Everything You Need to Know About the Resident Evil 3 Remake

After the tremendous success of the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, which has already surpassed the sales of the original 1998 version, Capcom is forging ahead with a remake of its sequel, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This highly anticipated remake will be a complete overhaul of the game, featuring a camera and combat system similar to this year’s remake, as well as the impressive RE Engine that renders everything in stunningly lifelike detail. But Capcom has more in store for Resident Evil 3 that promises to make it even more thrilling than its predecessor. Here’s everything we know about the Resident Evil 3 remake.


Set amidst the chaos of the Raccoon City disaster depicted in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 revolves around Jill Valentine, one of the playable characters from the original game. With the diabolical actions of the Umbrella Corporation responsible for the city’s destruction and the potential extinction of humanity, Jill, along with her colleagues in the police force S.T.A.R.S., strives to uncover the corporation’s secrets. However, they soon find themselves faced with new threats – an outbreak of a “cannibal virus” that engulfs the town, as well as a formidable new enemy that Jill must defeat.

The Nemesis is a more lethal variant of the “Mr. X” Tyrant enemy from Resident Evil 2, capable of relentlessly pursuing Jill throughout the entire game. This means she will rarely have a moment of respite, regardless of her location in the desolate Raccoon City. Unlike Mr. X, who could appear virtually anywhere in the later stages of Resident Evil 2, Nemesis will have even more ways to surprise Jill. However, she can also utilize her surroundings to her advantage, using electrical boxes or explosive barrels against Nemesis. Interestingly, Nemesis can drop supplies when temporarily incapacitated.

Additionally, Capcom reportedly used a real model of Nemesis during the game’s development – hopefully not a living one.

Jill will be joined by Carlos Oliveira, a mercenary who forms an uneasy alliance with her to uncover the truth behind Umbrella and the outbreak. Carlos has also received a visual makeover, although fans of the original version should still recognize him. The producers aimed to give him a rougher appearance, conveying the sense that he is a reliable and trustworthy ally for Jill. The game will feature only one ending, making the canonical ending the only one players will experience.

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The city of Raccoon City itself will be much larger in the 2020 remake compared to the original game. Players can expect sprawling areas and reimagined sequences that surpass those of the original game, according to Sony’s Tim Turi. Moreover, entirely new areas have been introduced, including a sewer section, new shops, and an expanded subway system. Reflecting the more open environments, players will come across yellow padlocks throughout the game. Jill can return to these padlocks and unlock them for additional rewards after learning how to pick locks.

A recently released update for Resident Evil 2 included a note that reveals a brief scene between Jill and a character named Robert Kendo. This note gives players a taste of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 game.

Gameplay Overhaul

Similar to the remake of Resident Evil 2, the new Resident Evil 3 will undergo more than just a cosmetic makeover. The gameplay style has been completely revamped to align with the third-person perspective of the more recent Resident Evil titles, replacing the zoomed-out, tank-control style of the original games.

While remaining a horror game at its core, Resident Evil 3 will feature more action elements, just like the original release. It is likely that the game will adopt the forgiving save system of Resident Evil 2’s remake, which eliminates the need for typewriter ribbons on the standard difficulty and allows players to save their progress anywhere. However, this feature can be deactivated for a more authentic experience.

Enemies will still pose a significant challenge and require multiple shots to defeat, as demonstrated in a brief gameplay demo in December 2019. Players will need to be cautious about their ammunition usage and carefully aim their shots to effectively dispatch the infected. Running will likely be a viable option for evading Nemesis, so players should conserve their ammunition for more critical situations.

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Jill now has a new evasive move that will be familiar to fans of recent action games. By pressing the right bumper and moving the left stick, she can swiftly dodge incoming attacks. If executed perfectly, this move triggers a slow-motion effect that allows Jill to counter-attack. The functionality of the knife has also changed from the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake. Instead of being used for defense, Jill’s knife is now primarily for countering enemies.

For those finding the game particularly challenging, Assist Mode offers some respite. In this mode, health regenerates, enemies are weaker, Jill receives an assault rifle, and there is an abundance of ammunition.

The mutant worms from previous games will make a return, as revealed in PlayStation Magazine U.K. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to play as Carlos. However, the Mercenaries mode from the original game will not be included, and the “Live Selection” feature has been removed.

The safe rooms, familiar to fans of past games including the Resident Evil 2 remake, will also be present in Resident Evil 3. However, they no longer provide complete safety as Nemesis can pursue players into these rooms, necessitating constant vigilance even when saving or accessing the storage box.

Resident Evil: Resistance

The Resident Evil 3 remake not only includes the remade single-player game but also comes bundled with the spinoff asymmetrical multiplayer game, Resident Evil: Resistance. This surprise announcement was made during a PlayStation State of Play presentation in December 2019.

Resident Evil: Resistance is a four-versus-one multiplayer experience, where four survivors must collaborate to overcome challenges set by a single mastermind player. The mastermind can deploy infected enemies to hunt down the survivors and also set traps across the game world. The creatures players will encounter include familiar adversaries from previous Resident Evil games, such as the notorious “Licker” enemies. The mastermind can utilize facility security cameras to track the movements of the survivors and even take direct control of enemies to engage in combat.

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The objective for the survivors is not to defeat all the enemies but to escape. One of the survivors even goes by the name Martin Sandwich. Each survivor possesses unique skills that are crucial for their survival, including enhanced punching, high health, hacking abilities, temporary unlimited ammunition, and a flash baton.

The game progresses through stages, with survivors advancing to the next area and ultimately completing the third level to secure their escape and emerge victorious against the mastermind. If a survivor is “downed” during a round, friends can provide assistance to revive them. Should a survivor die, they have the option to respawn, albeit at the cost of time.

Release Date and Special Editions

Resident Evil 3 will officially launch on April 3, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Players who pre-order the game will receive special classic costumes that pay homage to the characters’ original appearances.

In addition to the standard version of the game, a collector’s edition exclusive to GameStop will also be available. This collector’s edition includes an 11-inch figurine of Jill, rendered in the new design and on the same scale as the Leon figure from the Resident Evil 2 collector’s edition. The package also contains an art book showcasing images and documents from Umbrella Corporation, a digital soundtrack voucher code featuring music from Resident Evil 3 and Resistance, and a double-sided survival map poster.

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