How to Acquire the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild

The Master Sword holds a special place in the realm of video games, and it makes a triumphant return in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This mighty weapon offers numerous advantages that you won’t want to miss. However, obtaining it is no easy task. The game doesn’t provide explicit instructions, and even if you know where to find it, there are several steps you must take before it becomes yours.

Discovering the Master Sword’s Location

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To find the Master Sword, venture to Korok Forest in the northern region of Hyrule. However, reaching your destination requires traversing through the mysterious Lost Woods, which isn’t as straightforward as it seems. If you deviate from the proper path, you’ll be teleported back to the beginning. Fear not, though, as we will guide you through this tangled forest.

Start by heading to the eastern section of the Lost Woods, where you’ll come across a path leading to Korok Forest. The nearest shrine, the Woodland Tower, is an ideal place to begin your journey. At the start, you’ll encounter various flames. Grab one of these flames to light your torch. The puzzle is simple: Follow the direction in which the flame flickers. Pay attention to the wind’s influence on the flame, adjust your route accordingly, and run for about 20 feet before pausing to reassess.

Make sure you keep your torch lit throughout the journey, as the flame will extinguish if you stow it away. Continue following the path, using the flame’s guidance, until you eventually reach Korok Forest. Upon arrival, you will unlock a convenient teleportation point, allowing you to return easily if needed.

Prerequisites for Obtaining the Master Sword

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Upon reaching Korok Forest, you’ll behold the Master Sword in all its glory. It stands before the majestic Great Deku Tree, waiting for you to claim it. However, you can’t simply walk up and pull it out. Before you can wield this legendary weapon, Link must possess 13 permanent heart containers. Consuming a powerful recipe for temporary hearts won’t count. Accomplishing this feat involves completing approximately 40 shrines or a combination of defeating Divine Beasts and conquering around 24 shrines. Return when you’ve amassed a total of 13 hearts.

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Once you meet this requirement, approach the Master Sword and press the A button to pull it from its resting place. After a dramatic sequence, Link will triumphantly hold the Master Sword in his hands. Congratulations! The Master Sword is now in your possession.

Durability and Upgrades

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One of the primary reasons to obtain the Master Sword is its durability. Unlike most weapons in the game, it does not break permanently. Instead, it employs a simple recharge mechanic. The Master Sword boasts a base damage output of 30, which heightens to 60 when battling Guardians and other formidable foes like Ganon. Completing the Trial of the Sword, part of The Master Trials DLC, allows you to upgrade the sword’s base damage to 40, 50, or the coveted 60.

Once upgraded to a damage level of 60, the Master Sword becomes unbreakable. However, it still requires recharging after extensive use. While its damage output may not rank among the highest in the game by default, its enduring nature makes it well worth acquiring. And let’s not forget—it looks pretty cool too!

Recharging the Master Sword

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The only downside to the Master Sword is the need for occasional recharging. Every strike against an enemy or object with the sword depletes its power. With enough damage, it will “break,” but fear not—it’s only temporary.

You don’t need to take any specific action to initiate the recharge process. Simply wait for 10 in-game minutes, and the sword will regain its strength. Check your inventory to monitor the remaining recharge time. Remember, the sword will only recharge once it has fully “broken.” Some players have wondered if it is possible to recharge the sword while it is still usable, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Wait for it to deplete completely, and it will then begin its rejuvenation process. Once recharged, the Master Sword will be as good as new—no need to purchase anything or use any additional items.

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Upgrading the Master Sword

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Upgrading the Master Sword proves to be a daunting challenge within the game. To enhance this exceptional weapon, you must conquer multiple stages of the Trial of the Sword. This trial comprises rounds of intense battles against waves of enemies. To access the Trial of the Sword, you will need The Master Trials DLC, which can be acquired through the game’s Season Pass.

The challenge lies in the fact that Link starts with no items—no healing provisions, armaments, or equipment. As you complete each wave, you can collect items and carry them into subsequent rounds. It is essential to use your resources wisely and sparingly. The trial consists of 23 floors, with three checkpoints throughout.

There are no opportunities to save your progress between rounds. However, if you reach certain floors, you can start from those checkpoints instead of returning to the trial’s outset. The challenge consists of three sets: Beginner, Middle, and Final. Each set offers valuable rewards:

  • Beginner (floors one to 12): Master Sword damage of 40
  • Middle (floors 13 to 16): Master Sword damage of 50
  • Final (floors 17 to 23): Master Sword damage of 60

To initiate the Trial of the Sword, speak with the Great Deku Tree in Korok Forest after purchasing the DLC. The tree will inform you of the opportunity to upgrade the sword through these battle trials, which are more challenging than they may initially appear.

The earlier floors provide a relatively manageable experience, allowing you to stock up on supplies. Strive to eliminate each wave without sustaining damage, preserving your healing items for the later, more demanding stages. It is also advisable to collect any weapons dropped by defeated enemies, ensuring you have sufficient resources for the challenging later rounds. Engaging enemies one-on-one, instead of battling multiple foes simultaneously, will increase your odds of success.

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Periodically, you will encounter safe levels, offering an abundance of cooking supplies to replenish your healing items. Utilize these levels to catch your breath and gather every available resource. Remember, if you fail and meet an untimely demise, you will restart from the beginning of the most recent checkpoint you reached (either floors 1, 13, or 17, depending on your progress).

Upon successfully completing the 23rd floor, you will be rewarded with a fully upgraded Master Sword capable of inflicting 60 damage. Additionally, you will unlock a spectacular new beam attack. The Trial of the Sword is undeniably challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

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