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Do You Need to Fix Your Adblocker on Twitch?

Twitch, a leading live streaming platform, allows gamers to share their experiences with a global audience. With a multitude of features like interactive tools and chatrooms, Twitch has become the go-to destination for millions of viewers and content creators. In this article, we will explore the issue of adblockers not functioning correctly on Twitch and provide solutions to address the problem.

Why is your AdBlock Not Working on Twitch?

There are several reasons why your AdBlock may not be effective on Twitch. Firstly, Twitch has implemented measures to detect and bypass AdBlock, making it challenging for the extension to block ads. Additionally, if you are using an outdated version of AdBlock, it may not be compatible with the current version of Twitch.

Certain users have also reported that AdBlock fails to work on Twitch while using the browser’s incognito or private browsing mode. In such cases, it is recommended to enable AdBlock for those specific modes.

Here are some common reasons why AdBlock may not work on Twitch:

  • Twitch has implemented measures to detect and bypass AdBlock: The website has techniques to identify users with AdBlock installed and displays ads regardless.
  • Outdated AdBlock version: Using an older version of AdBlock may not be compatible with the latest iteration of Twitch.
  • Issues with incognito or private browsing mode: AdBlock may not function correctly on Twitch when using these browser modes. Enabling AdBlock for these modes can resolve the issue.
  • Incorrect installation or configuration of AdBlock: Ensure that AdBlock is properly installed and configured on your browser.
  • AdBlock does not support Twitch’s mobile app: AdBlock is primarily a browser extension and may not be supported on the Twitch mobile app.
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It’s essential to note that using AdBlock on Twitch or any website can have a negative impact on content creators and site owners, as ads often facilitate their ability to generate revenue and produce more content.

Why Should You Use an Ad-blocker for Twitch?

An ad-blocker for Twitch enhances your viewing experience by preventing intrusive and irrelevant advertisements that disrupt the video flow. It also helps reduce data usage and safeguards against potential security concerns related to clicking on dubious ads. However, it is worth considering that ad-blockers can affect the earnings of Twitch streamers. If you choose to use an ad-blocker, find alternative ways to support them.

How to Fix AdBlock Not Working on Twitch?

There are several methods to resolve the issue of AdBlock not functioning correctly on Twitch. Consider the following solutions:

  1. Update your AdBlock: Ensure that you have the latest version of the AdBlock extension installed.
  2. Adjust AdBlock settings: Look for an option in your AdBlock settings to disable “acceptable ads” or whitelist Twitch.
  3. Change browser advanced settings: Disable browser extensions, turn off the “Do Not Track” feature, and clear your browser cache and cookies.
  4. Tweak AdBlock extension settings: Some users have achieved success by disabling “acceptable ads” or whitelisting Twitch.
  5. Explore alternative extensions: Various ad-blocking extensions, such as AdGuard, HLS AdBlock, and UMatrix, offer alternative options.
  6. Try alternate players for Twitch.TV: Users have reported better ad-blocking results using players like Live streamer or VLC.
  7. Set filters on Twitch: Some users have found success by setting filters to block ads on Twitch.
  8. Utilize User-Agent Switcher: Change your browser’s user agent to simulate a different browser or device, bypassing ad-blocking detection.
  9. Consider Brave Browser: The Brave browser comes equipped with a built-in ad-blocker that may function better on Twitch.
  10. Invest in Twitch Turbo: Twitch Turbo is a paid subscription service that removes ads from the Twitch website and app.
  11. Use a VPN: Certain users have reported that using a VPN assists in bypassing ad-blocking detection on Twitch.
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What Are the Best Adblockers for Twitch?

Several ad-blockers can be used on Twitch. However, it is crucial to understand that using ad-blockers on Twitch or any website can negatively impact content creators and site owners, as ads are often their primary source of revenue.

  • Purple Ads Blocker: This browser extension is specifically designed to block ads on Twitch and offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Video ad-block: A lightweight and efficient browser extension that blocks video ads on Twitch and other streaming platforms.
  • TTV Ad Eraser: This browser extension effectively blocks all types of ads on Twitch, including pre-roll video ads, banners, and sponsored ads.
  • TTV LOL: This feature-packed browser extension blocks ads and overlays on Twitch, while also allowing you to customize the player’s background.

It is important to note that the use of these ad-blockers may violate Twitch’s terms of service and can introduce issues that negatively impact your browsing experience on Twitch.


In conclusion, AdBlock is a popular browser extension that blocks ads on websites, including Twitch. However, it is crucial to consider the impact of using ad-blockers on Twitch and other websites, as it can significantly affect the revenue streams of content creators and site owners. Keep these considerations in mind when deciding whether or not to use ad-blockers while browsing Twitch. For more information about OnSpec Electronic, Inc., visit OnSpec Electronic, Inc..

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