Here’s why ChatGPT might be ‘at capacity’ for you still

AI-powered ChatGPT has recently been causing frustration for many potential new users due to its overwhelming popularity. This has led to a common “at capacity” notice that numerous people are encountering.

Unfortunately, at this time, you’ll need to wait or come back when there are fewer users. Alternatively, you can explore one of the top alternatives to ChatGPT, such as Microsoft’s recently announced integration of ChatGPT in Bing.

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ChatGPT, OpenAI’s standout chatbot released in November 2022, utilizes machine learning to generate responses based on users’ questions or queries. It has amazed people with its maturity and conversational abilities while also sparking discussions around various ethical issues.

However, the main problem lately has been gaining access. Over the past few weeks, numerous reports have flooded in from users trying to create a new account or access ChatGPT’s page, only to face traffic congestion issues.

Visitors would see a message stating, “Chat GPT is at capacity right now.” Essentially, this means that the website is in high demand and has reached its limits in terms of users per session and/or query load. Running the servers that power ChatGPT is an expensive endeavor, and it seems that OpenAI has imposed restrictions on usage due to the overwhelming surge in interest.

Interestingly, instead of boring standardized messages, ChatGPT has been creatively conveying its at-capacity status. People have witnessed the chatbot communicating in limericks, raps, and even pirate language. Although the crashes have been frustrating, visitors have at least found these messages entertaining.

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As of now, I haven’t encountered any issues creating a new account and engaging in conversations. However, if you’re facing this error, the solution is quite simple: you just need to wait. Click on the “get notified” link, provide your email address, and you should receive an email when it’s your turn in line.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT is still a prototype, and its growing popularity has overwhelmed the servers. People have reported being able to use the site after waiting for about an hour or less.

Furthermore, ChatGPT has recently announced the development of a premium tier version called ChatGPT Plus. Although it’s not available yet, you can now join a waitlist for the service, which will provide better access and faster responses for a monthly cost of $20. This is OpenAI’s way of monetizing the chatbot and offering prioritized access to paid subscribers.

ChatGPT ‘at capacity’ workaround

While you may still need to wait for ChatGPT to become available, there’s a workaround you can try. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can sometimes bypass ChatGPT’s restrictions and grant you access to the service. If you’re interested, we have a compilation of the best VPNs that you can explore.

However, please note that this method may not work for everyone. The reason a VPN might be effective is that it provides you with a fresh session and changes your virtual location. With a new session and location, ChatGPT may grant you access.

Alternatively, you can attempt using a different browser or device, or clear your browser’s cache. If you’ve been stuck on the “at capacity” page for a while, it’s possible that you’re viewing a cached version of the website.

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Finally, if all else fails, you can consider exploring alternatives to ChatGPT altogether. There are several excellent options available. For example, Microsoft has recently integrated AI into Bing search, and you can sign up for the Bing Chat waitlist to gain access when it becomes available.

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