Far Cry 6 Crafting Guide: How to Customize Weapons, Ammo, and More

If you want to dominate in Far Cry 6, then mastering the art of crafting is essential. By buying, creating, and adding modifications to your most important items, you can drastically enhance your gameplay and gain powerful advantages. Our comprehensive guide will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about crafting in Far Cry 6.

What Can You Craft in Far Cry 6?

Two Far Cry 6 players shoot in co-op.
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Primarily, you can customize your weapons. Each slot of your arsenal, including your three primary weapons, sidearm, and vehicle weapons, can be augmented with different mods. While you have the option to wear various types of gear that provide different perks, clothing cannot be crafted like weapons.

Another significant crafting option is for your Supremo, a special backpack/toolkit that grants you a powerful ability. While you can’t change what your chosen Supremo does, you can add mods that alter the perks it provides, enhance grenade functionality, and more.

Where Can You Craft in Far Cry 6?

Resolver Workbench menu.
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Crafting can only be done at a Resolver Workbench, which can be found at the camps you unlock as you explore the game. Initially, you will be introduced to the basics of the Workbench and crafting to help you get acquainted with the process.

Keep in mind that you can only craft weapons that you have already discovered, and crafting requires specific resources (which we’ll delve into shortly). As you find more materials and guns, additional crafting options will become available to you. That’s why it’s advisable to always take the time to collect resources whenever you come across them. Additionally, non-gun weapons like bows can also be crafted in similar ways.

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Mastering the Weapon Sockets

La Varita weapon in Far Cry 6.
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Crafting in Far Cry 6 revolves around four primary categories — ammo, muzzle, optical, and pointer. Each category allows you to equip a specific mod on your weapon, altering its functionality. Let’s explore these categories and discover the crafting options worth pursuing.


Ammo sockets enable you to change the type of ammunition your weapon fires. This diverse and captivating socket can significantly transform your gameplay style. For instance, ammo-piercing rounds are excellent for quick takedowns and dealing with elite enemies. Poison and incendiary rounds offer innovative ways to tackle enemy camps, particularly if you enjoy causing chaos. Explosive rounds are perfect for dealing with larger targets like helicopters.


The muzzle socket determines how your weapon fires. Choose mods that complement the specific weapon type you are using. If you prefer a sneaky, sniper-based playstyle, opt for suppressors that minimize sound as much as possible. Sniper rifle enthusiasts may also want to consider mods that increase bullet travel distance for long-range engagements.

If you’re using a weapon with a high rate of fire, select muzzle mods that prevent overheating. Pistols, on the other hand, may benefit from compensators to improve accuracy.


This socket focuses on enhancing your gun sights. Experiment with various sights to find the ones that best suit your preferred shooting range and style. Trying out different optics will help you discover the optimal combination for your playstyle.


The pointer socket allows you to add a laser pointer to your weapon. While not always necessary, it can be useful for certain playstyles and mid- to close-range weapons. Utilize a pointer to enhance your aiming capabilities.

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Mastering Supremo Mods

Far Cry 6 Arsenal Screen.
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The Arsenal Supremo backpack lets you equip various throwables and mods that affect your overall gameplay or add effects to your weapons. There’s a wide range of possibilities to experiment with, but we’ll narrow it down to a few recommendations:

  • Equip different types of projectiles to handle various situations.
  • If you lack another source of EMP damage, having EMP grenades equipped is a good idea.
  • The general socket should align with your playstyle. Choose a mod that reduces noise if you frequently employ stealth. If you prefer a run-and-gun approach, opt for the excellent healing factor mod. If you like to charge in head-on, select mods that provide additional defense.
  • Charger sockets control how your Supremo gains charges. Pick the mod that aligns with your preferred playstyle, be it headshots or self-healing.

Gathering Your Resources

Far Cry 6 Cache.
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Crafting many mods requires specific ingredients. For example, gun upgrades necessitate gunpowder as a base ingredient, along with other resources depending on the type. Here’s a quick overview of common resources and what you should know about them.

  • Gunpowder: Used for various weapon upgrades, gunpowder can be found by locating non-weapon FND caches on the map. Look for caches with FND logos.
  • Supremo-Bond: This resource is utilized to add mods to your Supremos and can be found in Libertad Crates, FND Supply Drops, and other locations. However, it can’t be traded for.
  • Recycled Fasteners: Nuts and bolts can easily be found around facilities with metalwork or scrap. They can also be acquired by trading meat or in different caches.
  • Industrial Circuits: This resource requires some effort to obtain. Look for them in Guerrilla Caches, as rewards for Ambushes, or occasionally as a trade for rare meats.
  • Durable Seals: These seals are commonly found in various locations and can be acquired by trading common meats.
  • Durable Plastic: Some Supremo mods demand plastic, which can be occasionally found in workshops and facilities, as well as obtained as a reward for ambushes. It can also be traded for uncommon meats.
  • Recycled Glass: Look for glass in scrapyards, workshops, and oddly enough, trade it for various fish.
  • Industrial Composite: This is a rare material that can be challenging to find. Obtain it from the most difficult ambushes or trade the rarest fish or Moneda at the camp.
  • Depleted Uranium: A rare resource used to purchase new Supremos and specialized gear. It is typically found in anti-aircraft bases.
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Editors’ Recommendations

Remember, crafting is an essential skill to master in Far Cry 6. By customizing your weapons and Supremo, you’ll gain a significant advantage in the game. So don’t hesitate to experiment with different mods and techniques to find the perfect combination for your playstyle. Enjoy your journey through the beautiful and dangerous world of Yara!

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