FIFA 23 Career Mode Guide: Top Players to Acquire

FIFA 23 is brimming with exceptionally talented players, boasting a staggering roster of over 19,000 individuals. With such a vast array of options, it can be challenging to determine which ones to acquire for your career mode team. While household names like Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé are undoubtedly impressive, what if you’re on the lookout for fresh talent? Fear not, as we have compiled a guide featuring a distinct set of players who are equally gifted. Acquiring them will undoubtedly lead to success in your FIFA 23 career.

Before we proceed, please note that player ratings and attributes are regularly updated in FIFA 23. The information provided here reflects their accuracy at the time of publication.

Best Players to Acquire in FIFA 23

Let’s kick off with three exceptional players who are worth acquiring in FIFA 23. While they may not possess the highest overall ratings, their impressive starting attributes and immense potential make them outstanding choices.

Unai Simón
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  • Unai Simón
    • Position: Goalkeeper (GK)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 83
    • Potential: 86
    • Price: $45.1m
    • Club: Athletic Club

Unai Simón is an excellent choice if you’re in need of a talented goalkeeper who possesses room for growth. With a starting rating of 83, he is a valuable asset for any team. His potential of 86 indicates that he can develop into one of the game’s elite shot-stoppers. Simón excels in positioning and reflexes, allowing him to swiftly react to shots from any direction.

Ronald Araujo
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  • Ronald Araujo
    • Position: Center Back (CB)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 83
    • Potential: 89
    • Price: $66.9m
    • Club: FC Barcelona

If you require a defensive stalwart, Ronald Araujo is the player for you. He possesses all the qualities you expect from a traditional center back, including exceptional tackling, strength, aerial ability, and interceptions. However, Araujo isn’t limited to just defensive duties; he surprises with his speed, composure, and passing technique. With a potential of 89, acquiring him early will prove to be a shrewd move before his value skyrockets.

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Victor Osimhen
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  • Victor Osimhen
    • Position: Striker (ST)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 83
    • Potential: 89
    • Price: $71.7m
    • Club: Napoli

On the attacking front, Victor Osimhen is an outstanding choice. This striker possesses a complete skill set. With attributes like 88 finishing and 85 positioning, he is always in the right place to convert scoring opportunities. Additionally, Osimhen’s exceptional speed, stamina, strength, and aerial ability make him a versatile offensive force. While already an excellent player with an 83 rating, his potential of 89 suggests that he can evolve into one of the world’s premier forwards within a few seasons.

Best Young Talents in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 features a host of highly promising young players. After extensive scouting, we have identified the best talents aged 19 or younger at the start of the game. If you possess deep pockets and aspire to build a team for the future, these players deserve your attention.

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  • Pedri
    • Position: Central Midfielder (CM)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 85
    • Potential: 92
    • Price: $132.8m
    • Club: FC Barcelona

The brightest young star in FIFA 23 is undoubtedly FC Barcelona’s Pedri. At just 19 years old, his 85 rating surpasses what most players achieve throughout their careers. With a potential of 92, he is destined to become one of the world’s greatest midfielders. Pedri boasts all the attributes of a complete midfielder, excelling in dribbling, athleticism, passing, and vision. Deploy him in your team, and watch as he orchestrates your most potent attacks.

Jude Bellingham
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  • Jude Bellingham
    • Position: Central Midfielder (CM)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 84
    • Potential: 91
    • Price: $100.4m
    • Club: Borussia Dortmund
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Jude Bellingham is another preeminent young talent in FIFA 23. Similar to Pedri, he possesses remarkable passing and dribbling abilities, making him a vital cog in your attacking machinery. However, Bellingham adds an extra dimension to his game with his proficiency in tackling and shooting. Regardless of his positioning on the field, you can rely on him to conjure up something special.

Jamal Musiala
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  • Jamal Musiala
    • Position: Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 82
    • Potential: 91
    • Price: $81.6m
    • Club: FC Bayern München

Jamal Musiala is a supremely promising young player who brings versatility to your team. Although his primary position is attacking midfielder, he can also excel on the wing, as a central midfielder, or even as a center forward. This adaptability makes him a valuable asset for any squad. With his immense potential of 91, Musiala represents an investment in the future. His remarkable dribbling, passing, agility, and five-star skills make him a nightmare for opposition defenses.

Best Bargains in FIFA 23

Improving your team doesn’t always necessitate significant expenditure. FIFA 23 offers a wealth of bargain options. Here are three players who offer exceptional value for money.

Youssoufa Moukoko
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  • Youssoufa Moukoko
    • Position: Striker (ST)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 71
    • Potential: 89
    • Price: $3.9m
    • Club: Borussia Dortmund

It’s hard to fathom that a player as talented as Youssoufa Moukoko can be acquired for less than $4 million, but it’s indeed the case. With blistering speed and impressive finishing abilities for his rating, Moukoko seamlessly fits into teams that favor counter-attacking playstyles. Additionally, his 78 dribbling and four-star skills enable him to navigate past defenders effortlessly. Take this opportunity to sign him and nurture his potential, and you’ll have one of the finest strikers at your disposal.

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Antonio Nusa
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  • Antonio Nusa
    • Position: Left Winger (LW)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 68
    • Potential: 88
    • Price: $3.2m
    • Club: Club Brugge

Antonio Nusa embodies the archetype of a winger. His exceptional attributes, such as acceleration, sprint speed, balance, dribbling, and four-star skill moves, make him a constant menace to opposing defenses. Whether on the left or right flank, he will torment defenders. At just $3.2 million, Nusa represents one of the best bargains in FIFA 23, given his potential of 88. It’s an opportunity that is difficult to pass up.

António Silva
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  • António Silva
    • Position: Center Back (CB)
    • Overall Rating (OVR): 69
    • Potential: 87
    • Price: $3.5m
    • Club: SL Benfica

António Silva epitomizes the modern center back. While he possesses all the essential attributes of a central defender, such as strength, tackling, and reactions, he distinguishes himself by being far more well-rounded than most players in his position. Silva’s speed, short passing, long passing, and composure make him comfortable on the ball and enable him to execute precise short or long-range passes. Enhance your defensive capabilities without breaking the bank by acquiring this player.

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