Far Cry 6 Amigos: How to Unlock, Perks, and Abilities

The latest installment in the Far Cry series, Far Cry 6, strikes a delicate balance between a serious, dark storyline and a wild, over-the-top gameplay experience. As a freedom fighter up against an oppressive government led by a corrupt dictator, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for off-the-wall antics and mayhem. This combination of engaging storytelling and entertaining gameplay keeps the game enjoyable throughout the dozens of hours you can spend exploring the map, completing optional objectives, and uncovering collectibles.

One of the quirkiest new features in Far Cry 6 is the introduction of Amigos. Unlike past games where you could recruit soldiers or tame wild animals to fight alongside you, Far Cry 6 introduces uniquely named animal companions. These companions come with their own set of advantages and abilities that can be leveled up to increase their power. Plus, they’re downright adorable. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to unlocking all seven Amigos in Far Cry 6, including the DLC ones.

Guapo: The Resilient Crocodile

Guapo the crocodile wearing a vest.
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Guapo, the crocodile, will be your first introduction to Amigos in Far Cry 6. As you progress through the main campaign, Guapo will be automatically unlocked during the “Juan of a Kind” mission in the prologue. With his base perk, “Ancient Survivor,” Guapo can restore health over time when not in combat and can even revive himself once if he’s taken out during a fight. He’s a sturdy and dependable companion that requires minimal attention during battles.

Guapo’s three abilities are: Body Regulation, Corner Beast, and Reptile Metabolism.

  • Body Regulation: Unlocked after allowing Guapo to use his self-revive ability five times, this upgrade enhances “Ancient Survivor” by allowing Guapo to regenerate health even during combat.
  • Corner Beast: Unlocked after Guapo regenerates a combined total of 3,000 HP while actively engaged in combat. This ability reduces damage taken when Guapo’s health drops below 50%.
  • Reptile Metabolism: Unlocked after Guapo achieves 50 kills. This upgrade improves Guapo’s self-revive ability, restoring him to 90% of his maximum health if he goes down in battle.

Chorizo: The Mischievous Pup

Reaching out to pet Chorizo.
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Chorizo, the adorable puppy, quickly won the hearts of players in Far Cry 6. This little guy comes with the perk “The Attention-Seeker,” which allows him to distract enemies, providing you with opportunities for stealth kills or easy escapes. To unlock Chorizo, complete the “Who’s A Good Boy” and “Fetch Quest Yaran Story” missions on Madrugada after the main mission “Meet The Monteros.”

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Chorizo’s three abilities are: Bloodhound, Yes, You Can, and Keen Senses.

  • Bloodhound: Unlocked by having Chorizo distract 10 enemies, this ability causes him to passively mark nearby resources on your map.
  • Yes, You Can: Unlocked after Chorizo marks 36 loot containers, this ability allows Chorizo to restore some of his health whenever you pet him. Get ready for lots of petting!
  • Keen Senses: Unlocked after healing Chorizo with pets 50 times, this ability prompts Chorizo to dig up valuable resources underground, providing you with extra loot.

Chicharron: The Feisty Rooster

A colorful rooster attacking a man.
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Don’t underestimate Chicharron, the rooster. While he may not seem like a formidable Amigo, Chicharron is more than capable of holding his own in a fight. With the “Angry Bird” perk, Chicharron can launch himself at enemies for powerful attacks. To add this feisty rooster to your team, complete the side missions “Man’s Best Enemy,” “Pecking Order,” and “Wingman” on the Vacia Coast in Sierra Perdida. These missions unlock after the main mission “Meet the Legends” on El Este.

Chicharron’s three abilities are: Roid Rage, Angrier Bird, and Chicken Feet.

  • Roid Rage: Unlocked after Chicharron gets 12 kills, this ability enhances his attack speed and doubles his damage when his health drops below 70%.
  • Angrier Bird: Unlocked after Chicharron gets 24 kills while under the effects of “Roid Rage,” this ability causes his launching attack to knock enemies off balance.
  • Chicken Feet: Unlocked after Chicharron knocks over 50 enemies with his launching attack, this ability increases his chances of dodging attacks while “Roid Rage” is active.

