Don’t Miss These 5 Games Before Starting the Resident Evil 4 Remake

If you’re eagerly counting down the days until Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake, you’re not alone. The excitement is palpable, and fans of the original GameCube classic are ready to dive back into the survival horror action. But what do you do to pass the time until the release on Friday, March 24? Whether you’re looking to kill time or get fully prepared for the remake, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of five games that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil 4 VR: Experience the Game from a New Perspective

If you’re worried that playing the original Resident Evil 4 will spoil the excitement of the remake, fear not. The new version is a different game altogether, with a fresh tone and pace. The combat system in the remake is a game-changer, making battles faster and more fluid compared to the original. To fully grasp this approach, I recommend trying out the VR version of Resident Evil 4. This Oculus-compatible version allows players to experience the game in first-person with tactile controls, intensifying the tension as you scramble to heal or manually reload your gun. It’s a contrasting experience that highlights how core gameplay tweaks can completely transform a game.

Resident Evil 2: A Comparison and Crucial Backstory

To get a sense of what the new remake will look and feel like, look no further than Capcom’s excellent Resident Evil 2 remake. This modern, third-person survival horror game revitalized the aging PS1 classic and remains one of the standout titles in the series. Resident Evil 4 builds on the foundation of Resident Evil 2 but takes it a step further, embracing a pure action game approach. Beyond being a valuable point of comparison, Resident Evil 2 is crucial for understanding Leon S. Kennedy’s backstory. While the remake doesn’t delve into how he became a government agent in Resident Evil 4, it reveals essential details about his character and his struggle with PTSD. These two games are now more interconnected, making Resident Evil 2 required reading before diving into the remake.

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Resident Evil Village: Exploring Similarities and Building on the Formula

The release of Resident Evil 4 comes just two years after Resident Evil Village, the previous mainline installment in the series. This timing is perfect because it allows us to appreciate how Village attempted to iterate on the original Resident Evil 4’s formula. From the almost identical opening Lycan attack to the structure and gameplay mechanics, there are clear similarities between the two games. Both games feature distinct locations that blend linear play with open-ended exploration, and their crafting and weapon upgrade systems share common elements. Playing the remake alongside Resident Evil Village will enable you to compare and contrast their approaches, showcasing the master-student relationship between the two games. The remake is a masterful return that highlights the well-paced and meticulously assembled nature of the original, something that even the series itself has struggled to replicate.

Dead Space: A Cosmic Coincidence and Different Remake Approaches

If you’re excited about Resident Evil 4, chances are you’ve already indulged in this year’s Dead Space remake. Both games are cut from the same cloth, innovating the horror-action genre in their unique ways. The interesting aspect is how they approach the challenge of remaking a game. Dead Space is a faithful preservation, with minor updates and improved environmental details while retaining the core set pieces and story beats. On the other hand, Resident Evil 4 has been radically reinvented. Everything from characters, story complexity, combat mechanics, boss fights, and location designs has been reworked from the ground up. Playing these two games side by side will give you a deep appreciation for both approaches – one preserving the original and the other reinventing it to deepen our understanding of the classic.

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The Last of Us Part I: Uncovering Shared DNA and Modernization

During my time playing Resident Evil 4, I couldn’t help but notice its strong resemblance to The Last of Us. Both are third-person action-adventure games that revolve around a man protecting a young girl from a world overrun by parasites. The remake brilliantly recognizes this relationship and understands how the original game was ahead of its time, inspiring two decades of gaming greatness. By modernizing the 2005 version and turning it into a Hollywood-style action movie, the remake emphasizes the impact of Resident Evil 4 on subsequent successful games, such as The Last of Us. Seeing the old mechanics replaced with modern sensibilities makes it much easier to appreciate Resident Evil 4 as a historical turning point.

With the release just around the corner, make sure you’ve checked out these five games to fully immerse yourself in the world of the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. The launch date is set for March 24, and the game will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Don’t miss out on the incredible experience that awaits you.

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