Gotham Knights’ Thrilling Conclusion: The Demise of Batman, the Court of Owls, and More

WB Games Montreal has finally released Gotham Knights on October 21. This action-packed game takes you on the journey of Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin as they navigate the aftermath of Batman’s untimely demise. The plot takes an unpredictable turn, revolving around two secretive factions vying for control of Gotham City.

How does Batman meet his end in Gotham Knights?

The game begins by illustrating the exact circumstances of Batman’s death. Ra’s Al Ghul ambushes Bruce Wayne in the Batcave, resulting in an exhilarating brawl within the iconic base of operations. Batman sends out a distress call to his sidekicks, but none of them arrive in time to aid him. Faced with Ra’s Al Ghul’s insurmountable threat, Batman makes the ultimate sacrifice by destroying the Batcave, and tragically, himself.

Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin arrive shortly after and discover Bruce’s lifeless body. The funeral scene follows, where Jacob Kane, CEO of Kane Industries and Bruce Wayne’s uncle, delivers a heartfelt speech honoring Bruce’s dedication to Gotham City. Realizing that they must now protect Gotham City in Batman’s absence, the former sidekicks decide to investigate Batman’s final case. Their quest leads them to the crime scene of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, where they uncover the need to infiltrate the GCPD to retrieve a biometric key from his body.

At the GCPD, they cross paths with Talia Al Ghul, who reveals that she is no longer in control of the League of Shadows and is burning Ra’s Al Ghul’s body. From there, their investigation continues as they establish a new base of operations at the Belfry in Gotham City. Along the way, they confront adversaries such as Harley Quinn and the Penguin, who has reformed but possesses knowledge about Gotham’s secret society.

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Unveiling the Secrets of the Court of Owls in Gotham Knights

Guided by the Penguin, the Bat Family is directed to The Powers Club, an exclusive gentleman’s club in Gotham City. There, they discover an entrance to an underground network of caves and the fabled Court of Owls, a secret society that Batman had believed to be just a myth. The Voice of the Court, their enigmatic leader, captures our heroes and throws them into a perilous death pit. Yet, through their resourcefulness, the heroes manage to escape while acquiring a crucial key.

Using the key, they obtain information revealing the Court of Owls’ involvement in the murder of Judge Elena Moreno’s brother. Judge Moreno had attempted to halt the construction at Gotham City’s Chelsea Tunnel. The Bat Family embarks on a mission to infiltrate the build site, encountering feral and reanimated creatures called Talons, resurrected by the Court of Owls using a substance known as Dionesium. Talia discloses that Dionesium possesses the same revitalizing properties as the Lazarus Pit, leading the League of Shadows to declare war on Gotham.

Talia urges the heroes to neutralize the Voice of the Court, which they dutifully undertake. Further investigation reveals that Jacob Kane, Bruce’s uncle, is the Voice of the Court and was well-aware of Bruce’s secret identity as Batman. Amid the chaos of the League of Shadows, Jacob escapes, causing havoc and eliminating several Court of Owls members at a masquerade. Unbeknownst to the heroes, Penguin later lures them into a trap, resulting in their capture and transportation to the Court of Owls’ Labyrinth.

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The Labyrinth, an immense mechanical stage infused with toxic gas, induces hallucinations that challenge the heroes’ belief in Batman’s devotion to them. Eventually, the heroes break free from the illusion. Meanwhile, the Court of Owls intensifies their attacks on Gotham City. Realizing it is time to apprehend Jacob Kane, the Bat Family teams up with Renee Montoya and Judge Moreno to secure a warrant for his arrest.

The Climactic Finale of Gotham Knights

Following a prolonged siege on Kane Industries to draw out Jacob Kane and expose his crimes, they successfully apprehend him. However, moments before being placed into a police car, Jacob falls victim to an assassination carried out by Talia. Pursuing Talia, the heroes uncover her true leadership over the League of Shadows and her grand scheme for a devastating assault on Gotham City.

In their mission to protect their allies from the League of Shadows, the Bat Family tracks Talia to Arkham Asylum. Inside, they discover her utilization of Dionesium combined with a genuine Lazarus Pit hidden within Gotham. This unholy union creates powerful creatures known as Man-Bats. While combating the Man-Bats, the heroes face near-fatal encounters.

Ultimately, the heroes unveil the presence of the Lazarus Pit near the demolished Batcave and confront Talia within its vicinity. It becomes apparent that her plan involves resurrecting Bruce Wayne in the Lazarus Pit and manipulating him to serve her dark purposes. Her plan succeeds, and Bruce Wayne is revived, now under Talia’s control. A climactic battle ensues, pitting the former protégés against their mentor.

Bruce Wayne eventually breaks free from Talia’s control and becomes aware of the crisis unfolding in Gotham. However, during a clash, he sustains a fatal blow intended for the player. The showdown against Talia follows, with the Court of Owls returning and introducing a new, unnamed Voice of the Court. The Court declares their intention to claim the Lazarus Pit for themselves. Talia harnesses her power to repel some Court members before resuming her fight against the player. When it becomes evident that she cannot win, Talia retreats using teleportation.

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The Court of Owls remains, with their determination to seize the Lazarus Pit. Recognizing the imminent threat, Bruce instructs his former sidekick to escape while he boards the Batwing, still hanging amidst the wreckage. As the player flees, Batman denounces the Court of Owls and anyone who exploits their wealth and power to manipulate and harm others. In a final act of self-sacrifice, Batman crashes the Batwing into the Lazarus Pit, defeating the Court of Owls and obliterating the source of their power. However, this victory comes at the cost of Batman’s life… once again.

With Batman’s permanent demise, the hero who emerged triumphant assumes a new mantle and vows to protect Gotham City in their own unique way. Back at the Belfry, the heroes watch a touching video of the moment they interrupted Bruce while he recorded the Code: Black message sent after his demise. Bruce’s final words express gratitude, saying, “You’re always looking out for me.” The Bat Family, who have been watching, walks away, ready to carry on his legacy.

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