Boom Boom: The Loyal Dog

Boom Boom the dog.
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Boom Boom, previously known as Boomer from Far Cry 5, makes his return in Far Cry 6. Boom Boom, the loyal dog, shares similarities with DD from Metal Gear Solid V but with some unique twists. With his starting perk, “Fetch Boy,” Boom Boom can loot resources from dead bodies. To unlock Boom Boom, complete the side mission “Boom or Bust” in Valle De Oro, Balaceras, which becomes available after the main mission “Meet Maximas Matanzas.”

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Boom Boom’s three abilities are: Pointer, Expert Tracker, and Thick Coat.

  • Pointer: Unlocked after Boom Boom loots 10 dead bodies, this ability allows him to mark nearby enemies, including soldiers and animals.
  • Expert Tracker: Unlocked after Boom Boom marks 24 animals, this ability increases the range at which Boom Boom can mark objects for you.
  • Thick Coat: Unlocked after Boom Boom tags 50 enemies, this ability improves Boom Boom’s defense, enabling him to withstand more damage in combat.

Oluso: The Stealthy Panther

A black panther with blue eyes.
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Oluso, the black panther, is a stealth-focused Amigo perfect for players who prefer a silent approach. Oluso’s starting perk, “Shadow Striker,” allows her to eliminate enemies silently, without raising alarms, and makes their bodies vanish. However, unlocking Oluso requires completing all the Triada Blessings missions, including “Triada Blessings Part 1,” “Ida’s Triada Relic,” “Oku’s Triada Relic,” “Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic,” and “Triada Blessings Part 2.” These missions begin in Oluwa Cave on Isla Santuario.

Oluso’s three abilities are: Mimo Abosi’s Luck, Rage of Ida, and Mist of Oku.

  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck: Unlocked by performing 12 successful takedowns on enemies in restricted areas, this ability increases Oluso’s chances of silently killing her targets.
  • Rage of Ida: Unlocked after achieving 24 takedowns, this ability terrifies nearby enemies when Oluso performs a successful takedown, causing them to flee.
  • Mist of Oku: Unlocked after scaring 50 enemies with the “Rage of Ida” ability, this passive ability cloaks Oluso in smoke when her health drops below 50%, granting her immunity to damage and faster health regeneration.

K-9000: The Robotic Canine (DLC Exclusive)

Holding hands with a metal dog.
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K-9000, the metallic dog with glowing red eyes, is an exclusive Amigo available in the DLC Blood Dragon Pack. Classified as a stealth-type Amigo, K-9000 comes with the “Iron Skin” perk, reducing damage taken from bullets and providing immunity to fire and poison. To unleash the metal mayhem, purchase the Blood Dragon Pack.

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K-9000’s three abilities are: Enhance, Enhance!!!, and Termination Protocol.

  • Enhance: Unlocked after K-9000 takes 100 points of damage, this ability allows him to tag alarms, tripwires, turrets, and security cameras.
  • Enhance!!!: Unlocked after K-9000 tags 24 security cameras, this ability increases the damage K-9000 deals to tagged enemies.
  • Termination Protocol: Unlocked after K-9000 kills 50 tagged enemies, this ability enables K-9000 to self-destruct as a failsafe when his health reaches zero.

Champagne: The Luxurious Panther (DLC Exclusive)

A white panther named Champagne.
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Champagne, the elegant white panther, is another exclusive Amigo available in the DLC Vice Pack. With the “Status Symbol” ability, Champagne can collect more money from enemy bodies, allowing you to amass wealth more easily. To add some luxury to your team, purchase the Vice Pack.

Champagne’s three abilities are: Greed Is Good, Predatory Instinct, and Sonic Snarl.

  • Greed Is Good: Unlocked after Champagne gets 12 kills, this ability increases the chances of successful takedowns as your bank balance grows.
  • Predatory Instinct: Unlocked after Champagne achieves 24 takedowns, this ability automatically loots enemies’ bodies when performing a silent takedown.
  • Sonic Snarl: Unlocked after Champagne loots 1,000 Yaran Pesos from killed enemies, this passive ability unleashes a Sonic Snarl when Champagne is damaged, knocking down surrounding enemies.

And there you have it! A breakdown of all the Amigos available in Far Cry 6. Whether you prefer the resilience of Guapo, the mischievousness of Chorizo, the feistiness of Chicharron, the loyalty of Boom Boom, the stealth of Oluso, or the robotic companionship of K-9000 and Champagne, these Amigos will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience in Far Cry 6.

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