How to Add Handwritten Notes and Drawings in Google Slides

Google Slides is an excellent tool for creating and sharing presentations quickly and efficiently. It provides collaboration features that allow you to work with others and gather feedback. But did you know that you can also add handwritten notes, annotations, and hand-drawn diagrams to your slides? In this article, we’ll show you how to draw on Google Slides so you can enhance your presentations with personalized touches.

Open Your Presentation in Google Slides

To get started, open the presentation you want to work on in Google Slides. If you’re new to Google Slides, you can access the web app here. Simply log in with your Google account information, and you’re good to go.

Enable the Drawing Function

Once you’re in Google Slides, navigate to the specific slide where you want to add your drawings. Whether it’s a basic slide format or a custom design, the process remains the same.

To enable the drawing function, look for the top menu in the Slides window and select “Insert.” This is where you can manually insert various shapes, images, or text into your slides.

Choose Insert in Google Slides.

Next, go to the “Line” option under Insert. Here, you’ll find a variety of line options to choose from.

Choose Line in Google Slides.

At the bottom of the Line menu, select “Scribble.” This activates the freehand drawing tool.

Choose Scribble in Google Slides.

With Scribble activated, you can start drawing lines using your mouse pointer. Click and hold the left mouse button to begin drawing, and release it when you’re done. The drawn line will automatically be highlighted, allowing you to move it around or copy and paste it to different slides.

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A Scribble in Google Slides.

If Scribble feels too free-form for your needs, you can explore other line options, such as Curve or Polyline. These options may be familiar to those who have used drawing functions in PowerPoint.

Do you want to customize your drawings further? Google Slides makes it easy to change the line width, color, and style. Look for the icons at the top of the Slides window to access more options. The marker-like icon, known as Line Color, allows you to choose from a variety of colors. Next to it, you’ll find Line Weight, which adjusts the thickness of the line. You can even change it to a dotted or dashed line using Line Dash.

Choose Line Color in Google Slides.

As with other Google apps, your work in Google Slides is automatically saved as you go. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.

Adding handwritten notes and drawings can greatly enhance your presentations and make them more engaging for your audience. So, give it a try and get creative with Google Slides!

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