Fortnite Challenge Guide: Hunting Wildlife

Fortnite season 7, week 12 has arrived, and with it, a fresh set of challenges to conquer. While most of the new tasks are straightforward, hunting wildlife may prove to be a stumbling block. With the alien-themed focus of this season, the game’s wildlife has taken a backseat and is not as abundant as in previous seasons. Finding these creatures can be a challenge in itself, but fear not, we’re here to assist you.

Understanding the Challenge

In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know to complete this latest challenge. Let’s dive into how you can successfully hunt wildlife in Fortnite.

Finding Wildlife Locations

Map of wildlife in Fortnite.
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Wildlife can be found throughout the Fortnite map. The catch is that these creatures are easily overlooked, especially when you’re busy flying around in a saucer or battling enemies. The map above gives you a general idea of where to locate wildlife. Wolves, chickens, frogs, and boars infected by alien parasites are the creatures you are after. To make this challenge easier, we suggest landing away from the central areas of the map. Sticking to the outskirts reduces the chances of encountering enemy players, increasing your chances of completing the challenge smoothly.

Wildlife tends to roam, so the map’s locations are approximate. When you arrive at one of the expected spots, remember to search in a wider radius as the creature might have moved. We also recommend landing near areas with loot so that you’re well-equipped to take down the wildlife. Craggy Cliffs and Misty Meadows are our preferred landing spots, but the choice is yours.

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Hunting the Wildlife

Hunting a chicken in Fortnite.
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Once you locate a boar, chicken, frog, or wolf, your objective is to deal enough damage to eliminate it. You need to eliminate five animals for this challenge, and they do not have to be taken down within the same match. If you happen to be eliminated before reaching the goal, don’t worry. Your progress will carry over to subsequent matches. It’s a good idea to attempt this challenge in Team Rumble so that you can respawn if eliminated early.

After eliminating five animals, you will receive credit for completing the challenge and earn 30,000 XP. This challenge is best approached as a side objective while playing, as the animals tend to be elusive when actively sought out but appear frequently when you’re not specifically looking for them.

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