Fortnite Indiana Jones Guide: Unlock the New Indy Skin

After a long wait, Indiana Jones has finally made his way to Fortnite. The best part? You don’t have to spend any money to play as Indy. Instead, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges to earn the skin and a set of Indiana Jones cosmetics.

How to Obtain Indiana Jones in Fortnite

Before diving into the quests themselves, you’ll need to purchase the Season 3 battle pass for 950 V-bucks. If you’ve already purchased a previous battle pass, you might already have enough V-bucks saved up. Once you have the Season 3 battle pass, you can begin working on the Indiana Jones quests.

Complete the Indiana Jones Quests

Challenge 1: Swing Off Trees with the Grapple Glove (10)

Reward: Raider’s Relics Harvesting Tool

To start this challenge, you’ll need to get your hands on the Grapple Gloves. Look for them at various stations around the map or inside chests. Once you have the gloves, use them to swing off of 10 trees. Remember, you don’t have to swing from all 10 trees in a single match.

Challenge 2: Collect the Durrrburger Relic from The Temple and The Ruins in a Single Match (2)

Reward: Expedition Bag Back Bling

This challenge is a bit more challenging due to the high number of players at these locations. Start by landing at The Temple and retrieve the Durrrburger Relic from the underground area. Make sure to stock up on weapons for protection. Then, head southeast to The Ruins and do the same. Be cautious of enemy players and try to collect both relics in a single match.

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Challenge 3: Damage Opponents While Riding in or Standing on a Vehicle (500)

Reward: Rogue Archaeology Wrap

This challenge requires some luck. Rather than attempting to deal 500 damage in one go, take it gradually. When you come across a vehicle, equip yourself with decent mid-to-long-range weapons. Drive to high-traffic areas like Tilted Towers and switch to the passenger’s seat to shoot at enemies. Repeat this process until you’ve dealt a total of 500 damage. Remember, you don’t have to complete this challenge in one match.

Challenge 4: Search Chests at Shifty Shafts (5)

Reward: Banner Icon

To find chests at Shifty Shafts, it’s best to aim for the mountain just east of Logjam Lotus. This area has fewer players and is safer to loot. It may take a few tries to find and open five chests since the loot is not as abundant as in other areas.

How to Get the Indiana Jones (Temple Explorer) Skin

After completing the initial Indiana Jones challenges, you can unlock the Indiana Jones (Temple Explorer) skin by finishing five additional challenges.

Challenge 1: Find the Secret Door in Shuffled Shrines

Reward: Indy’s Dustoff Emote

This challenge requires solving a puzzle in the new Shuffled Shrines POI. Visit the marked areas on the map inside Shuffled Shrines, where you’ll find broken runes that change color every match. Take note of the colors of each rune. Then, head to the middle of the area, where you’ll see another set of runes in front of a door. Match the colors of these runes to the broken runes. Remember, the colors change with each match. After opening the door, navigate through the deadly arrow traps until you reach the end to complete this challenge.

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Challenge 2: Stash an Item of Mythic or Exotic Rarity in a Tent

Reward: Indy’s Escape Spray

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to find a tent and come across a Mythic or Exotic weapon. Visit one of the NPCs on the map and buy an Exotic or Mythic weapon using gold bars. Alternatively, you can find these items in the world, although they are rare. When you find a tent, place your Exotic or Mythic weapon inside to complete this challenge.

Challenge 3: Make Runaway Boulders Roll for 100 Meters in a Single Match (100)

Reward: Doctor Jones Emoticon

This quest is easier than it sounds. Land near Rave Cave, where you’ll find Runaway Boulders on top of large hills. Attack the base of a Boulder located on the northern side, and it will roll down the hill. If you’re on the northern side, it will easily roll for over 100 meters.

Challenge 4: Damage Opponents with a Pistol (750)

Reward: First Misadventure Loading Screen

Keep an eye out for rare pistols and try to damage enemy players with them. This challenge may take some time, as dealing 750 damage with a pistol requires persistence. Focus on using pistols and take advantage of opportunities to damage unsuspecting enemies.

Challenge 5: Place Top 5 in a Match (1)

Reward: Emergency Raft Glider

This objective is straightforward. Play passively, ensure you have enough health and gear, and avoid engaging with enemies unless necessary. With a bit of luck and patience, you’ll make it to the top five.

That’s it! Follow these steps to unlock the Indiana Jones skin and enjoy your adventures in Fortnite.

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