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If you aspire to be unbeatable, there’s no better way to achieve greatness than by learning from the masters. In Street Fighter 6, you have the opportunity to create your own custom character and master the art of combat. The World Tour mode becomes your battleground as you train with iconic warriors and new fighters. Each master you align yourself with unlocks unique moves, expanding your arsenal for customizing your fighting style. While some masters are easily encountered through the story, others remain hidden, requiring you to complete specific objectives. Join us as we guide you through the process of enrolling with every master in Street Fighter 6.

Enrolling with the Masters

In Street Fighter 6, the main characters serve as masters, totaling 18 in number. While some masters can be found naturally as you progress through the World Tour mode, others are concealed or accessible through optional tasks. Let’s explore each master and discover how to unlock their special moves.


As you kickstart your journey in World Tour mode, Luke automatically becomes your first master. You can train with him at the warehouse in Metro City, which is clearly marked on your map.


Chun-Li, another unmissable master, appears as you advance through the story. In Chapter 2-1, make your way to the Chinatown area on the map to find and fund Chun-Li. Once located, you can train with her at any time.


Upon reaching Chapter 3-3, a new feature becomes available – the ability to travel using the World Map. Head to Colosseo, and Marisa will be introduced automatically. Speak with her after the introduction to become her student.

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The mighty Blanka can be easily missed if you don’t explore thoroughly. Once you reach Chapter 6-1, Luke will unlock the Ranger’s Hut location on the World Map. By becoming Blanka’s student, you not only gain powerful abilities but also earn the exclusive Blanka Chan outfit.

Dee Jay

In Chapter 6-1, you can find Dee Jay at Bather’s Beach. Engage in a battle, regardless of the outcome, and you will have the opportunity to enroll with this master.


Enrolling with Lily requires a bit of effort. During Chapter 4-1, complete the side mission titled “The Spirit Guide,” which you can pick up from an NPC named Ana in Chinatown. Upon finishing the quest, Thunderfoot Settlement will unlock on the World Map. Visit the settlement, interact with the NPCs, and a cutscene will introduce Lily. Speak to her after the cutscene to become her student.


Cammy is another master with a side mission requirement. In Chapter 7-1, embark on the mission named “Special Unit Del-?” in Metro City. Descend into the subway to obtain the quest and clear it by eliminating all adversaries. This grants you access to the stadium area on the west side of the map. Return to King Street via the World Map to locate and challenge Cammy.


Finding Jamie can be a little tricky. Visit the Chinatown alley in Metro City during the night, where you’ll find him engaged in a fight. Witness the encounter and then ascend the nearby ladder to the rooftop. Speak with Jamie, and he will become your mentor.

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After a considerable hiatus, Ken will emerge as an unmissable master in Chapter 8-3. You’ll receive the mission “The Elusive Former National Champ,” which requires you to find Ken at a construction site. Once you acquire the necessary headgear, head to the site to meet him personally.

E. Honda

Shortly after encountering Ken, in Chapter 8-4, E. Honda will make his appearance during the mission “Big in Japan.” Make your way to the restaurant, where you’ll meet the famous sumo star.


To train with Ryu, travel to Genbu Temple. Approach him and initiate the training session with a simple conversation.


Kimberly, another unmissable master, joins the roster during Chapter 8-7 in the mission “High Flying Man.” Upon completing the mission, she will be waiting on the roof above your hideout.


Once you conclude Chapter 8-7, you can learn from Guile by wearing the SiRN lab coat and communicating with an NPC at the construction site. They will provide you with a mission to go to the Carrier Byron Taylor. During the ensuing battle, Guile will jump in to assist you.


After Chapter 7-3, the “Extra” side quest will unlock in Metro City’s Beat Square. Completing this quest will transport you automatically to Fete Foraine. Introduce yourself to Manon, and she will gladly enroll you as her student.


To encounter the esteemed yoga master Dhalsim, undertake the “Yoga Statue” quest, which becomes available in Chapter 9. Speak to Anik in Bayside Park, Metro City, to initiate the quest. Completion unlocks Dhalsimer Temple on the World Map, where Dhalsim eagerly awaits new students.

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Zangief’s side quest materializes once you reach Chapter 9. Head to the stadium to find the mission titled “Hither and Thither” from a group of wrestlers. Accomplishing the quest adds Barmaley Steelworks to your map. Proceed to the location and meet the master grappler.


Available much later in Chapter 11-4, Juri becomes accessible through the side quest “A Hardboiled Adventure” from Govind in the Bazaar at Nayshall. However, you must wait until Chapter 12 to complete the quest in its entirety and request to become Juri’s student.


The last master you will encounter awaits you at the end of your World Tour mode journey. After completing all the game’s challenges, proceed to Old Nayshall at night and head to the Suval’hal Arena Entrance. There, you will find JP waiting for someone eager to train.


Becoming a master of combat in Street Fighter 6 requires diligence and dedication. By enrolling with each master, you unlock their special moves, enhancing your customization options. So, embark on your journey, seek out the masters, and become the ultimate fighter in Street Fighter 6! To learn more about OnSpec Electronic, Inc., visit their official website.

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