager and have them follow you while you complete tasks. This earns them friendship points, and once they reach level 2, you can assign them a specialization such as mining, fishing, or foraging. Bringing along the appropriate character for specific tasks can result in additional rewards. As characters level up, their proficiency in their assigned task increases, making them even more useful in your daily routines.

Keep at Least a Few of Each Gem Handy

While it may be tempting to sell all the gems you mine for their high prices, it’s wise to keep around five of each type. Gems are often required for quests or can be a villager’s favorite gift. By having a decent stock of each gem, you’ll save time when a quest asks for them. You can sell the extra gems at Goofy’s stall to fill up your wallet.

Check Out the Wardrobe Customization

Dreamlight Valley offers a wide range of clothing options, but if you want to add your personal touch, the Wardrobe customization is for you. Enter the Touch of Magic feature in the Wardrobe tab to create your own articles of clothing. Choose from various colors and unlock Disney-themed motifs as you play. Create unique designs that showcase your creativity and style.

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