Hogwarts Legacy: Choosing the Ideal House and Unveiling the Differences

Any aspiring Hogwarts student’s fate at the renowned school depends on the house assigned to them by the Sorting Hat. As depicted in the books, Hogwarts Legacy offers four houses to choose from: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. However, unlike the books, you aren’t bound to the house initially suggested by the Sorting Hat upon your arrival. Just like the famous “boy who lived,” the hat allows you to decide which house truly resonates with you.

Differences Among the Houses

A student holding a wand in Hogwarts Legacy.
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At first, the disparities between the houses may seem mainly superficial, but they gradually become more significant.

Unique Common Rooms

Staying true to the source material, each house in Hogwarts Legacy has its own distinct common room. These spaces act as central areas for your character, providing a sense of belonging. Each common room has a unique aesthetic, and you are exclusively allowed entry into your chosen house’s common room.

These common rooms also house a special chest, waiting to be unlocked with all the Daedalian Keys. Once opened, you will receive a unique house robe symbolizing your specific house.

Distinct Robes

Your choice of house has its most prominent impact through a noticeable cosmetic change. Depending on the house you select, your character will don robes that match the corresponding house color: red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, blue for Ravenclaw, and yellow for Hufflepuff.

Unique Interactions

Although you are free to interact with students from all houses, certain exclusive interactions take place only among students of the same house. While these interactions may be minor, they add an extra flavor to your Hogwarts experience. Moreover, other non-player characters (NPCs) will also make passing remarks based on your chosen house, creating a delightful touch. However, your house choice will not restrict you from interacting with NPCs from other houses.

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Quest Variations

The most significant change resulting from your house selection is related to a specific quest. Without revealing any spoilers, one quest in Hogwarts Legacy will differ based on the house you belong to. This quest occurs relatively early in the game, allowing you the opportunity to replay and witness the unique quests associated with each house. This particular quest emerges following the completion of the “Trials of Merlin” main quest.

While your choice of house does not significantly impact your overall experience in Hogwarts Legacy, except for the quest variation, it does not influence your character’s progression, potential friendships, or the course of the story. There is no “best” option. Simply pick the house that resonates most with your witch or wizard persona or select based on your favorite color.

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