Every Door and Safe Code in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil has always featured secret codes and safes for players to discover, granting them access to upgrades and valuable treasures. In the latest installment, Resident Evil Village, players must find these codes to progress in the game. Let’s explore every door and safe code in Resident Evil Village, along with the rewards they offer.

Finding the Workshop Safe — Code: 070408

Resident Evil Village Workshop Safe Code

After defeating Lady Dimitrescu, players will find themselves back in the village. The Merchant instructs them to seek out a house with a red chimney for a special item. On the way, they encounter a tractor blocking the road. To proceed, they must find the jack lever to lift the tractor so that Ethan can crawl under it.

Players will stumble upon a small workshop tucked away in a secluded part of the area. Inside, they’ll find a sticky note that says, “Look out the window.” Looking out the window, they’ll see numbers painted on the walls. While taking a glance, be prepared for a jump scare as a Lycan pops up. Luckily, there’s only one Lycan to deal with, and killing it should be a breeze.

Enter the code 070408 into the safe to unlock it and reveal its rewards. Inside, players will discover the M1911 automatic pistol and the jack lever required to lift the tractor they encountered earlier. With the tractor lifted, they can crawl under it and continue their journey to the house with the red chimney.

Unlocking the Bloody Ring — Code: 052911

Resident Evil Village the Bloody Ring

Ethan finds himself trapped in a room with a creepy mannequin resembling Mia. As he disassembles the mannequin, he discovers a bloody wedding ring on its finger. Interacting with the mannequin’s hand allows him to remove the ring and add it to his inventory. He then heads out of the room through the connecting door and turns on the faucet to clean the blood off the ring, revealing the code 052911.

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Returning to the previous room, Ethan enters the code, unlocking the door. As he retraces his steps, a door unexpectedly opens on its own. Inside, he finds the music box from Ethan and Mia’s home and needs to use the winding key to play it. It’s crucial to thoroughly explore the Mia mannequin to ensure nothing is overlooked.

The Maestro’s Treasure — Code: 270917

Resident Evil Village the Maestro's Treasure

On Ethan’s way back from Donna Beneviento’s house, he stumbles upon the gardener’s cottage. If Ethan had previously discovered the Maestro’s house, he would have read a note mentioning that the gardener is safeguarding the key. Inside the gardener’s cottage, players will find Luthier’s key (The Maestro) and the Beneviento Labyrinth puzzle.

Notably, the ball required for the Labyrinth puzzle is located in a small graveyard nearby. With Luthier’s key in hand, Ethan returns to the village and heads to the Maestro’s home, which is marked as an unopened treasure on the map thanks to The Duke. Using the key, Ethan gains entry into the house.

Inside, there is a drawing posted on the wall. The code, written in crayon, is 270917. In the back of the Maestro’s house, there is a locked cabinet containing various instruments. Enter the code to unlock the cabinet and reveal a highly valuable treasure, along with an upgrade for your Sniper Rifle. This is the only safe code that players can skip if they don’t happen to find it, as the other two are necessary to progress in the game.

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