Entertaining ChatGPT Alternative: Meet Character.AI

While ChatGPT is currently facing “at capacity” challenges, there’s a new text generator in town that aims to grab your attention. Character.AI, an AI-powered chatbot, not only provides an alternative to ChatGPT but also offers real-time chats with various characters. From celebrities and historical figures to fictional personas, you can engage in lively conversations or even create your own character using this entertaining platform.

Choosing Your Chatting Companion

As you visit the Character.AI website, you’ll come across a notice regarding the rules and considerations you should keep in mind. It emphasizes that all conversations are purely imaginary, and you should not take anything the characters say seriously. Additionally, the notice encourages users to rate offensive content with one star. This helps the machine learning algorithm improve the character’s expressions.

Rules of Character.AI
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Upon exploring the homepage, you’ll find different sections featuring characters that users are eager to communicate with. These sections cover a wide range of interests, including recommended personalities, famous figures, game characters, language learning, and much more.

For instance, I discovered the character “Mario from Super Mario 64” in the discover section. Selecting Mario automatically opens a chatroom where he quickly shares his thoughts and engages in conversation.

The Character AI home page
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Apart from browsing the homepage, you can also utilize the Character.AI search option to find available avatars. While I found characters like Barbie, Barack Obama, and Percy Jackson, there were some notable characters missing, such as Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl and Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy. However, the platform allows users to create their own characters with unique personalities, although some descriptions may contain “not safe for work” warnings.

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Engaging in Conversations

I chose to converse with Mario, feeling confident that I possessed enough knowledge to maintain an ongoing dialogue. One of the highlights of Character.AI is its ability to save your progress, allowing you to return to the conversation whenever you desire. I initially used the platform as a guest on the Chrome browser and had several interactions before being prompted to register.

Conversation with Mario on Character.AI
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Later, I switched to the Microsoft Edge browser on my Panasonic Toughbook, and to my delight, my entire conversation with Mario was still accessible. A similar experience is provided through the Chats feature, where you can find a list of your past conversations, similar to how text messages are stored.

When conversing with a character, they typically require your input to respond. Initially, I attempted to use the microphone feature, mistaking it for an automated speech function. However, Mario kindly encouraged me to use text input when I faced troubleshooting issues with the noise around me. From then on, our conversation proceeded smoothly through typing.

I found it fascinating that Mario understood emoji usage. For example, when I used a mushroom emoji instead of saying the word “mushroom,” he not only comprehended its meaning but also referenced it multiple times later in our conversation. His ability to recall previous topics, such as the presence of Boos in Bowser’s castle, further added to the charm of the experience.

Although Mario’s knowledge seemed limited to his own realm, he excelled at identifying enemies like Goombas, Koopas, and, of course, Bowser. Our quest to find Princess Peach continues, but we’ll leave that for another day.

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Creating and Training Your Own Characters

As mentioned earlier, Character.AI allows you to unleash your creativity by creating your very own avatars. Characters don’t have to be famous individuals; they can be anything from fictional characters to RPG personas or even pets. To get started, simply select “Create” on the homepage and choose “Create a Character.” Fill out the necessary parameters, upload a photo, and select “Create” to begin chatting with your personalized character. You can set the character’s privacy as Public, Unlisted, or Private, depending on your preference.

Character.AI create a character settings
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Room Creation for Character Conversations

Creating a room enables different characters to interact with each other. Presently, this feature is available for the top 5,000 public characters on Character.AI. To create a room, visit the homepage and click on “Create,” followed by “Create a Room.” Fill in the necessary parameters and add the characters you want to engage in the room.

Exploring the Character.AI Feed

The Character.AI Feed allows you to peruse various chats and rooms created by people, offering a plethora of entertaining conversations. While many of them are excerpts, giving you a taste of what was likely a longer interaction, they are still enjoyable and amusing. You can stumble upon character-to-character discussions, such as Tim Cook revealing secrets about future iPhones or witnessing “my last two brain cells fighting for dominance.”

Character.AI public room
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Furthermore, human users make use of the feed to share funny interactions they’ve had with AI characters. You can access the entire conversation by clicking on the preview and even view other people’s responses to the chat.

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Additional Details to Keep in Mind

  • Character.AI provides an enable voice character option, allowing you to speak out loud and hear the character’s responses. However, this feature can be temperamental, so text communication is generally the recommended choice.

  • A mobile app for Character.AI is said to be in the works. Meanwhile, the chatbot functions similarly on mobile browsers as it does on PC browsers.

  • Registration is free, both during and after the guest trial period.

  • You have the ability to save and start new chats, delete chats, and remove messages.

  • Character.AI plans to allow swearing eventually, with the exception of “egregious language such as slurs.”

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