Honkai Star Rail Sunright Tea Studio Event: A Guide to Participating and Claiming Rewards

In the world of HoYoverse, collaborations are nothing new. From launch week events in Times Square to replica Astral Express photo ops and professional cosplayers dressed as the main cast, fans have been treated to incredible experiences. This time, HoYoverse has announced a thrilling global event for Honkai Star Rail fans, centered around bubble tea shops. Welcome to the “Sunright Tea Studio Event.”

When is the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

The Sunright Tea Studio Event will kick off on Wednesday, July 19 and run until Wednesday, August 30. This gives Honkai Star Rail fans in the U.S. a full month to participate and claim exciting rewards.

Where can I find the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

Unfortunately, the Sunright Tea Studio Event is limited to Sunright Tea Studio bubble tea shops. Most of these shops are located on the west coast, specifically in Southern California. However, there are a few scattered locations near Houston, Texas, and O’Fallon, Missouri. For the complete list of participating shops, you can check Google Maps or visit the Sunright Tea Studio website directly.

Sunright Tea Studio locations in United States on Google Maps

What drinks can I enjoy at the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

Sunright Tea Studio during the event offers two Honkai Star Rail character-themed drinks that you won’t want to miss. These drinks, featuring Blade and Kafka, are the “Karmic Chocolate Matcha” and “Blushing Blueberry Splendor.” Since HoYoverse hasn’t mentioned whether these drinks will make a comeback in the future, seize the opportunity and savor them while you can.

Honkai: Star Rail Global Tea Event global partners logos

What rewards await me at the Sunright Tea Studio Event?

The rewards at the Sunright Tea Studio Event revolve mainly around the Kafka and Blade collaboration drinks. By ordering these drinks, you can receive complimentary cup sleeves, stickers, coasters, and redemption cards. The number of collaboration drinks you purchase determines the number of rewards you’ll receive. HoYoverse has showcased these items on its official blog and Twitter. Here’s what you can get:

  • 1 collaboration drink: A complimentary, randomized cup sleeve and redemption card.
  • 2+ collaboration drinks: A pair of coasters, two randomized cup sleeves, and a redemption card per drink.
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Even if the Kafka and Blade drink flavors don’t suit your taste, you won’t leave empty-handed. Any purchase at Sunright Tea Studio during the event will earn you a sticker.

Honkai: Star Rail Cosmic Refreshment Supply stickers, coasters, and cup sleeves with Blade and Kafka

How can I attend the Sunright Tea Studio Fan Meet-Up?

The Sunright Tea Studio Fan Meet-Up is a separate event that accompanies the Sunright Tea Studio Event. While the general event allows you to earn free merchandise, the fan meet-up is a unique experience. It will take place at the Sunright Tea Studio in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo.

Here are the details for the Honkai Star Rail Sunright Tea Studio Fan Meet-Up:

  • Date/Time: Saturday, July 29 from 2 to 4 PM Pacific
  • Location: 134 South Central Ave, Los Angeles

To attend the meet-up, you’ll need to RSVP. Keep in mind that RSVPing does not guarantee entry. HoYoverse will be reviewing applications based on various factors before finalizing the guest list.

Kafka and Blade are expected to make an appearance at the meet-up. In the past, HoYoverse events have featured professional cosplayers dressed as the characters. If you come dressed in your own Honkai Star Rail cosplay, you may even receive a free Trailblazer postcard (while supplies last).

Remember, this event is exclusive to Honkai Star Rail fans and bubble tea enthusiasts, so mark your calendars and join the excitement!

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