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When it comes to eliminating crewmates without raising suspicions, imposters in Among Us need every advantage they can get. That’s why many gamers resorted to a simple trick of having an invisible name during games, making it harder for others to identify the culprits. Unfortunately, developer InnerSloth recently patched out this ability during online games, flagging blank names as “inappropriate” and disabling the option for PC gamers to copy and paste a blank Unicode symbol. However, certain game modes still allow you to use this trick, so it’s worth knowing how it works. Here is our step-by-step guide to achieving a blank name in Among Us on PC, iOS, and Android.

How to Achieve a Blank Name in Among Us on iOS and Android

Among Us doesn’t allow players to use only spaces in their character name or leave it blank. However, there is a Unicode character called Hangul Filler that appears as a blank space but registers as text in the game, enabling you to start a game. For mobile gamers, executing this trick is fairly simple:

Step 1: Copy the Unicode. We’ve placed the Hangul Filler Unicode between these two quotation marks: “ㅤ”.

Step 2: Tap and hold between the two quotation marks, then select the Copy option.

Step 3: Launch Among Us and choose either Local or Online.

Step 4: You’ll see the blank field where you can enter your character name.

Step 5: Paste the Unicode. Tap inside the field to open your phone’s keyboard interface.

Step 6: Tap again inside the white field, and if you’ve already copied the Unicode, you should see a Paste option.

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Step 7: Paste the Hangul Filler.

Step 8: Tap Done.

Congratulations! You now have an enigmatic blank name that will perplex your opponents. However, please note that only certain game modes in Among Us will allow you to use this trick. Specifically, you can use it during Local games with other players on the same Wi-Fi network or during Freeplay while practicing your tasks. If you attempt to join or host an online game, even a private one, InnerSloth will block you.

how to get blank name among us mobile 2

How to Achieve a Blank Name in Among Us on PC

Originally, the trick for PC players involved copying the Hangul Filler Unicode and pasting it in the character name field. However, the developers have since blocked the ability to paste in-game, and there’s no straightforward way to type Unicode with a keyboard. But don’t worry, we’ve found a workaround thanks to YouTuber Gameboy Six 6328, who discovered a relatively simple method to edit your Among Us character name.

Step 1: Assign yourself an Among Us name. If you haven’t done so already, download Among Us, enter any play mode, and give yourself a name. You’ll need a placeholder name in order to modify it later.

Step 2: Open your Local Disk folders. Exit Among Us and navigate to your local files on your desktop. Open the Users folder, and then enter the User folder with your PC login username.

how to get blank name among us hack 1

Step 3: Access your appdata. To proceed, you’ll need to find and search through a hidden folder. Next to your username in the address bar, type “/appdata” and hit enter, which will take you to the AppData folder.

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how to get blank name among us hack 2

Step 4: Open the LocalLow folder.

Step 5: Open PlayerPrefs. Now you’re getting closer to the goal. Open the Innersloth folder, where you’ll find the game files for Among Us.

Step 6: Right-click the PlayerPrefs file.

how to get blank name among us hack 3

Step 7: Select Open With.

Step 8: Choose a text editor like Notepad to open the file.

Step 9: Add the Hangul Filler Unicode. Here comes the truly easy hacking part. In the file, you’ll see a string of numbers and true/false statements corresponding to your player settings, along with your placeholder name (e.g., “Not Sus” for us). Copy the Hangul Filler Unicode, which we’ve once again placed between two quotation marks: “ㅤ”.

Note: In some browsers, the Unicode might not be visible, making the quotes appear empty. In this case, copy the quotation marks, as the Unicode is inside them. Simply delete the extra marks after pasting.

how to get blank name among us hack 4

Step 10: Return to Notepad.

Step 11: Delete your current name.

Step 12: Paste the Unicode.

Step 13: Save and close the file.

how to get blank name among us mobile

Welcome to the World of Anonymous Among Us

Upon reopening Among Us, you’ll notice an empty space instead of your name! Click inside the field, and you’ll see that the text cursor is off-center, next to the invisible Unicode. However, as mentioned previously, you won’t be able to use your invisible name online unless InnerSloth decides to bring back this option in a future patch. For now, you can only play Among Us with an invisible name in Local or Freeplay mode.

how to get blank name among us glitch

One Last Method: Blind, Glitchy Luck

We mention this last example because most Among Us players participate online and will be disappointed that they can no longer use the trick. However, it is technically possible to have a blank name in Among Us without any hacks or intention. In our experience, during a private game with friends, my character’s name and avatar unexpectedly became invisible while in the waiting room. No one could see who I was or where I was located. Moreover, the glitch persisted even after the game started. Some crewmembers saw my avatar as question marks, while others saw an avatar of the wrong color. During group meetings, not a single player could see my name.

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Ultimately, having an invisible name brought me luck, allowing me to play as a successful Imposter since no one suspected me when a dead body was discovered. The unusual victory screen I received at the end is shown below. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to consistently recreate this glitch. It seems to depend on the timing of your avatar joining a room relative to the host joining the waiting room. Best of luck! You might just become one of those lucky characters with a blank name in Among Us purely by chance.

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