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Enhance Your Productivity with a Triple Monitor Setup

You may be wondering why a single monitor isn’t enough when you can get the job done. However, many gamers and coders prefer a triple monitor setup for a more comfortable and productive experience. Not only does it enhance aesthetics, but it also provides a wider viewpoint. Let’s explore everything you need to know about the 3-monitor setup.

Pros and Cons of the 3 Monitor Desk Setup


  • Boosted Productivity: A triple monitor setup allows users to open multiple applications on different screens, making it easier to transition between tasks. For instance, data analysts can analyze the same data in various ways by using different applications.
  • Efficient Multitasking: With multiple monitors, you can work on multiple applications simultaneously. Coders, for example, can use one monitor for coding, another for debugging, and yet another for output.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: A triple monitor setup enhances the overall look of your work desk. Gamers benefit from a wider viewpoint, contributing to a more immersive gaming experience. Likewise, watching videos and movies becomes even more enjoyable on a 3-monitor setup.


  • Expensive: A triple monitor setup can be costly due to the necessary hardware requirements.
  • Space Requirements: Setting up three monitors requires a spacious desk to accommodate them. It’s crucial to have enough room for other items as well.
  • Time for Adjustment: While a triple monitor setup may seem great, it takes some practice to adjust your eyes to the different dimensions of the monitors.

How to Set Up Triple Monitors?

Here is a comprehensive guide on setting up triple monitors.

Check if Your Computer Supports Triple Monitors

Before proceeding, ensure that your computer supports a 3-monitor setup. Older computers or laptops are unlikely to have this capability. Your computer needs to have 3 video ports and allow you to use all of them simultaneously.

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Using a Desktop

Check the backside of your desktop cabinet to find out how many video ports are available. Integrated graphics cards and additional graphics cards both have video ports. Ensure that each card has three ports and check the manual to confirm if the graphics card supports using three ports simultaneously.

Using a Laptop

Laptops typically have a maximum of two video ports, making it impossible to run a triple monitor setup under normal circumstances. However, you can opt for additional hardware to set up 3 monitors to work simultaneously.

1. Extra Hardware Needed When Your Computer Doesn’t Support Triple Monitor Setup

If your desktop or laptop doesn’t support a triple monitor setup, you can purchase the following hardware items to achieve it:

a. A Graphics Card

For desktop computers, you’ll need a graphics card that supports a triple monitor setup. Ensure compatibility with your existing motherboard by checking the available PCI slot, card size, and power requirement. Match these parameters with your motherboard’s manual when purchasing a graphics card.

b. An External Multi-Display Adapter

When your computer has only one video port, you can use an external multi-display adapter to extend one port into three. This is an affordable solution, especially for laptops.

c. A USB to HDMI Adapter

A USB to HDMI adapter is another cost-effective option for a triple monitor setup. You’ll need two of these adapters if one of your monitors is already connected. However, keep in mind that the video quality may not be as flawless as with a graphics card or external multi-display adapter.

d. A Docking Station

Docking stations are gaining popularity for setting up triple monitors. They feature various video ports like DisplayPort and HDMI. Note that docking stations may get heated up if used for extended periods.

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2. Ensure You Have the Required Cables

Depending on the video ports available on your monitors, ensure that you have the necessary cables. For instance, if you have two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort, you’ll require two HDMI cables and one DisplayPort cable for a seamless setup. Additionally, you can use adapters like VGA to HDMI or DisplayPort if your monitor is outdated.

3. Configure Your Display Settings

Now that the hardware setup is complete, it’s time to focus on the software configuration. Follow these steps to set up triple monitors on Windows.

a. Configure Display Settings on Win 7 or 8

  • Right-click on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution” from the menu.
  • Click the “Identify” button to view the three monitors. If they’re not visible, ensure they’re properly connected or click “Detect.”
  • Arrange the monitors according to your preferences by dragging and dropping them.
  • Open the drop-down menu for “Multiple Displays” and select “Extend these displays.”
  • Apply the changes.

b. Configure Display Settings on Win 10

  • Right-click on the desktop and choose “Display Settings.”
  • Click the “Identify” button to display the three monitors. If they’re not visible, ensure they’re properly connected or click “Detect.”
  • Arrange the monitors according to your preferences by dragging and dropping them.
  • Customize the scale and layout if desired.
  • Go to “Multiple Displays” and select “Extend these displays” from the drop-down list.

4. Update the Drivers for Monitors

For optimal performance, update your monitor and graphics card drivers to their latest versions. Outdated drivers can cause lag issues and black screens. Here are two methods to update your drivers:

  • Option 1: Download and install drivers manually. Visit the manufacturers’ websites to download the appropriate drivers for your hardware.
  • Option 2: Use a Driver Updater tool. Download a program like Driver Easy, which automatically searches for and installs the latest drivers for all your hardware components.
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Conclusion – Is a Triple Monitor Setup Worth It?

Undoubtedly, a triple monitor setup is worth the investment. Professionals, such as programmers, data analysts, and gamers, can significantly increase their productivity. With the ability to multitask and enhance the aesthetics of their workstations, a triple monitor setup proves to be a valuable choice.

So why wait? Upgrade your setup and experience the benefits of a triple monitor arrangement.

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