How Long Does the Quest Pro Battery Last? Find Out Here!

The Confusion Surrounding the Quest Pro Battery Life

There has been some confusion and controversy about the battery life of the Quest Pro, a popular virtual reality headset from Meta. Surprisingly, this information is not readily available on Meta’s official product page. If you scour the internet for answers, you’ll encounter conflicting responses that range anywhere from one hour to five hours. It’s normal for battery life to vary based on usage, but such a wide discrepancy seems unusual.

Different Perspectives on Quest Pro Battery Life

To shed some light on the matter, let’s explore various sources. Several journalists who had the opportunity to test the Meta Quest Pro reported an average battery life of around two hours. On the other hand, two prominent Meta executives, Andrew Bosworth and John Carmack, publicly stated on Twitter that, in their experience, the Quest Pro can last for an impressive four to five hours.

In fact, Bosworth himself confidently tweeted, “I’ve literally never had them run out, and I’ve used the headset for pretty long periods over the last few months. I would wager 4-5 hours without charge.” These accounts demonstrate that real-world usage can significantly exceed the lower estimates found online.

The Official Statement from Meta

To obtain a more definitive answer, we reached out to Meta for an official statement. They responded by saying, “You can expect up to two hours of battery life based on the type of content you’re using on the Meta Quest Pro.” While this estimate might seem surprisingly short, it’s crucial to consider the demanding nature of virtual reality applications.

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Flexibility and Charging Options

Despite the shorter estimate, wearing the comfortable and work-centric Quest Pro VR headset for extended periods is still possible. Meta recommends plugging in the headset using the included 2-meter charging cable when engaging in stationary activities, such as working at a desk or table. This way, users can continue their VR experiences without interruption.

Considering that most people don’t move around excessively while working, the need to charge the headset every few hours or utilize the included dock between VR sessions seems manageable. It’s a small compromise for the immersive experiences the Quest Pro offers.

Meta gave an example of what you can see when wearing a Quest Pro.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Maximizing Battery Life and Future Solutions

During his unscripted talk at the Meta Connect event, Meta consultant Carmack mentioned that users can enhance battery life by disabling power-hungry features like eye- and face-tracking. These features are mainly used to enhance avatars during virtual meetings and chats. If you’re working alone, there’s no immediate need for them and turning them off can extend the Quest Pro’s battery life.

Looking ahead, this battery life limitation presents an opportunity for third-party battery packs that can conveniently fit in your pocket. It’s highly likely that such solutions are already in development. These battery packs will enable users to freely move around for several hours without worrying about running out of power.

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