Forget ‘WWE 2K18’! ‘Fire Pro Wrestling World’ is the ultimate wrestling game you should get

Recreating the Passion of Wrestling

There’s a legendary story involving former Extreme Championship Wrestling champion, Taz, where he allegedly threatened fellow wrestler Stevie Richards over a video game. It is said that Richards created a version of Taz in the game, with all his stats turned down, just to mock him. While this tale may seem too outrageous to be true, Richards confirmed that it indeed happened. The game in question was Fire Pro Wrestling, a series renowned for igniting intense emotions among players. It’s a game that goes far beyond the realm of any other wrestling game, including the popular WWE 2K series.

Getting Wrestling Right

Wrestling is a sport that has proved challenging for game developers to capture accurately. Despite the glossy graphics, official licenses, and big budgets of the WWE 2K games, they fail to truly embody the essence of wrestling. However, Fire Pro Wrestling World, although lacking in financial resources, possesses an exceptional game engine, a vast range of customization options, a dedicated fan community, and an unparalleled understanding of pro wrestling and its fans.

Telling a Story in the Ring

Unlike other wrestling games, Fire Pro recognizes that wrestling is an art form in itself. It’s not simply about muscular bodies colliding, but rather a physical performance aimed at telling a compelling story through the movements of the wrestlers. Matches follow a three-act structure, with different phases and moments that engage the audience. A successful wrestling game should focus on entertainment value and the art of storytelling, concepts that Fire Pro executes flawlessly.

A Roster That Surpasses All Others

In the 1990s, Fire Pro’s roster was a wrestling fan’s ultimate fantasy. The game featured thinly-veiled versions of top wrestlers from major promotions worldwide, and players could even create their own wrestlers using the powerful editing feature. While Fire Pro World no longer includes pre-existing characters due to legal concerns, players can still create or download thousands of wrestlers made by the passionate community of fans.

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The Power of Customization

Fire Pro Wrestling World offers unparalleled customization options. Players can meticulously create their wrestlers by choosing from thousands of body parts and moves, ensuring an uncanny resemblance to real-life wrestlers. Multiple costumes can be made for each wrestler, avoiding the absurdity of mismatched eras. AI behaviors can also be tailored to mirror real wrestlers’ tendencies, from move selection to blood reactions, and overall strategies. Arenas and match types can even be edited, allowing players’ wildest dreams to be realized.

Endless Possibilities

Fire Pro World has evolved magnificently during its 28-year lifespan, remaining unmatched in the wrestling game genre. Despite its outdated graphics and complex gameplay, the game continues to captivate its devoted fanbase. While WWE 2K18 will undoubtedly provide a fun experience for many, overlooking Fire Pro World would mean missing out on something truly extraordinary. Besides, at only $19.99 on Steam, with no additional charge for fanmade DLC, Fire Pro Wrestling World is not only more affordable but also an unparalleled wrestling game experience.

Discover the excitement of Fire Pro Wrestling World, an exceptional wrestling game that surpasses all others. Don’t miss out!

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