How to Add Doodles, Sketches, and More to Your Google Docs

Sometimes, images speak louder than words or act as excellent companions. You might want to incorporate a sketch, illustration, or another type of drawing in your Google Doc. Luckily, Google offers a drawing tool that you can access directly within Google Docs or as a standalone application to create and insert the desired sketch.

Using the Google Docs Built-In Drawing Tool

If you only need the drawing for your current Google Doc and don’t plan on using it outside of the document, you can create it within the application. Although it won’t be saved to Google Drive for external use, you can still edit it anytime.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account and open or create the desired document in Google Docs.

Step 2: Position your cursor where you want the drawing to appear. Then, go to the menu, click on Insert, and select Drawing > New.

Drawing, New in the Google Docs Insert menu.

Step 3: Once the drawing tool opens in a pop-up window, utilize the options in the toolbar to create your drawing. You can explore various tools like word art for decorative text, guides to align items, and options to add lines, shapes, text, and images.

To draw freely, select the Line drop-down arrow in the toolbar and choose Scribble.

Google Docs drawing tool window with Actions.

Step 4: After completing your drawing, click Save and close.

Save and Close in the Google Docs drawing tool window.

Step 5: Your drawing will now appear in your document. If you want to make changes later, select the drawing and use the Edit option in the floating toolbar or double-click to reopen the drawing window.

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Drawing tool image in Google Docs.

Using Google Drawings and Inserting Your Sketch

If you want to dedicate more time to your drawing or save it in Google Drive for use beyond your document, you can utilize Google Drawings. This tool works similarly to Google’s built-in drawing tool, but you can access it directly through Google Drawings.

Step 1: Visit Google Drawings and log in with your Google account to start drawing.

Step 2: Begin by giving your drawing a title on the top left corner. By default, it is labeled “Untitled Drawing.”

Name box in Google Drawings.

Step 3: Utilize the menu options and toolbar to create your sketch or illustration. You can incorporate shapes, images, text, and lines, similar to the previous tool.

To draw freely, select Insert > Line, and choose Scribble, or use the Line drop-down arrow in the toolbar to select Scribble.

Line menu options in Google Drawings.

Step 4: Your drawing is automatically saved as you work on it and will appear in your Google Drive, alongside your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files.

Once you finish, return to your Google Docs document.

Image in Google Drawings.

Step 5: Position your cursor in the document where you want to insert the drawing. Click on Insert > Drawing, and this time, choose From Drive.

Drawing, From Drive in the Google Docs Insert menu.

Step 6: Locate your drawing and select Select.

Step 7: You’ll be prompted to choose between linking the drawing to its source or inserting the image unlinked.

  • Link to source: Select this option if you want the ability to edit the drawing easily. You can then click on Open source in the top right corner of the image in Google Docs to make changes in Google Drawings anytime.

  • Insert unlinked: Choose this option if you don’t plan on making any changes. However, if you change your mind later, you can still edit the drawing in Google Drawings and reinsert the updated image in Google Docs.

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Insert Drawings prompt in Google Docs.

Step 8: After selecting a linking option, click Insert, and your image will appear in Google Docs at the desired location.

Google Drawings image in Google Docs.

If you’ve been wondering how to draw on Google Docs, you now have two reliable options for adding sketches or drawings to your documents.

To explore more, you can learn how to e-sign a document or discover similar applications like LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

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